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The Way Out of the Eye of the Storm

by imperial_magna


GAMES ROOM - Having heard from Premium members about this game, I simply had to try it when it was released to the Non-premium Neopians too. To my surprise, it proved to be a game filled with fun! With the luck factor being quite major in this game, one may wonder why it is still categorised under the puzzles section of the games and not luck. *scratches head* To help you in attaining greater heights in 'Eye of the Storm', I have written this fabulous & powerful & marvellous & cool-- (I had to stop, it could have gone on and on for ages.) Without further ado, let's move on to the guide of the game! *Woohoo!*

The game's description is as follows: The Cyodrake's Gaze is lost among a sea of tiles, and it's up to you to find it! Click on the tiles to reveal what they hold. Crewmembers from the Cyodrake's Gaze are concealed under some of the tiles, and they will point you in the ship's direction. There are also a few special tiles that can either save the day or sink you!

In 'Eye of the Storm', you have to find the tile which has the ship underneath! So, finding the ship is no easy feat in this 20 by 12 grid game. Imagine! How are we able to find 1 correct tile out of 240 tiles? Do not fret, my friends, as there are "clue givers" in the game which will give directions to where the ship will be located. You will only need to follow their directions and you'll find it in no time. *cheers*

The tiles in the game contain the following pictures from The Cyodrake's Gaze:

  • Yellow Aisha with weird hat (aka Hoban) points DOWN
  • Orange Blumaroo (aka Chef Bonju) points RIGHT
  • Green Scorchio (aka First Mate Shumi) points LEFT
  • Pink Kougra (aka Linae) points UP

These tiles show where the ship is located and you should click the tiles in the direction which they are pointing to; the tiles may not be necessarily adjacent to the movement tiles!

For example, Hoban = H Tile = X

Linae = L







From this example, we can see that the tile which is the intersection point is the point where the ship is.

Therefore it is needed for us to make deductions as to which tile contains the ship from the clues we have gathered in our previous clicks! But there will also be times when you can complete the level in one click by being very lucky!

In addition, there are also special tiles which may be of help in searching for the ship:

  • Cannon tiles destroy all adjacent tiles
  • Storm tiles reveal all adjacent tiles
  • Loot tiles add points to your score

These special tiles may accidentally help you by revealing or destroying the adjacent tiles, which will show if the ship is located under them. This will complete your level! Hurrah! The loot tiles are considered as bonuses as they can be crucial in deciding your placing on the High Score Table of Eye of the Storm. Scores will be close and these bonuses may even change the color of your trophy from Silver to Gold!

Now let's move on to the playing of the game itself; the first mode on the list is Zen Mode:

Like some of the other games in Neopets, Zen Mode simply means you will not be able to send your score for any Neopoints. However, it is a very good mode to hone your skills in 'Eye of the Storm'. As it will take you some time to get used to and excel in the game, why not have your training done in Zen Mode? At the same time, gauge how much time you need to complete each level and improve on it.

Second on the list is Normal Mode:

In this mode, you are required to complete 20 levels of 'Eye of the Storm' in 20 seconds per level. Sounds hard, eh? This will prove to be a challenge to you, but keep up the practice and you'll become good in the game!

Lastly, we have the Timed Mode (which is what I recommend you to play in):

The Timed Mode is supposedly the toughest of them all. However, it is where you will be able to get more points! Having to solve as many puzzles as possible in 200 seconds will enable you to hit scores way above your imagination! Also, do remember that your bonus points increase with the levels and you need to solve the levels really quickly to be able to hit higher levels.

As you can now see, the more clicks you make, the lower your bonus points. Try your best to make sure that you make as few clicks as possible to find the ship and keep your time to about 5 seconds per level. If you do make more than 15 clicks in 1 single level, restart! This is a game which requires very little time to complete and you should not be afraid to try again.

There will still be the luck factor present in your quest for the spiffy trophy. It can be done if you persevere! Do not give up or feel disheartened even if you got a low score and tried your best. Take frequent breaks to prevent your temper from flaring up. (Well, it made me mad a few times. *grr*) So what are you waiting for? Equip yourself with your mouse and go clicking! (Please remember to treat your mouse with care and not break it by clicking too hard on the button.)

Remember, practice is the key to success in this game! The more you play, the better you get. Me? I'm still in the midst of practising hard! Hope to see you on the High Score Table for Eye of the Storm soon!

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