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The Battledome Blues: Species Uncovered

by phanthasm


BATTLEDOME - Every Neopet owner must have an idea of what their perfect pet should look like. No wonder, beyond species there's a wide variety of colours to make a selection from, whether it's cute and cuddly like a baby Usul, or fierce and vicious like a Darigan Yurble. Some people who are less picky, decide to use the lab ray (and... ouch, with a lot of risks too!).

However, fewer and fewer Neopians take the species 'advantages' into account (especially in the Battledome!) when morphing or painting their pets for the perfect look. Because it's often overlooked, unknown and unconsidered, I've written this guide to hopefully give you more insight on a species' advantage, especially in the 'dome. When used smartly, it can even mean the difference between a win or a lose, while at the same time giving you new strategy options.

We can divide the advantages of species into two different categories. First and foremost, weapons. Neo invented many, many different weapons, most of them being usable for all species. It's those overlooked species weapons that will be uncovered. Second of all, resistance. What if you're attacking with two weapons and you fail to notice that only a certain percentage of damage got through, while your opponent is not using defend or any defensive items? That's right, it's because your opponent's species is probably partly resistant to the icons your weapons are dealing.


There are many, many weapons that are for certain species only, all unique in their kind. A great plus is that it can save you many millions and millions of NP otherwise used on the same sort of weapons, only then, for all species. The downside is that it's only for those that otherwise don't mind zapping their battle (and often favourite) pet into another species. At this moment the greatest advantage of species weapons are either healing weapons or stable and balanced freezers.

Ever wonder why there are so many Kacheeks out there, huh? Well you can predict one thing, they do carry a Kacheek Life Potion in their Battledome equipment. Kacheek Life Potion, or KLP for short, is one of the best healers out there. But a risky one at that! It heals to full if your hit points are above 33% of your current health. If your health points are below 33% it only heals 33%. This sounds more difficult than it really is, but it still takes some strategy to use it at the right time.

For example, if your current hit points are 40 out of 100 (40%), it will heal to the full 100 hit points. If your health is 33 out of 100 (33%), it will only heal 33 percent, making your hit points 66.

Other options that always heal 50% of your total hit points (and less risky too!) for other species are Gelert Healing Remedy for the Gelert, Elephante Unguent for the Elephante, Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds for the Lenny and Squishy Shoyru Healing Stone for the Shoyru.

Other, far more expensive options for a multi-use and all species healer are the Jade Scorchstone and Leaded Elemental Vial. Both heal to full. Or get the Bag of Healing Dust. The last option is a newly released item and will heal 50% of your hit points.

Just as important as a healer is a reliable freezer. Not only is a round in which your opponent is frozen like a free give-away to victory in 1-player, you'll find that you probably can't do without it when battling 2-player battles.

There is actually only one stable freezer, the Entangling Lenny Lasso. As you've guessed correctly, it's only for our feathered friends, the Lenny. It's often shortened to ELL. This is the one and might I add, only stable freezer for species out there. Another more fragile option might be the Ancient Lupe Wand. These pretty staffs do freeze 100%, but it has a chance of breaking every time you use it. And once it breaks, the item is gone for good.

All in all, the Lenny is favourable and a well-balanced choice to morph your pet in, when it comes down to unique weapons. They are the only species with a reliable 50% healer, the Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds, while at the same time having the stable freezing item with their Entangling Lenny Lasso. If you already have a good freezer and you're into more risks, consider morphing into a Kacheek for the Kacheek Life Potion for the best healer out there!


A species' resistance is very underestimated by most of the Battledome players, especially because they pick a reason for weapons above resistance. At the same time it's still fairly unknown. Still, you'd be surprised to see how frustrating it can be, fighting against a species who has a percentage of resistance to the icons you are dealing. Not every species currently has a resistance. Opposed to resistance, however, there's also weakness, which basically means if an icon of your species' weakness is used against you, it will do some extra damage! ...Ouch.

For people who start out in the Battledome, the Kau is your species. It has no weakness and comes, after the morph, with an extra 10% resistance against air, earth, fire, light, physical and water. Woohoo, and no other species comes even close! Note that these icons are commonly used in the Battledome, making the Kau an excellent choice.

For ultimate battlers, I do recommend morphing into a Pteri. It has 40% air resistance with no weakness. This is because with ultimate weapons like the Pirate Captain Cutlass, the Ghostkersword, or the Super Attack Pea, you'll be facing a lot and I mean really a lot of air icons. What's better than some free air defence?

To come to a conclusion, though, picking your species for resistance above weapons is only for those people who already have a steady healer and a good freezer. A basics in a few short lines:

Best Species' Healer: Kacheek Life Potion

Best Species' Freezer: Entangling Lenny Lasso

Best Battle Species (for weapons): Lenny

Best species for resistance (with low stats): Kau

Best species for resistance (for high stats): Pteri

In the end, whether you want to morph your pet into another species is your choice. I do hope that with this guide I gave some new insight on the advantages of certain species in the Battledome. There are certainly many more species weapons and other species with resistance. I only brought the ones I found recommendable into your vantage point. From here you can step into the world of species and discover more facts and figures for yourself!

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