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It's Raining, It's Pouring and Faerieland is Falling

by aidanskyman


FAERIELAND - The newly founded Faerie Association has taken many experiments and revealed shocking results; now in a panic to save the future of Faerieland, they have revealed all to the Neopian Public.

Experiments by the newly founded Faerie Association are showing that Faerieland has dropped in height around sixty-four metres this year, and is continuing to drop at a fast rate! "Faerieland is on a 64% tilt, and soon enough everything on Faerieland will fall to the ground because of the angle of the clouds," explained Dr. Ice. If nothing is done, this could mean the end of Faerieland and in effect other places as well.

Master of the association Dr. Dark Faerie said, "We have come to the conclusion that over the space of 3 months Faerieland as we well know it will exist no longer! Unless we see a rapid change in the population, Faerieland will simply deteriorate and slowly fall to the Neopian Ocean bed."

Governor Fyora (Faerie Queen) said, "This is utter rubbish; the upkeep of Faerieland is as it always has been, and it will remain that way. I will accept no more of this foolishness, and anybody caught speaking of such a thing anywhere in Faerieland will be banished from Faerieland FOREVER! A meeting will be held by the council and certain things will be discussed."

But many scientists argue this fact and say that, "Due to an increase in the Neopian population the clouds are struggling to hold the crowds of tourists along with the residents and their Neopets settling there everyday."

The guild area at the far right of Faerieland is too crowded and the immense weight having to be held there is having a huge effect on the clouds.

Huge layouts and fancy banners are increasing the risk and soon Neopets and its team of hard workers will be forced to change the rules of layouts to ensure no more big fancy memory-taking layouts are used.

King of the Guilds says, "There is a warning when signing up to Faerieland to create a new guild, and it clearly states 'Crowded', yet for some reason people seem to still be flocking there in huge crowds and in effect increasing the clouds' likelihood of falling from the sky and into the ocean."

We asked a local resident and councillor of Faerieland, named Air Faerie and we saw what she thought of all this.

"I believe it's true; my Neohome has been on a tilt for quite some time now, but me being me I just thought that it was because it was old. Just the other day a picture fell from my wall and smashed on the floor; as I watched it, it began to slowly slide towards the front door because my house is on such a steep tilt. I began to realise, something was horribly wrong! I urge any residents with any sort of problem to leave Faerieland at once and seek a safer home; maybe, just maybe we can sort this all out before it's too late."

Scientists say that in perhaps two years all this worry could be over if just 10,000 of Faerieland's estimated 340,000 residents left and sought another home elsewhere.

If not, then there is no hope; sure enough, the beautiful amazing city of Faerieland will fall into the Neopian Ocean, creating forces and waves so big that the biggest tidal wave in Neopian history will form and cause absolute havoc throughout Neopia.

The tidal wave will take around three hours before it reaches Neopia Central's coastal line. There is just a single place that won't be hit because of the height of it and that is Terror Mountain, so many Neopians will have to continue their Neopian lives in the extreme weather conditions that Terror Mountain sees.

Faerieland will lie at the bottom of the ocean and slowly rot away to ruins as Maraqua has.

Sadly Fyora says, "If this truly does happen I shall stay with my Faerieland, for it is my home; no one can take it from me, and if this isn't just a rumour, I will try with all my might and power to stop this dreadful occurrence from happening."

The Faerie Council held a meeting early this morning and concluded that there was just one way to save Faerieland.

It will take all of the Faeries' magic for it to work including the evil Jhudora - Dark Faerie.

Fyora has offered Jhudora a place at the Faerie Council in exchange for her help, yet Jhudora has turned down the offer.

In an interview, Jhudora said, "I demand that I have full power of Faerieland before I help you faeries save your beloved clouds. I wish no business with you faeries anymore and when I get what I want, you get what you want! One last order that I have is that you destroy Illusen's Glade; she's nothing but trouble, that forest gal, and my rewards in return for my quests are of far more value than anything she can find in the woods of Meridell. Bow down to the great Jhudora, and for that, I will spare your little Neopets, but if you don't, you, your precious Neopets and Faerieland will all be gone FOREVER! That's a promise."

The Faerie Council will be holding a further meeting in the Hidden Tower later this evening to determine Faerieland's fate.

When asked what will become of Faerieland, Fyora simply answered, "No Comment. It is no business of yours; now leave."

Fyora has banished over one-hundred Neopians from Faerieland for speaking of the terrible happenings. With that little amount of weight taken, Faerieland has floated upwards a height of four metres into the sky. Also the angle of Faerieland has improved and is now at 52%. We need to continue on with this effort to save Faerieland.

Is this the end of Faerieland and perhaps even Queen Fyora? Will Jhudora be the new Queen of all Neopia and Faeries? Will she turn Neopia into a pit of evil, and what will become of us?

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