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by wongvolution


*Bloop bloop* ... *mad clicking* ... *crash, crash, crash* ... *Game over*

"Ah, I've lost the Jubble Bubble Game again!"

Are you having trouble playing Jubble Bubble? Want to get that Jubble Bubble Trophy? This guide serves to help people win in the World Challenge competitions, and trophies. OR, if you just want to improve your score, this guild can help you too.

After reading this guide, and lots of practise, you will find this guild will help improve your score tremendously. This is a game which hones a person's precision and reflex skills.


The game seems pretty simple - Use Kelby the Shoryu to capture the falling JubJubs and any other objects falling from the top of the game screen. Here is how the points are scored.

White Shell - 5 points

Maraquan JubJub - 10 points

One Dubloon - 25 points.

At the start of the game everyone has 3 lives, symbolised by the 3 JubJub icons at the bottom of the screen. When one fails to catch a freefalling JubJub and they crash on the floor, a life is lost and this is shown by the disappearance of one of the icons. The game ends when all the icons have gone and a screen shows game over, during which there is NOT a break in between.

Here are the consequences of not being able to catch the white shell, JubJub or Dubloon

1) Dubloon - nothing happens

2) JubJub - you will lose a life

3) White shell - If the white shell does not hit Kelby, nothing will happen. However, if it hits Kelby, he will be stunned for a few seconds, and if during which the JubJubs are falling fast, you may lose at least one life, or even lose the entire game because of one shell.

Every 100 points earn you 100 NP, so if you just want the NP, quit the game when the score reaches 1000 points. If the game is a featured game, you get 2000 NP for your score of 1000 points! It only takes around 5 to 6 minutes to get 1000 NP, one of the best ways to earn.


Here are some tips I would like to share. Some of these tips may have been mentioned by other players.

Tip #1: Keep your eyes on the TOP of the game screen as that will be where the JubJubs are falling from.

When you play the game for long periods of time, try to take a quick glance at somewhere else to give your eyes a break. Playing this game with tired eyes can be detrimental to your score.

Tip #2: Try to keep Kelby constantly in the middle of the entire game, but be ready for any sudden moves from the JubJub. You need very fast reaction to do this.

Tip #3: Spare lots of time, especially if you want the trophy:

If you want that trophy, chances are you would have to spend AT LEAST 40 minutes on the game to get a score of around 8,000 points. I got a silver trophy from a score of 8700 points, and that was because I was out of time and had to quit early.

Tip #4: If the JubJub is slow moving, as you approach the JubJub you can make Kelby start blowing the bubbles. It saves some time so you can get ready for the next falling item.

Tip #5: Try not to play the music as it can sometimes get quite distracting. Personally I don't really like the music; it irritates me after some time.

Even when the JubJub is low, you can still catch it sometimes just by clicking it like you would a normal url link.

Tip #6: If you have fast reflexes and a good aim, you don't have to wait for the bubble line to reach the object, especially when the game is fast moving. Remembering the theory of relativity, as long as the bubble line is ¾ of the distance between the JubJub and the ground will do. I usually catch a JubJub within 1 - 2 seconds after its appearance.

Tip #7: Even though the game may be slow, it would be good to catch the JubJub you see as fast as you can. This gives you more time to anticipate the next falling item and catch it. You might also get the chance to rest your eyes by glancing at a place near the game window.

Tip #8: If possible, try to catch every single white shell you can catch; this is because later if another JubJub falls in the same line as the white shell, you may not be able to catch the JubJub quickly enough AND dodge the white shell and you may end up losing a life.


This is usually the thought that comes to mind, especially when one is on the world challenge game. It depends on what your goals are; I have a few recommendations.

1. Those who want the NP only - 1000

2. Those who want to win the World Challenge - 4995

3. Those who want the trophy - at least 7000 and above, depending on the High score table.

So what happens when one has already lost 2 lives when they are at a score of 1200 points, and they want a score of 4995? Should they go on? They CAN still go on and get a score of 4995 even with one life remaining - there's no need to restart. For me, I scored 3800 points before with only 1 life remaining.


Note that if you're entering the World Challenge games for Jubble Bubble the maximum score you can send is 4995. Any score above that has to be reviewed by The Neopets Team, and by the time they get that score, you would not be eligible to win anything from the World challenge games, and would have spent that 100 NP entry fee for nothing.

If you're short of time, try to send one large score of 4995 if possible. That way, with only one score, though you may not have the highest NP reward, you're almost sure to get a world piece and some NP for it.

With this in mind, I usually do a mental count of the points I have when I reach 4800 points or so. That way, when I reach 4995, I can quit the game and submit my score.

Entering the world challenge for this game is really good, because on top of the scores you send (minus the 100 NP for entering), you also stand a chance to win a Maraqua world challenge piece, which can be worth anything from 12,000 NP to 70,000 NP. Not just this, you also get to win 2,000 NP and an item when you complete a set.

Another tip for this would be to enter the competition AFTER you get the score (applicable only for the first 3 games you play in the day). Personally I find it most useful.


Note, if you're striving to get a trophy, it's best NOT to enter the World Challenge competition, as your score would most likely have to exceed the World Challenge "maximum" of 4995 points.

With several practises, you will improve with time. When I first started trying this game, I could get around 2000 points. Then eventually I improved till I got a silver trophy with 8700 points. Don't get too frustrated if you don't get as much as you aimed for, and don't give up.

Happy Bubbling!

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