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The Ten Best Cheese Dishes in Neopia

by becci2911


My four Xweetoks and I are VERY fond of cheese. In fact, if someone started telling me cheese was yucky, I would scream. Oh, yeah, and have my Xweetoks rip them to shreds.

No, just kidding! :) But I do love cheese. Cheese is an amazing invention - there're so many different flavours and tastes! Cheese is a great thing to cook with - it goes with almost any meal! And to prove this, and as a tribute to the dairy masterpiece, I have written this article. Oh yeah, and there're also statistics, including the basic recipe so you can make your own!!!


10) Right, so the lowly (but still delicious!) cheese at the bottom of my tasty list is...

Yes it is! The cheese covered caramel apple!

Now, I am sure you've all had a caramel apple some time in your life, possibly Bonfire (Guy Fawkes) Night. But one with cheese? WOW! To combine a delicious gooey chewy snack with the greatest dairy substance on Neopia is pure genius! Or plain madness! But it's still AMAZING!!!

Cheese Covered Caramel Apple Stats:

Ingredients: cheese, chives, apple, melted caramel

Recipe: Get an apple and cover it with hot melted caramel. Wait till it goes cold and sticky, then pour some cheesy spread on top. Add a sprinkle of chives for extra flavour!

Taste factor: 7 out of 10!

Why: The sweet mix of caramel and apple gives your tastebuds a soft massage whilst playing them classical music, but the added cheesy stuff keeps the massage but switches over the CD to rock 'n' roll!

Price: These can be as little as 2 Neopoints, so get buying!

9) And next on the list is ...

Yep, you got it! The strawberry and cheese milkshake, one of Neopia's stranger delicacies!

Am I right in thinking that everybody out there lurves milkshakes? No? Well, most of you do, right? Right! Well, the floaty, tasty, mmm-iness of strawberries combined with the taste sensation of cheese = heaven on Neopia! And it has real cheese chunks! WHOA!

Ingredients: cheese, strawberries, milk

Recipe: Shove a big chunk of cheese and five strawberries in the blender and mix it up. Pour the goo into a glass and add milk and stir!

Taste Factor: 4 out of 10

Why: Don't get me wrong, it tastes fab, but it leaves a burning sensation on your tongue for hours afterwards!

Price: Just 50 Neopoints on the shop wizard! Oooh!

8) At number eight is ...

Jelly Green Cheese! Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm! Alright, you may think, it tastes pretty good, but it's nothing special. Okay, so what if it is a pretty mediocre cheese taste? This is on my list for its entertainment factor! Have you ever sat at a party with a plate of jelly, just wibbling it? It's so much fun! You just tip your plate to and fro, and the jelly does a wibble! You could even grab your friends and have a wibble race!

Ingredients: Green jelly

Recipe: Get a chunk of green jelly and chop it into a triangle shape. Then, punch holes in it (you could use scissors, or a knife, or even your poppit) to make it look like cheese.

Taste Factor: 5 out of 10

Why: Like I said, it tastes just kind of normal. But ten out of ten for entertainment!

Price: Around 888 Neopoints. A little more pricey!

7) It's supposed to be a lucky number, so maybe you'll like...

Yay! A whole cheese pizza! When I first saw this, I thought it was a lickle sunshine (awww!). But it's not! it's better! For this isn't any old pizza. This pizza has been crafted by a genius (or the Pizzaroo dude)! The crust is cheese... the topping is cheese... and there're even little bits of cheese hiding under the cheese! It's cheese-tastic! This pizza is for a real cheese lover. There isn't one bit of tomato, pepperoni, sausage, lightbulb or anything else you put on pizza in this - except cheese!

Ingredients: Cheese

Recipe: Get a big round slab of cheese, put pieces of cheese on top and cover it in a thick layer of cheese sauce. Bake for a half hour, and hey presto!

Taste factor: 8 out of 10

Why: The cheese on this pizza is baked to perfection when you buy it from Pizzaroo - but when I made it, it was a little... burnt. So I suppose my 8 is slightly biased. Hehehe.

Price: Something like 1900 Neopoints on the wizard. Great for parties!

6) Number six on my delicious list is ...

Yes, it's a cheesy ruler! Okay, here's the thing - it's not just for drawing lines with! When you buy this, it comes 12 metres long, so you rule a line, you take a bite, you rule a line, you take a bite! And so it goes on, until you have a little bitty centimetre left that you feel so full up you have to feed to your puppyblew. But, as the Neopets description says, eat one side only or else you won't be able to draw straight lines!

