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Decadently Delicious Makes Every Day Scrumptious!

by purplepassiony2k


Why do I use the above title? Seriously, what do you consider to be a gooey goodie? Stop eating right now and take a look at your food. Are you eating the freshest, tastiest dish around? If not, how about rolling up your sleeves for some of your very own ooey, gooey fun using my tried-tested-and-true five star rating guide. (Thanks to all the fanmail asking me just how I decide which items to buy for my gallery; this is what you've been waiting for...!)

What decides the rating of a gooey goodie? What is on the plate is by far the most important factor. For example, what do you think about when I say the word, "Meat Feast Pizza Block?" Do you only see it as a slab of bread with tomato sauce and cheese? Why not try to see it as a crispy crust, with sweet sauce bubbling through the mounds of melting, oozing cheese - OH MY! Please forgive me for being dramatic... clever combinations of creativity and imagination that keep our tastebuds tantalized are often determining factors too. Sometimes I've even been known to sit on my hands waiting for the news to update to see if there are any newly released drippy items! If it's a gooey goodie, it's got to be good!

What else do I look for in a gooey goodie? The quality of the item is among the most telling signs of a gooey goodie. It's those tempting foods smothered with drippy toppings, and/or made with very messy fillings that get my attention! I look for gooey goodies everywhere I go and you just might find yourself doing the same after reading this article! Is it gooey looking? Does it have a drip? How messy is it? If it's not any of those, than it's not good enough for me! The ratings are as follows, with examples below! 5=Exceptional, 4=Excellent, 3=Very Good, 2=Good, 1=Average. Honestly, I know my obsession isn't getting any better... I must learn how to bring some order to my neo-life. *sigh*


Honey Toast - Five Stars: The highest rating. Only the most gooiest scrumptious items receive this many stars. There is something very satisfying about the drippy mess something like Chococherry Surprise or the newly released Buttered Watermelon leaves behind! *drools* (Don't worry, this article comes complete with drool-proof pages!) These five star items can get kinda messy, but who cares when they tastes that GOOD! My advice, don't eat any of the following unless you are sitting down... Chokato Grarrl Cake, Chocolate Asparagus, Carrot Cupcake, Tchea Fruit Pastry, Hot Cheesy Baguette, Mutant Doughnut, and Aisha Toffee Apple. One thing for sure none of these makes for a boring dessert! Mmmm.

Kau Cupcake - Four Stars: These items offer very high quality gooey-ness, slightly messy. What's not to loooooove about these decadent items with breathtaking oozing creamy toppings? Basically, that means if it's not messy, it's not sticky, or it's not very gooey, then it hasn't made it into my mouth! I love when it's all over my hand and down my forearm, and onto my elbow, where the toppings gather and drip onto the ground. LOL. The flavors of all these desserts are different and alluring, well beyond those of Neopia's favorite summer dessert, ice cream, but that's part of the adventure. You can say "bye-bye" to boring desserts when you spoon these toppings over them: Rainbow Toast with Rainbow Jam, Gumball Filled Swiss Roll, Caramel Mynci Apple, Cinnamon Swirl, Chrysaberry Seashell, Cream Roll, Chips and Curry Sauce, and Nachos and Cheese.

Honey and Bacon Burger - Three Stars: All three-star items are generously smothered but not messy. Items like these are just begging for you to take a bite out of them! Now its time for you to get creative! Why have just plain foods, when there is such a variety of fresh toppings to choose from! Such as chocolate (any will do!), cheese, sauce, syrup, jelly, gravy, caramel, marshmallow, whip cream, and frosting! Other popular smothered items loved by all: Raspberry Aisha Waffle, Chocolate Covered Tomato, Baked Juppie, Kacheek Meatball, Healthy Apple Pretzel, Strawberry Iced Mynci, Cloud Usul Iced Buns, and Small Elppa Pie. Talk about exquisite, ooey gooey comfort-foods!

Chocolate Kougra Pudding - Two Stars: Two star ratings are usually tempting and quite charming. Look a little closer. There is a drip, people - to the left! Just barely eh?! Repeat after me... Life's too short to eat boring desserts. Especially when you can eat something very creative and interesting! You have to admit these are a fun, easy way to turn ordinary desserts into extraordinary! Rich, classic tastes without all the fuss! Imagine that! But the thing is: I just love these items for their cuteness too: Chocolate Smore, Chocolate Dipped Peophin Cookie, Cream Covered Acara Cookie, Choco-Strawberry Techo Cookie, Peanut Butter Elephante Cookie, Chokato Draik Cake and Thornberry Krawk Tart.

Thornberry Krawk Tart - One Star: One star items are yummy, BUT not a drip or mess anywhere. Suitable for those with a sweet tooth. For me these are sorta average, but I can't resist collecting them anyway! A dessert maybe as simple as a delectable fruit or as elaborate as a decorated cake. Everybody loves dessert, even if they won't admit it, right? Is this you: Your desserts so boring, your family is snoring? *giggles* May I suggest while keeping the gooey things all to yourself, you can pass the following desserts onto your Neofriends *winks*: Chocolate Chip Biscuits, Starberry Techo Biscuit, Plate of Cookies, Mynci Tail Doughnuts, and Orange Swirl Pudding.

Well, sadly it's time to say goodbye... but one last thing before you go. I hope you can no longer resist the sweet lure of gooey goodies thanks to my articles, but to make sure ask yourself the following questions!

1. Can't resist the lure of the deep-fried Lemon Faerie Mousse?

2. You can't resist having just another bite of a Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich?

3. Bet you can't eat just one tiny Strawberry Fondant Surprise?

4. The only way to satisfy your cravings is to eat that whole Lime Shoyru Cake?!

If you've read this far, you will now understand why I enjoy being the gooey goodie goddess! Many of nights I find myself nibbling on my computer screen! Some call it crazy, but this is how I like to spend my time! All right, so it's not exactly diet food, but every once in a while you gotta indulge... don't you deserve a little reward for all your hard work? Feel free to neomail me if you have purchased anything using my star rating guide! ;)

Bon App├ętit,


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