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Blessing, Ruby, and the Miracle

by bubblebob052


Ruby the red Shoyru and Blessing the faerie Uni were best friends. They did everything together; they played Kacheek Seek, groomed, shopped, and ate with each other.

      After shopping in Neopia Central for a few hours one lovely August morning, the friends decided to explore Neopia. They roamed through Roo Island, searched Mystery Island, and managed to not be frightened by the Haunted Woods. Ready for some peace, they wandered toward Faerieland. They browsed the bookstore and watched a Poogle Race. Soon they agreed to buy two spins for the Wheel of Excitement, even though they could barely afford it.

      Blessing spun first and luckily won 1000 Neopoints. She was so happy and cheered when it was Ruby's turn. The spinner almost landed on the question mark space but slowly turned and landed on... the skull. Nervously Ruby accepted the prize of illness then the friends went to the bank to deposit the 1000 Neopoints.

      It wasn't until the next morning that Ruby began feeling ill. Blessing carried Ruby to the Hospital where they diagnosed her with Neo Flu. They paid the doctor 100 Neopoints and headed for the Pharmacy. The friends were relieved to see that there were NeoFlu Jelly Pills for sale but were upset when they saw the price. They simply couldn't afford to pay 5500 Neopoints. They hurried to the bank, but only 900 Neopoints were stored in their account and the friends needed to save for payments, bills, and food.

      For the next two months Blessing tried to earn enough money for the cure. She played many games, sold unneeded items, and asked for small donations. But along with payments for their small Neohome and other bills, she only managed to get their account up to 1100 Neopoints.

      Blessing tucked Ruby in one October night. "Goodnight, little friend. I hope you get well somehow, and soon," she said.

      Ruby coughed but said nothing. She rolled over and was soon asleep.

      Blessing watched her friend for a while then fell asleep, still in her chair by Ruby's bed.

      The next morning Blessing awoke with a start. It was raining. She sleepily glanced at the clock, which read nine o'clock. She got up and cooked Hot Buttered Toast for Ruby and a Breakfast Croissant for herself. She prepared a tray for Ruby and sat it on a small table by the bed, then gently woke her friend. Ruby ate slowly and Blessing joined her. Today she had to go work at the Kadoatery. She didn't want to. It was going to be a long loud day; the Kadoaties mewed constantly for food and their beloved owners. Blessing would also miss Ruby. She longed for the day when her friend could fly above her as she galloped freely through Uni Meadows.

      Ruby coughed and Blessing was brought from her daydream. "You should head for work," her friend said with a dry throat.

      As Blessing went to the kitchen to prepare food for the day she said, "Alright but let me fix you a lunch for later."

      She made a small meal of Blairnut Tea and a Sushi Platter then put it in the refrigerator. "Eat this around noon, Ruby," she ordered then made herself a sandwich.

      "Bye," said Ruby as Blessing walked out the door. She sighed and got out the latest issue of the Neopian Times from beneath her pillow. Nothing major had come up and few stories or comics caught her eye so she picked up her copy of Moehog Poetry from her nightstand and began to read. It was going to be a long day.

      Meanwhile Blessing had stopped by the Wishing Well on her way to work. She paid 5 small Neopoints and wished she could afford NeoFlu Jelly Pills. Then with a sigh she left and walked to the Kadoatery, which was next door.

      Loud cries met her as she walked through the doors. She went to her station, which was where the workers found out what the Kadoaties craved. Whiskers wanted a Vinarok. Jade wanted a slice of Blue Pepper Pizza. On and on the day went until finally it was lunchtime. She hurried out the door and strode to the Plushie Store, just to look, as she munched on her sandwich.

      When she finished she sadly walked back to the Kadoatery to finish the day.

      Finally it was four o'clock. Blessing hurried now to go play a few games before dinner. She played Snowmuncher, Cliffhanger, Word Pyramid, and Bumper Cars. She mildly enjoyed the games and earned a total of 1000 Neopoints, along with her 200 Neopoints from a day's work. Smiling, she cantered to the bank and deposited her earnings. When I get 5500 Neopoints, I can afford to buy Ruby's cure! she thought excitedly. That meant she only needed 3700 Neopoints more!

      When Blessing got home, she found Ruby asleep with a book of poetry still in her hand. She'd let her sleep while she prepared supper, which was to be Leek Stew. Soon she made it and woke Ruby, who sat up and ate every bit of her soup. Even though she was surely suffering, she smiled at Blessing and knew she was lucky to have such a great friend.

      Another month passed. Blessing managed to boost up the Neopoints to 4800. Leaving the Kadoatery, she checked her balance. Along with today's deposit, she had 5200 Neopoints! She raced home but tripped. Slowly standing again she looked down and gasped. She had tripped over a Maraquan Paint Brush! Thoughts raced through her mind. She could sell it... she could pant herself or Ruby... Quickly she took it to her banker, who estimated its worth to be three million Neopoints! She thanked him and took the lucky find to the Auction House where someone bought it for four million Neopoints! She raced back to the bank and deposited the money then ran to the Pharmacy and purchased Ruby's cure for only 5000 Neopoints. Then, facing the harsh November winds, she went home.

      Ruby was delighted when her friend told her the news about the Paint Brush find. "Where is it?" she asked hoarsely.

      "I don't have it," Blessing answered, feigning sadness.

      Ruby's face fell. "I don't understand," she said.

      Beaming, Blessing told her she had sold it and that they were rich. Then she brought out the pills. Ruby took them and smiled. "Finally," she breathed, and swallowed her cure. After about an hour she was feeling almost normal, but still a little tired. In fact, she was actually hungry! Blessing whipped up a hearty meal of Carrot Pie, Peach Ice Cream, and Cherry Pie with Krakuberry Mocha to drink. When the friends had finished eating, Blessing smiled and brought out another gift. It was an unreleased book, titled Shoyru Poetry. With tears of joy streaming down her face, Ruby whispered, "It's so good to be cured," and Blessing finished with, "and happy."

      In May, when the April showers had passed and the flowers were blooming, Blessing and Ruby frolicked in Uni Meadows once more, recounting last winter's mishaps. Blessing no longer worked at the Kadoatery; she had started a Poem Printing business. Ruby now wrote poems for her friend's company. Work started at eleven so they woke up at ten and worked until two. Then the twosome was free to play for the rest of the day.

      It truly was a happy ending. They no longer worried about money, they were almost never sad, and they were sure to be friends forever.

The End

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