5) The mid-point. The middle best delight is...

Spotted cheese sandwich! Spots are so cool, and how cool would you look walking down the street with one of these in your hand? If you're a Jetsam or a Grarrl, or some other naturally unpopular pet, then all your friends and family will want to hang out with you, and pretty soon you'll be forming the spotted cheese sandwich club! Okay, too far, I know. But it is seriously yummy and cool!

Ingredients: Spotted bread, cheese, mayonnaise

Recipe: Make a cheese-and-mayo sandwich on normal bread, then paint big black spots on it with food colouring. Add the cheese on the toothpick for an extra fancy look!

Taste Factor: 7 out of 10

Why: It's yummy, it's funky, and it has the cool factor. But somehow, it lacks that edge needed to make it to the top...

Price: About 1000 Neopoints.

4) At number four, there is...

The spicy, tasty, scrumdiddlyumptious cheese and salsa pretzel! Great to shove in a bowl at parties, this pretzel can add life to the most boring of chess/dictionary/boredom club meetings! Soon, the chess pieces will be swept away and the geeky Chia with the big specs will be doing brilliant breakdance stunts in the middle of the floor! A layer of the spiciest mystery island salsa, covered with a cooling layer of thick cream cheese.

Ingredients: Pretzel, salsa, cream cheese

Recipe: Grab a regular pretzel and dip it in salsa, then carefully dribble some cream cheese fresh from the refrigerator on top.

Taste Factor: 9 out of 10!

Why: The combination of flavour and colour makes it almost too good to... well, nah, I'll eat it anyway... *munching noise*

Price: only 200 Neopoints!

3) Ooh! ooh! Ooh! we're in the top three! So, in third place...

Oh, yeah! The incredibly satisfying sausage and cheese pasty! Woohoo! This tasty lunchtime treat is wonderful eaten hot or cold! It is a savoury snack to beat all others! The fluffy, light pastry... the soft, hotdog slices... the runny, melted cheese... I just want to eat it all up! It's so expertly made... the size, so easy to fit into any lunchbox... the shape, so easy to fit in your mouth... the taste - WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Ingredients: Pastry, sausage, melted cheese

Recipe: Make the pastry in a cup shape, shove the sausage and a hunk of cheese inside, close it up, and bake.

Taste Factor: 9 out of 10!

Why: It's almost like Santa's sack - a big pastry sack filled with presents of sausage and cheese!

Price: about 1200 Neopoints. Not bad!

2) It's almost at the top, but not quite! Here it is...

Real cheese cheesecake! Right, so you get a chunk of the best cheese, slap it on a base and cover it in cream. Crazy, right? NO! Well, actually, it kind of is, but that's the whole point! If everyone ate the same and no-one invented wacky cheese stuff, I wouldn't be writing this article! So, it's cheese. It's cake. YAY! What could be better? Honestly? Well, yes, number one is better, but only just! This is a delightful mixture of sweet and savoury that once tried is unforgettable!

Ingredients: Cheese, cream, cake base

Recipe: Grab your cake base and cut a piece of cheese the same size and shape. Glue it on with cheese spread and drizzle cream on top. Mmmm!

Taste Factor: 9 and a half out of 10

Why: I've already told you! Delicious, yum, crazy with cream on top...

Price: Just 250 Neopoints on the wizard! Go buy some NOW!

1) Well, you may be thinking, what could be better than real cheese cheesecake? Well... DRUMROLL PLEASE! den den den..............


This, in my opinion, is THE tastiest cheese dish in Neopia! I mean, it's cheese, pizza, and a slushie all in one! What more can you want? You even get a free bendy straw, which in my opinion, gets high marks in the entertainment factor! Great to take to a party or to the museum, as in all the boring parts you can play with the straw! It also tastes so so great! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Ingredients: Cheese and tomato pizza, ice cubes

Recipe: Bung a big piece of pizza in the blender with a load of ice cubes and then pop it in a plastic cup. Add a red bendy straw for authenticity!

Taste Factor: 10! Also 10 for entertainment! (remember the straw!)

Why: Well, it is the most yummywummy delish thing I've ever tasted, and the whole theory is so cool! I mean, a pizza slushie? Wowee!

Price: At a medium 7000 Neopoints, this is fab for a treat!

So, now you know all the tastiest cheeses in Neopia! So, go out and buy your pet a sample of each, and they can make their own list! Bye, I've got to go to a cheese buffet!

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