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Ailemea vs. Jenna: Part Ten

by rainbow_lover852


Also by jeanaet

As they crawled through the small space, they saw all kinds of Grundos. Most of the space faeries looked the same, however. Aile frowned at all of the Island Grundos, wondering who was Oreh. However, she stopped thinking when she heard Jenna breathing very hard.

     She glanced around at her friend. "What's wrong?" she asked in concern. "You're not... hyperventilating?"

     "I am NOT claustrophobic!" Jenna said defensively.

     But even as she said it her paws began to slide from under her and her eyelids fluttered. Ailemea's expression grew worried and Fyora put a delicate hand on the striped Xweetok's shoulder. "All you alright, dear?" she asked.

     Jenna didn't feel alright at all. The walls seemed to be closing in on her, and for some reason it was getting harder to stay awake.

     "When do we reach the next room?" she asked faintly.

     Ailemea pointed right ahead, and soon all three had stumbled out into a dark room. Ailemea could tell that it was very big even as she stepped out. Then she heard a sigh and someone slumped at her feet. "Jenna!" she cried.

     Fyora's puzzled voice answered. "She's... she's fallen asleep," the Queen observed. "Odd..."

     Ailemea meanwhile, began to fumble around, looking for some source of light. She felt a switch, and immediately flipped it.

     Lights upon lights upon lights lit up the room. Aile froze.

     Fyora was trying to wake Jenna. "Ailemea, do you-" The faerie Queen stopped short when she turned and saw which room they had dropped into. "Oh dear."

     Grundos of every shape and size and color were sleeping peacefully on the floor, making no sound at all.

     Ailemea backed away slowly and gestured at the vent to Fyora. The Queen nodded, picked up Jenna, and they silently reentered the air vent.

     Just as they slipped into the chute, Jenna let out a piercing scream. Her eyes snapped open with fright. "The faeries..." she whispered.

     Fyora and Ailemea meanwhile were posed like stone statues as the chamber they'd just left erupted with confusion. Grundos jerked awake and bumped into each other. Several fights broke out.

     Then a loud voice sounded above all the chaos. "Everyone, break it up! Break it up!"

     The Grundos quieted. A very bulky Grundo made his way through the crowd, "We have enough trouble already without you all crying like babies in your sleep!" He bellowed. Mumbles of apology followed this statement.

     "Yes, General Tardon."

     "Our deepest apologies, General Tardon."

     Ailemea recognized the name. This general had led the raiding of her Neohome.

     The big brute marched up to a random Grundo. "You! State your number and obligation! Now!"

     An awfully familiar voice answered, "Grundo #2706, General. Obligation; to serve Sloth the Almighty."

     It was Oreh.

     Ailemea couldn't take it anymore. Twice she had walked away from Oreh - she would not do it again. Firmly she grasped the chute door and right as she was about to open it, Jenna and Fyora had tackled her to the floor.

     They made quite a ruckus. The Grundos all frowned in confusion, looking around to see what had made the noise.

     "Oreh..." Ailemea whispered hopelessly underneath her two companions. The Grundos jumped, as the whisper echoed through the chute. Grundo #2706 blinked in confusion, the blank look disappearing.

     The other Grundos all murmured the name, even more confused than before,


     "What's Oreh?"


     General Tardon marched to the vent. "Something's going on here," he muttered as he drew nearer and nearer. Jenna and Fyora began to scuttle down the chute but Ailemea stayed where she was. Jenna tugged on her friend's arm. They couldn't get caught again!

     Tardon opened the vent.

     He saw two Xweetoks staring back at him.


     General Tardon fell unconscious at an Island Grundo's feet, whose fist was still raised, "Ailemea!" she cried in relief.

     "Oreh!" Ailemea yelled in reply. She leaped out of the vent among all of the sincerely confused Grundos and hugged her sister tight.

     "What's going on?" Oreh asked her big sister, frowning. "The last thing I remember is you and Jenna fighting in the Battledome and us evacuating and then it is all blurry."

     Ailemea sighed and hugged Oreh once again. "Another time, right now we need to save Neopia," she said with a weary smile.

     Jenna clapped her paw to her forehead in frustration. If only she hadn't fallen asleep, fallen victim to those horrible nightmares! "Ailemea!" she shouted and grabbed for the two embraced sisters.

     Too late.

     "Get your guns!" a Grundo shouted, "Intruders! Stun them!" The giant Grundo crowd all swarmed to one part of the chamber.

     Oreh and Ailemea hurriedly clambered into the vent and all four fugitives dashed down the chute. "They know where we are now!" Jenna panted. "We have to find weapons, power - anything we can fight with!"

     The four companions scurried through the vents, hearing the yells of Grundos behind them.

     "We need to get out of the vents!" Ailemea said urgently, sticking close to Oreh as if afraid she would lose her again.

     Jenna slid to a stop at the next vent door and peaked through. Clear. She dropped down into the small room, silent as a cat. The others followed and Ailemea again flipped the light switch.

