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A Draik and Her Petpet

by jayandcourtneyk


Emmie stared forlornly out her window. Almost every pet in the neighbourhood had a Petpet. The young Draik sighed, her wings drooping slightly. Luckily my birthday is tomorrow, she thought. Her mom knew she desperately wanted a Petpet. Emmie stared into the night sky.

     "Emmie! Dear! It's time to go to sleep!"

     Emmie's mother was calling for her to go to bed. Emmie was an island Draik, while her mother was a royal version. Emmie's father was also a royal Draik. And Gabby, the family's adopted sister was a grey Ixi. Emmie got into her Kauvara bed and fell asleep almost instantly.


     Emmie awoke to screaming and yelling.


     Emmie groaned as she stumbled out of bed and was sprawled out across her Kauvara rug. She wearily stood up, and then stretched her wings out. What had she done to deserve this?


     Emmie groaned again. She almost tripped down the stairs, fell off the railing, and slid on a dirty piece of laundry. She stumbled into the kitchen when...


      Emmie fell backwards. She was so tired she forgot about her birthday!

     "Emmie, sweetie, you're not really in trouble. We just said that so you would come down early!" Emmie's mom said cheerfully.

     "Yeah, but if you eat my blueberry Lupe waffles, you WILL be in trouble!!" Gabby warned.

     "Now, honey-"

     "Well, you know what I'm like when I'm hungry!!!"

     Emmie sighed, but in a good way. Everyone was allowed to pick their own waffles. Emily had green apple waffles. They were delicious.

     "Shall we let Emmie open her presents?" Gabby asked curiously.

     Emmie was overjoyed. She just knew it; she was getting a Petpet for her birthday!

     "It's in the garage," Emmie's dad said.

     Chills were going down Emmie's spine as they entered. They heard shuffling from the garage. A Turmac? A Meowclops? A Mallard? Emmie drew her breath...

     ... to see a small Intesteen sitting in front of her. It squeaked and stretched.

     "That's Suzie," said Emmie's father.

     "Her original owner couldn't keep her anymore, and he was giving her away," Emmie's mother explained.

     Emmie was speechless. How could her parents get her something so ugly, slimy and disgusting? Her eyes welled with tears, but she attempted to hide it.

     "Err, um, thanks," said Emmie.

     "Let's play with Suzie in your room, Emmie!" Gabby insisted.

     Emmie reluctantly scooped up the Petpet. When they got to her room, Emmie closed the door and set Suzie on the floor.

     "Stupid... um, thing!" Emmie grunted. "Bet that thing doesn't even know what we're saying!"

     "Don't say that!" Gabby warned. "It's an animal, or she's an animal."

     "Ugh! I wanted a Gallion so much more than anything!"

     "But you never told Mum, did you? You just said 'a Petpet'."

     Emmie thought. "You're right, Gabby. But seeing as I have a 'Gallions Rock' poster in my room, you know, it's kind of obvious," she added, almost sarcastically and definitely rudely.

     Gabby petted Suzie softly. The Petpet cooed loudly.

     "Hey! Be quiet, stupid Petpet!" Emmie growled.

     Being put down, the Intesteen drew back nervously.

     For the rest of the afternoon, Emmie's mom made Emmie play with Suzie for "bonding time." Gabby volunteered to take Suzie for a walk with Emmie. Emmie gritted her teeth and reluctantly agreed. While walking by the Rainbow Pool, Suzie watched as a small Intesteen was painted faerie. The Petpet tugged at the leash, but Emmie gave a hard jerk and Suzie sadly followed. Suzie decided that she liked her old owner better.

     On the way Gabby, Emmie, and Suzie met Emmie's best friend, Molly. The skunk Peophin was by the small pond in the park. Swimming atop the water was a Mallard.

     "Hey, Molly!" said Emmie, kicking Suzie into a nearby hedge. Molly was so startled she fell into the pond. The Mallard honked and laughed as Molly's head popped up above the surface.

     "Eesh... don't scare me like that!" Molly fumed.

     "Sorry... how's Peter doing?" asked Emmie, gesturing towards the Mallard.

     "Oh, not too bad. He had the flu a couple of days, but he's much better now."

