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Chocolate Neopet Care Guide

by mythol3025


With the brand new discovery of Chocolate Neopets, you can sure expect hungry Skeiths, Grarrls, or any hungry Neopet around! Of course, you don't want your Neopet's wing or arm bitten off, so you need to be prepared! To be the owner of a chocolate Neopet, you need to be dedicated, loving, and of course careful. To be a chocolate Neopet owner you have to have the right tools for the job. You will just need 10 simple items to help your sweet Neopet survive this world full of hungry Neopets.

Word Guide:

In this guide there is one word that is used many many times. That word is:

Predator - Any hungry, out of control,and crazy Neopet.

A "predator" is basically just any kind of Neopet trying to eat your sweet chocolate Neopet. It could be a Skeith, a Jetsam, or even a Bruce!! Just remember to keep that in mind while you take your Neopet to a park full of "innocent" Neopets.

Number Guide:

(Basically the lower the number, the better the items work.)

Items you will need:

10. Eye Candy

This item should always be around with you. When you notice a sneaky predator lurking around your chocolate Neopet, immediately take out the eye candy! When you see that hungry predator getting closer to your pet, show the eye candy to him/her and then toss it towards the attacking predator! The eye candy is sure to scare any hungry predator away.

9. Treasure Sweets

Now if the predator isn't a Skeith or the Skeith just gobbled up the eye candy instead of running away, that's when you bring out the Treasure Sweets. It contains a nice assortment that predators might like instead of your Neopet. This wonderful box of goodies may contain dark chocolates, white chocolates, jellybeans, and sour sweets! There has to be something in there that the predator would rather eat than your chocolate Neopet!

8. Chocolate Sugared Slorg

This sweet and sugary delight will be the undoing of any hungry predator! Your chocolate Neopet will definitely feel safe when he/she sees you have a chocolate sugared slorg with you. The scent from this chocolate sugared slorg is so good that if a hungry predator is on your Neopet's tail, the chocolate slorg's smell will sidetrack the hungry predator and save your Neopet! Make sure you throw the chocolate sugared slorg far away from your Neopet, though. Otherwise the predator might just gobble up the slorg and get back on your trail!

7. Super Sour Slushie

Yet another decoy for your pet, and a very effective one! Make sure the hungry predator takes a sip of this, and while he/she gets overwhelmed by the sour taste, you and your chocolate Neopet make a run for it. Although you should wait until you see the sour symptoms, wrinkled lips, and cheeks being sucked in, and you should run when the predator's eyes are closed! Make sure you run quickly since the sour slushie taste won't last long.

6. Sour Uni Cake

Well this is the best and final offering you should have to give to a hungry predator. No hungry Neopet on Neopia can possibly resist this incredibly huge sour Uni cake! This is the upgraded version of the super sour slushie. The sour taste lasts very long so you have plenty of time to run away; don't get cocky, though. Again, remember to see the symptoms (the symptoms will appear much faster since it a super sour cake!): wrinkled lips, cheeks being sucked in, and you should run when the predator's eyes are closed!

So none of the five methods above have worked for you?

It's now time to move up to the big guns! Those nasty Predators didn't take the easy way out, now they have to deal with the consequences! The last five items in our guide to protect your chocolate Neopets are very dangerous and deadly, so be careful when you use them! Some of them may cost more than the others, but isn't it worth it protecting a one of a kind Neopet?

5. Chocolate Chip Battle Biscuit

Yes, not only is this a delicious chocolate chip biscuit, but it's also a deadly Battledome weapon! If you tried to compromise with the hungry predators by trying to give them some other kind of food, but they just didn't listen, use the chocolate chip battle biscuit and make them take that selfish attitude home in a second!

4. Jhudora's Exploding Muffins

Now we're talking business! These cursed muffins will be the undoing of those nasty predators! It is recommended to aim for the mouth so that the predator's mouth gets sore and he is left with no choice other than going home with an empty stomach. Then again, they do come from Jhudora... will they have some consequences? Be careful with these.

3. Lemon and Thornberry Jelly

Looks nice and harmless, doesn't it? If you need an easy way to get rid of your predator, then just offer the predator a lemon and thornberry jelly. While he/she takes a bite out of the jelly, his/her tongue will be pierced with many thornberries!! Muahahaha! Not such an innocent piece of jelly after all, huh?

2. Darigan Muffin

Yes, this muffin is very scary and it will scare the bravest Neopets away! And even if the predator decides to be the brave one and eat the muffin, it will come back to haunt them with a monstrous tummy ache! Either way, while they are running away scared or lying down on the ground because of a tummy ache, make a run for it!

1. Cake Bomb

The ultimate weapon there is to protect your chocolate Neopet! Just leave it in front of that nasty predator and count backwards from 3... 2... 1... KABOOM!!!!

You won't need to worry about any more predators trying to eat your Neopets ever again!!! Also keep your sweet chocolate Neopets stay from the hot explosion, or they might overheat and melt a little bit.

Well, hope that this helps you take care of your chocolate Neopet! Remember, never take your eyes off your chocolate Neopets and don't let them out with temperatures over 80 degrees F! Chocolate Neopets are very delicate, remember that. Also, if the predator turns out to be one of your own Neopets, here is an easy, simple tip. TRY FEEDING YOUR PETS NORMAL FOOD FROM TIME TO TIME!! Trust me, feed your other pets and they'll never try eating your chocolate Neopet ever again!

If you are reading this, it means I got into the Neopian Times! Yay!

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