     Shelves lined the walls of this room, and were stacked with strange potions. "It's like a lab," Ailemea murmured.

     Fyora seemed to be very excited. Eyes shining, she went to a locked cabinet that held only one potion. As Jenna eyed it, she knew it to be extremely powerful, or rather full of power.

     "Where's Haelee?" Fyora said breathlessly. Haelee bounced over and the cabinet soon swung open.

     Fyora grabbed the potion and held it up high. "Demonica will pay dearly for taking this away from me..." she whispered, and dropped the bottle.

     It shattered upon the smooth metal floor and a blazing white light filled the room!

     When the light cleared, an almost new Fyora glided slightly above the ground, her face shining with radiance. Haelee was at her feet - literally - two little dragonfly wings holding her in the air, the rest drooping to the floor in confusion.

     "Fyora," Aile said uncertainly, stepping towards the Ditsy. Fyora in her happiness had not noticed the miserable petpet.

     "Oh sorry," she said and with a smile, snapped her fingers. A moment later the Ditsy was back on the ground glaring up at the faerie.

     Fyora only smiled back. "I believe we are ready to fight back now," she murmured.

     It was then that Jenna felt the familiar power of abilities surge through her. She conjured up Magic Torch and watched with delight as it flickered above her above her palm. "I'm ready for you, Demonica!" she crowed.

     She spoke too soon. "Really?" answered a cold voice. "Then let the games begin."

     The cruel voice echoed through the large room. Ailemea shoved Haelee into her bag and then forced the bag and Oreh to the side of the room. "Stay here!" she ordered.

     The Grundo tried to respond but Ailemea was already gone, Jenna at her side. Oreh watched fearfully as the two Xweetoks disappeared among the shelves.

     "Show yourself!" Fyora demanded, her eyes scanning the room for their hidden enemy.

     "Ha!" Demonica's voice laughed. "Like I'd step right out to be shot. That's very clever, Fyora."

     The faerie queen dashed out of sight. "Hide and seek, is it?" she asked grimly.

     Both Jenna and Ailemea hid between two shelves of bubbling potions. Jenna felt dizzy with fear and anger. If they could defeat Demonica, now would be the time!

     She tried to pull herself together; she couldn't panic at a time like this. But with a wave of fear, she realized that the dizziness was increasing! Her breathing grew quick. "I think I'm going to pass out!" she whispered.

     Ailemea stared at her. "I didn't think you were one to faint," she whispered back, with a hint of a smirk.

     Jenna looked at her. "It's not me."

     Demonica's voice echoed through the room again. "Been enjoying your dreams, Xweetok?"

     Jenna jumped. The voice seemed so close! Demonica laughed again. "I still have power over you, even without a cage."

     Jenna swayed dangerously.

     Aile grabbed Jenna before the Xweetok collapsed. "Fight her, Jenna, fight back!" she said urgently. Jenna trembled, struggling to keep her eyes open.

     Meanwhile, the Island Grundo in a corner of the room was fighting her own battle. A strange sensation was coming over her, like someone was fighting to get into her head. She sank to her knees clutching her head as her eyes slowly lost their complexity and became blank.

     "This is just too easy," Demonica commented lightly. "Look around you, Fyora; your pitiful companions are fighting a battle they cannot win, playing a game they are bound to lose."

     Fyora's temper rose. "Is that all this is to you?" she asked scornfully, "a game? Well, this time we won't give in so easily."

     Demonica laughed. "You already have. You're so weak, Fyora. If I threatened a single life, you'd collapse."

     Oreh walked out of her corner just then, and Ailemea gazed with growing despair at her now mesmerized sister. Oreh walked around the Xweetoks and down the adjacent aisle of shelves.

     There was a sudden violet flash of light and a shriek of rage. Fyora's voice sounded. "Dear, dear Demonica. You should know better than to let your servants point out your hiding spot."

     Flashes of light began to illuminate the chamber as the battle began.

     Ailemea dashed out of her hiding place dragging Jenna behind her. The Xweetoks ran across the large room and tackled Oreh to the ground. Fyora kept one eye on them while luring her assailant out.

     In a few moments the Xweetoks had pulled the Grundo into hiding.

     Her mind cleared, Jenna could see that Fyora was having trouble. The striped Xweetok watched as Demonica recovered from the surprise attack and began bearing down on the queen with all her strength.

     Ailemea was trying to revive Oreh once again. "Look at me! Look at me, Oreh! OREH!"

     The Grundo shoved the Xweetok away, obviously trying to avoid the situation.

     But Ailemea held tight. "Remember Jeanie," she urged. "Isaerios, Nexy! Please, Oreh!"

     Then Oreh stopped her struggling and stared back. "Jeanie," she murmured. "Where's Jeanie?"

     There was a splintering crash and all three of the pets turned to see Fyora sagging in the remains of the shelf she'd been rammed into. The fumes of the shattered potions seemed to be making her dizzy.

