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Paint Brush Polls: Pirate!

by kallykat_03


Do you own multiple painted pets? Have you been saving for months just to buy that special paint brush? Do you ever catch yourself browsing the pet images at the Rainbow Pool just to see what's out there? If so, you might have a condition known as "Paint Brush Obsession." Do not fear! Although there is no cure, this sickness is quite common and there is a method of temporary alleviation that you should know about: feeding the hunger. That's right, just give in to the urge to buy and use (and read about) paint brushes. Of course, before you go out and paint your favorite pet just any old color, you might want to consider the current fashion trends and find out just what colors are the most popular for your pet... even if it's just so you can be unique and choose the opposite.


Ahoy all ye sea dogs an' land lubbers! T'day we're takin' a look at that most seaworthy of colors. Not only are Pirate pets unafraid of gettin' thar fur wet, but they're devilishly handsome too! They ignore most of the rules of high fashion an' high society, yet they've created a style that's recognizable an' iconic (not t' mention, comfy an' intimidatin' at the same time). If one of these swashbucklers passed ye in the street, ye'd know straight away he was a member of the cap'n's crew.

More than 50 of ye voted fer yer favorite Pirate looks, an' many of ye left us some commentary t' boot! The scores have now been tallied an' the results are in. There are currently 37 species in Neopia with thar own Pirate fashions, but only the top ten have made it into this here article. An' now fer the countdown:

#10--Grarrl (90 points)

It's all about the walk with this one. A peg leg can do wonders t' improve any pet's pirate strut, but when a hefty Grarrl ambles down the runway (or gangway) on one, then everyone else backs off right smartly. With a scoundrel's gleam in 'is eye, a scary set of chompers, fashionable red an' gold garb set off by the white ruff at 'is neck, an' a classic pirate cap'n's hat t' top off the look, the Pirate Grarrl comes in a strong 10 in the countdown.

#9--Aisha (95 points)

On the other hand, ye might prefer the vintage Neopian pirate look, simple red an' white stripes an' spots. Not only is the Pirate Aisha a fine example of these classic pirate color an' pattern choices, but he also combines in 'is look almost every other pirate must-have: a peg leg, a bandana, some shiny gold earrings (2 out of 4 'taint bad), an' of course an eye patch. The thing that sets this pet apart, however, is the skull he wears on 'is collar. He's the only pet in Neopia t' sport one!

User Comment: "It has an awesome skull necklace, which could make for a better personality for a pet!" --brytiecole

#8--Poogle (110 points)

Fer whatever reason, Neopets users seem t' adore this strangely cute pirate pet. The only other vintage pirate look t' make it t' the countdown, an' with many of the same attributes as number 9 (minus the peg leg an' skull pendant), the Pirate Poogle's popularity is a mystery. Could it be that thar's more t' this sea dog than meets the eye, a sinister bite behind the shy smile? Or mayhap thar's a softer side t' all scurvy buccaneers?...hmm... nah!

#7--Zafara (120 points)

Tattoos: the rebellious pirate's primary affront t' high-society fashion! An' what's every swashbuckler's favorite tattoo? The symbol of the jolly roger of course! No wonder the Pirate Zafara was chosen as number 7 in the countdown, with a skull an' crossbones tattooed on each ear an' three--count 'em--three gold earrings t' attract attention their way. He also wears the classic red an' white striped shirt but tones it down with a grey vest an' black bandana 'round 'is neck. A large eye patch an' practical brown boots complete the look.

#6--Gnorbu (180 points)

With only one jolly roger tattoo an' a single pair of gold earrings, this fairly recent edition t' the pirate pet pool is smartly climbin' the list of users' favorite fashions. An' why is that, ye ask? It's all in the beard! A scruffy, black mane is always a boon t' the weathered, carefree pirate pet. Not only does it put off that I-do-what-I-want vibe, but it makes ye look bigger an' a mite more intimidatin' too. While thar are other black-bearded pirates in Neopia, the Pirate Gnorbu is the only one in these waters t' add beads (as a general rule, pirates love any shiny detailed accessory or pretty little trinket). A peg leg an' red an' white spotted bandana provide the sure signs that thar's a pirate in our midst.