     "May I see him?"

     "Oh, sorry Emmie. I gotta jet, it's lunch time... by the way, happy birthday!" Molly dove into the water and fetched Peter. Then they left.

     "What about Suzie?" Gabby asked.

     Emmie only glared at her.

     As it was getting dark, Gabby asked, "Why don't you just give the Petpet to me? Obviously you have little, if any, respect for this creature, but I do."

     "It's a present," Emmie explained. "That would be rude to give away a gift."

     Gabby pouted. It was certain she loved Suzie more than anything. Off in the trees, a pair of bright red eyes was eyeing the sisters closely...

     Emmie, Gabby and Suzie walked on, the Intesteen feeling rather rejected. She thought that if she could slide out of the collar, she could escape, putting both her and Emmie out of their misery. Suzie thought about it, and then figured that, of course, if she were to escape the collar, it would grab Emmie and Gabby's attention, and she would be trapped once more.

     The eyes followed the Ixi and Draik's every move...

     "I swear, we're being watched!" Gabby whispered. "I can sense it!"

     "Just stay calm," Emmie muttered, "and nothing will hap--"


     Gabby jumped back as a flying purple ball hurdled into her stomach. In the bushes she saw a Darigan Bori emerge.

     "All right, Diego. Come on back," he said coolly.

     The Darigan Angelpuss scampered back to his owner. Gabby rubbed her stomach and looked at it. An enormous bruise was there.

     "Do we know you?" Emmie asked.

     The Bori winked and said, "I know you as well as you know me." He smiled.

     "Cedric!" Emmie exclaimed. She knew this Bori from a long time ago. "What happened, man? You used to be Fire!"

     Cedric flicked his tail. "I used to," he said, "but then that crazy Scorchio guy zapped me with the ray and I turned Darigan." He took a look at Diego's collar. "Is it that time already?" he said unbelievably.

     The Angelpuss mewed impatiently.

     "Sorry guys, but it's time for me to F-E-E-D Diego." And with that, the Bori turned, looked back for a second, and then headed off into the bushes.

     "Ugh. I can't believe that guy! Flinging his Petpet at me..." Gabby growled.

     "He's a great guy once you get to know him," Emmie remarked.

     "You mean he was a nice guy, 'till he went all Darigan!"

     "Well, he did say 'That crazy Scor--'"

     "I KNOW he said that! I'm not stupid!"

     "Just like my Petpet?"

     Gabby looked around. "Where is Suzie, anyways?"

     Emmie was dumbfounded. How could she be so foolish as to let go of the leash? Suzie would run away if she had the opportunity because Emmie treated her so poorly. Forgetting all about hating this Petpet, she began searching frantically with Gabby. At last, the two sisters gave up.

     "Where could she be?" Gabby sobbed.

     Emmie felt ashamed. If she hadn't let go of the leash, she would still have Suzie and Gabby wouldn't be crying her eyes out! Worst of all, Emmie would get in so much trouble when her mom found out!

     Night had fallen by now, and the two sisters were still wandering around looking for Suzie. Suddenly they heard a loud scream coming from the bushes. They ran over to the noise to see...

     "Argh! It's so disgusting! Get it away from me!"

     Emmie and Gabby looked to see the Pant Devil backing away from... could it be... Suzie!

     "You sick little Petpet... don't come any closer!" said the Pant Devil.

     The Pant Devil was just about to run away when Emmie snagged the bag of stolen goods.

     "And let that be a lesson to you, Mr. Pant Devil!" said Emmie proudly.


     For the next few weeks, Emmie set up a Lost-and-Found for Neopians to claim their stolen items. After weeks on end, there was one item that no one claimed. Emmie fingered the Faerie Petpet paint brush cautiously.

     "Are you certain you want me to do this?" the island Draik asked Suzie. With a firm nod of her head, Suzie sped out the door towards the Petpet puddle.

     "Suzie, wait up!" Emmie laughed as she raced off after her Petpet.

     5 minutes later, Emmie covered Suzie's body with the magical paint. Instantly, Emmie owned a fairy Intesteen. Suzie slithered along the ground with pride.

     "Come on, Suzie. I've been curious about what's in that old Symol Hole..."

The End

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