     Demonica stood above her, palm raised for the final strike. "You couldn't beat me, Fyora," she panted. "Now it's over."

     Jenna raised herself to her feet, glowing with a sudden surge of power. Ailemea stood too, and as one the Xweetoks raised their paws.

     "It's over," Jenna agreed softly. "For you, Demonica."

     As one two blasts escaped their paws. Demonica barely had time to scream before the blasts threw her back into shelves. Fyora took the opportunity to leap up. One flash escaped the Queen's palm and everyone was momentarily blinded.

     When the light cleared Demonica was gone.


     "We did it. She's gone," Fyora gasped, then smiled wearily. "Let's see what power went with her."

     They all stepped out of the room to see the spaceship in total havoc. Grundos like Oreh that had been imprisoned in Demonica's hypnotic magic were turning on their own confused commanders. Most space faeries were also now free of Demonica's influence, and were running hoards of Grundos from the ship. Jenna looked out the large windows to see streams of freed prisoners flocking in great herds from the now unguarded prison. Pods shot from Faerieland like fish breaking from their school.

     Jenna turned to Ailemea and Oreh. "Let's go," she said with a tired smile. "We have a lot of explaining to do for our families."

     The three pets were flown gently down off of the cloud. Fyora gave them each a tight hug before flying off to take care of damages. It did not take long for the pets to find their families.

     "JEANIE!" Ailemea screamed, and she and Oreh dashed into the arms of their owner who looked on the verge of tears. Nexy leaped into the group hug, with Isaerios following a moment later.

     Jenna had gotten herself under a dog pile with Simba on top. The two families clung to their lost members for many minutes until the owners came to their senses.

     "Where have you been?!!!" everyone cried, their relief now turned to scolding anger.

     "I can't believe you abandoned us," Rain reprimanded softly as she hugged Jenna tight.

     Jenna glanced at Ailemea, "We didn't exactly abandon you," she said slowly. "We - "

     Ailemea interrupted. "We simply saved Neopia," she informed the others, taking Nexy up into her arms.

     Lindsey snorted, Isaerios snickered, Lailani rolled her eyes, and the babies laughed out loud. Rain and Jeanie just frowned.

     "You don't have to feel bad - just tell us where you were," Jeanie said softly.

     The two Xweetoks gaped in disbelief. Their own FAMILIES didn't believe them!

     Oreh smiled gently and patted them on the back. "I'm sure that Fyora will make it a bit more clear to them," the Grundo mentioned so that only the two Xweetoks could hear.

     She then stepped up to Jeanie. "Before any more disasters occur, I think we should go to the lab ray," she stated.


     The next few days were hard for all of Neopia. Fyora and her renewed forces had a difficult time regaining the lands from Sloth, and the damage done was nearly beyond repair.

     For a while, Jenna, Ailemea and their families had to work hard to revive both Mystery Island and Neopia Central, though it'd take years for the lands to fully recover.

     But finally, Fyora sent an invitation out for all Neopia to meet in Altador, where she'd make clear what had happened for the past few terrifying weeks.

     "Inhabitants of Neopia, friends of the Faeries," Fyora said with a smile, standing on a cloud before millions of Neopians, "I thought it only fair that I tell you-"

     "I DON'T BELIEVE IN FAER-" About ten Grundos tackling Dr. Sloth to the ground cut this cry short. Fyora frowned.

     "Sorry, Your Majesty," one of the Grundos said sheepishly. "He got away from us." Fyora smiled and waved them away.

     A laugh rippled through the crowd. Two specific Neopian families who stood among the crowd chuckled with the rest. Jenna and Ailemea sat together, much to the confusion of Rain and Jeanie.

     Fyora continued her speech. "I thought it only fair that I explain who was behind Neopia's downfall, and who was behind its victory. I don't know if any of you remember the space faerie, Demonica."

     An audible gasp came from the crowd. "Yes," Fyora said sadly, "a corrupted and hate-filled faerie infiltrated my kingdom and took my power."

     She waited as the news sunk in, then said, "And two courageous, loving, and extremely loyal pets defeated the space faerie tyrant."

     Now the crowd was truly overwhelmed. Rain and Jeanie glanced uncertainly at Aile and Jenna, who were grinning broadly.

     Fyora smiled. "Young ladies, if you would please come up here."

     Ailemea could not help feeling extremely smug, but she hid it behind her humongous smile. Jenna, still grinning like a fool, took her friend's paw and then flew them both gently up onto the cloud.

     Fyora sighed and squeezed them both tightly. "Hi girls," she whispered.

     "Hi," they whispered in reply and turned to the crowd. They treasured the gaping looks of their families and squeezed each other's paw.

     "Fellow Neopians," Fyora cried. "Meet Jenna_Leanna and Ailemea!"

     The crowd roared with praise for the two saviors of Neopia.

The End

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