User Comment: "For some reason I really like the design; it's not overdone but it's not too plain. And the way he looks at you reminds me of a fighter. I like the beads too... :P" --aizle

#5--Lenny (200 points)

The Pirate Lenny is one of those rare breeds: a pirate with a matchin' head-t'-toe ensemble. From the black three-cornered cap'n's hat with its white feather an' jolly roger emblem, t' the rich red vest with gold buttons an' upturned collar, t' the black spats with the gold buckles, this wardrobe practically screams I'm-no-common-tar! The glarin' red eyes, shut-beak sneer, an' two-tone grey feathers are only side notes when it comes t' 'is style.

User Comment: "You can really tell how much TNT is improving art wise by comparing some of the older pirate pets with the newer ones. They're starting to get more diverse, instead of just a striped red-and-white shirt and hat. I like the newer designs the best." --spyrocor

#4--Eyrie (240 points)

Clawin' 'is way into 4th place is another bearded scallywag with tail fur t' match. The Pirate Eyrie's gold collection includes a single earring an' a right shiny pendant strung 'round 'is neck. The white, cuffed sailor's shirt serves t' set off 'is dark beard while the red an' white spotted bandana makes up fer its lack of stripes. Eyries generally make dangerous pirates with their sharp beaks an' claws, large an' strong limbs an' bodies, an' powerful wings fer soarin' high 'bove the briny blue t' catch victims by surprise.

User Comment: "I don't think the Eyrie has too many accessories, but the overall outfit looks good. I like his pose and expression, it's not really mean looking but he looks smart, serious, and proud." --aizle

#3--Kougra (320 points)

Another asset we've yet t' cover is the scar. Scars like the one the Pirate Kougra displays over 'is left eye an' the missin' chunk of 'is left ear, are not only intimindatin' but let others know yer an experienced freebooter an' a dangerous foe. The simple red bandana in 'is ensemble is a contrast t' the rich blue an' gold coat with the white ruffle at the neck. A dash of gold on the ear an' at the throat appeal t' treasure-lovin' nature of the pirate, an' the red sash ties the whole look t'gether.

User Comment: "I think Pirate Kougras look so cool and tough-looking." --ank_j

#2--Shoyru (350 points)

The style here is a combination of many points we've already discussed: scars on the wings, gold jewelry (note the pendant), classic red an' white color scheme with black accents, wings fer takin' an enemy by surprise, white sailor's shirt, a vest (this one's red), an' practical never-go-out-of-date brown boots. All the same, the Pirate Shoyru does stand out in some key areas. Foremost, instead of a jolly roger tattoo or cap'n's hat, he wears a jolly roger bandana--casual an' cool. Second, he has a gold-buckled brown belt, perfect fer carryin' a flask of Piratey Fruit Juice or stowin' a Pirate Captains Cutlass. Arrr!

User Comments: "The costume is detailed and has the best mix of colors." --oo_yuri_oo

"They look very handy and first-mateish; plus, just looking at them makes you want to say, 'Aye, aye!'" --im_smarter_then_you

#1--Lupe (440 points)

Maroonin' the competition an' leavin' 'em far behind, the Pirate Lupe is the number 1 choice of users fer best pirate fashion in Neopia. A perfect model of the less-is-more style, this rouge wears only a single gold earring, a classic red an' white spotted bandana, an' a simple white sailor's shirt tied loosely in the front t' reveal the manly grey chest fur. So what makes this swashbuckler stand out amongst 'is hearties? Is it the sly look in 'is yellow eyes? The daring an' proud stance? The fact that the most dreaded pirate cap'n in Neopia is of the same species? Or 'is rugged, 'andsome features that makes 'em swoon? Whatever it is, Neopets users seem t' agree that thar's something special 'bout the Pirate Lupe!

User Comments: "The reason why I like the Lupe so much is because he looks more like a real pirate." --butterflylyn

"Simple, to the point." --oo_yuri_oo

"... Because of its awesome shirt! ...Darn those awesome shirts!" --brytiecole

Hope this article helped ye get in the pirate spirit an' get into pirate fashion. Avast, mateys! Don't be a worrisome bilge rat, thar be plenty more "Paint Brush Polls" t' come, an' ye can participate! Just sail on over t' Serbris's petpage t' learn how. Also, a hearty thanks t' all ye who voted an' sent in yer comments. I have one word fer ye all: Arrrrr!

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