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Learning the Ways of the Gangee

by belvin2beiamme


Now, before I start this article, I would like to state that the plural of Gangee is Gangee. Not Gangees. Gangee. Now, many reading this article will be wondering what a Gangee is. And many reading this article will be too lazy to look it up on the search bar. If you are one of the people that looked it up, good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back. Now, what Gangee are, is Haunted Wood Petpets. They have large, cute, can-be-creepy eyes, which are all pupil. No whites. They are most commonly pink, have large feet and large ears, and are rather cute. They have voracious appetites and eat whatever comes there way. All of that, you can find in the search bar. But, here are some little-known facts of the Gangee.

1: Evilness. While Gangee are very similar to Meepits, the are not evil. Creepy, maybe. Spooky, maybe. But evil? No. They actually love Feepits. They taste quite good in a quiche. My Skeith told me that. *shifty eyes* But not being evil doesn't mean they do good. They do, however, try to focus their diet on the evil side, which is lower in calories.

2: Herders/Breeders. There are very few Gangee herders/breeders in Neopia, which explains the height of the Gangee's rarity. Luckily, in the ancient city of Altador, there is one man who is the greatest Gangee breeder of them all: Old Man Withers, Multitasker Extraordinaire! Not only is he a Disco Dancer, Underwater Basket-Weaver, Alchemist, Miner, Engineer, Juggler, and failed Astrologist, but he herds and breeds Gangee! He has a club for that too, though he makes sure only the professional Gangee herders and breeders get in.

3: Evolution. Gangee are descended from Tyrannian Warfs. The bone structure is the same in the arm, hand, and feet joints. They also have eyes with no whites. Tyrannian Warfs were the Monoceraptor's favorite food, so they developed larger ears so they could hear the Monoceraptor coming (for a two-ton monster, the Monoceraptor can be awfully quiet). The ears also link Gangee to Zafaras, for their ears are extremely similar in size and in detail. The larger, stronger, feet are because when they heard the Monoceraptor coming, they sometimes had trouble jumping to a hiding spot. The larger eyes developed when they couldn't tell a rock from a Reptillior. And, despite the similarities, experts say Gangee are not related to Meepits.

4: Habitat. Gangee were originally, as you know, in Tyrannia, but eventually they all moved out. They sought a land that had fewer predators. They arrived at Terror Mountain, and after seeing why Terror Mountain had Terror in its name, they escaped to the Ice Caves. Because of the Snowager, they once again moved. They disappeared on the other side of Neopia for a long while, but after that they were found, surprisingly, in Mystery Island. It turns out that Gangee love the water, and their feet act as great flippers. Their fur is waterproof. After shedding fur accordingly, they were prepared to journey to all of Neopia (except for the Lost Desert, which they couldn't stand because of the lack of water).

4: Tails. If you haven't noticed, you never see a picture of a Gangee's tail. You may be thinking "My goodness, the tail is a vampire, so it doesn't show up on camera," or something else equally ridiculous.

But no, the true reason is: All Gangee tails are different. Some have long, fluffy tails, while others have short and stubby tails. One Gangee's tail is over 5 feet long! You can often tell a Gangee's rank, strength, and even personality by their tail. The stronger Gangee keep their tails of the ground at all times (except for when their sleeping) so they can keep it fit. The longer the tail, the higher the rank. And finally, if a Gangee has a short tail, it also means short tempered. If it has a thin tail, it is a pushover. If it is thick, the Gangee in question is very assertive, and in many cases stubborn.

5: Diet. Gangee, being the gluttons they are, will eat nearly anything. There are some things they love to eat, and some things they won't eat. They won't eat: dung of any kind, most other Petpets, socks, dead things, and asparagus. They love to eat: Feepits, quiches, Petpetpets, things of evil, and toast.

6: Colors. Gangee are lucky in the fact that they can be painted many colors. But, you might want to look out for what will happen when you paint them. If you paint one Robot, then it will be a handful. You will be spending Neopoint after Neopoint to keep it in tip-top shape. You will be spending day after day polishing it and keeping it out of the rain. It will need to charge a lot, so if you like playing with your Gangee, you might want to rule this one out. However, it can be great fun showing your Robot Gangee off, and it has built-in laser cannons in case you're tired of those annoying neighbors. *wink* Darigan Gangee are a headache, at the least! The find great mirth in ripping up your possessions, biting on your ear, and generally making your life absolutely miserable! It is a great pet for your Darigan or evil Neopet, though; it makes a great partner in crime. It also comes in handy as a gift for those that you are not so fond of. *evil chuckle*

7: Relationship with other Petpets. Gangee have rivals, friends, and food in the world of Petpets, and it is up to me to impart to you that information. Gangee are the mortal enemy of the Werhond, the rivals of the Meepit, and the predator of the Feepit. The Werhonds and the Gangee have always hated each other. They have raised war too many times to count! It is not known why they are enemies: It could be something that happened long ago. It could be for no reason at all. But the reason is unknown, and it's not going to be found any time soon. The Meepits, they don't go to war with them, but they try to outdo them in every way. Who has the more acorns, the tallest tree: whatever is countable, they compete in. Their relationship with the Feepit is not complicated: They just eat them. A Gangee's best friend is most likely a Calabat. Calabats also despise the Werhonds, and they join together to defeat them when war time comes.

The article is now over. Hopefully, you have benefited from learning the ways of the Gangee, and I hope you, spurred on by the awe-inspiring facts seen here, will be a Gangee expert like me someday. There are many other secrets of the Gangee, but those are only open to the most dedicated researcher. And, after reading this, I severely hope TNT will make more Gangee items (at the moment there are none), and I look forward to seeing you another day, in a different article. And lastly, no offense meant to Adam and Dragona for the part about Gangee disliking asparagus and socks, for that is the way they are. :P

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