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A Lime-a-licious Countdown

by sweetie_me274


Neopia is a great place, with lots of great things - especially lots of great things to eat. There's the bakery with the oh-so-yummy fresh pastries, there's the health food store, with carrots... and that's pretty much it, and then there's Hubert's Hotdogs, too, which is always good on a day I decide to disregard fat and calorie content all together. And although these all have very good food - very, very good food - they all lack one crucial dietary necessity: lime!

Lime? Of course, lime! Everyone knows that you have to have your daily recommended amount of lime in your diet! Wait... what? You don't know? You don't even know what lime is? *Sigh* Lime is the delicious fantastic flavor that makes life what it is! Lime! Doesn't it feel good just to say it? Lime is a motivation booster, great for self confidence! And it tastes good too!

And so I will now, for you - the lime-less reader - and your benefit, count down the top ten LIME! things in Neopia. Because how else will you be able to step onto the road of recovery from life without lime?


Yes, there's such thing as just a plain lime. Its kinda like a lemon, except... well, it's a lime. And it's green. And it's kinda sour, even though, then again, lemons are sour too. Even though limes are still cool and all, they're really not the best just plain. I mean, sure, they make breakfasts on-the-go, but they definitely aren't my personal favorite way to enjoy the awesome lime. But still... it's just kinda cool to start out this countdown of lime with a lime itself... right?

NUMBER NINE: Lime Juice Carton

Here we go, a step up from just a lime. It's lime... but in a carton! And in juice form! How cool is that? It's like, super cool. Cool. Because you can drink it! You can take it with you! You can pack it in your pet's lunchbox. Or you could just drink it. Or... you could probably eat it, too. The carton would just be kinda crunchy. But it would taste like lime! So I don't blame you if you wanna go ahead and just eat the whole thing. I've done it once or twice too. At least.

NUMBER EIGHT: Lime Slushie

Aha, now we are getting somewhere. Lime slushies are perfect on a summer day... or a fall day, a winter day, a spring day, a cold day, a hot day, a wet day, a dry day, a long day, a short day, a hyper day, a sleepy day, a lime day, a boring day, a lime day, a fun day, a lime day, a different lime day... pretty much any day is great for lime! Lime slushies just taste... good. They're limey. Lime-a-licious. And they're cold. And they give you brain freezes if you drink the whole thing in one sip, which is really easy to do, since they're so darn good...


It's squishy! And everyone knows that any food that is squishy is good, regardless of what it tastes like. And not only is it jelly, but it's LIME jelly! Lime and jelly, together. That is simply awesome. Plus, it has tons of uses. Like... it makes a really cool shampoo. And it makes a really good peanut butter and lime jelly sandwich.

NUMBER SIX: Hot Lime Jelly

Okay, so this has all the joys of lime jelly, plus it's hot! Which makes it really interesting to eat. It's squishy, and hot, and limey... all at the same time! And it bounces when you jiggle it! So it makes a great meal, shampoo, sandwich, and awesome entertainment for someone who is amused easily. And they're plenty of easily amused people in Neopia, trust me.

NUMBER FIVE: Lime Neodrops

First, let me establish that Neodrops are the best candy in Neopia. Ever. And what have we learned happens when you combine something already awesomely good with lime? MAGIC! Or... close to that. You get something that tastes really good. These Neodrops... melt on your tongue. Something like that. And they stick to the roof of your mouth for the rest of the day, so you keep that delectable lime taste with you all day long!

NUMBER FOUR: Funky Lime Table

Maybe it isn't food... but it's cool. It's a... table! And it has the word lime in its name. Although it isn't edible, it might as well be. It's a table that has the wonderful COLOR lime. It's my favorite piece of furniture, and I like to keep one in every room of my Neopia. It's so pretty! And better yet, if you lick it, it actually tastes a teeny bit like lime! Sorta!

NUMBER THREE: Lime Gummy Slorg

Slorgs are such adorable petpets! I mean, they leave really awesome trails of slime, so by default they're cool. And gummy stuff is really neat. Because it's sugary, and chewy, and gummy, and yummy, and just... cool. And it's so cute! And it tastes like lime, so duh, it's good. Did you always dream of having a Slorg as a petpet? Well, now you can get the next best thing, a gummy LIME flavored Slorg that you can EAT... and you don't have to clean up after it.

NUMBER TWO: Sour Lime Pizza

Pizza is the best fatty artery-clogging food around, so NATURALLY, any pizza that has lime is automatically dubbed the coolest pizza for all of time. And it's really very good, too. It's covered with lime slices! And it's a *tad* bit sour, but since when has that ever been a problem for the experienced lime addict?

And finally...

NUMBER ONE: Lime Sorbet

Lime sorbet is the best thing in Neopia. It's the best thing in the world. It's just simply the best thing ever. It's better than chocolate. It's better than any other lime thing. It's just magically super fantastically awesomely incredible. It's like ice cream... only better. And lime... only better. COMBINED! And it's not just a dessert; there is nothing wrong with having it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-morning snack, afternoon snack, midnight snack... or any moment in time when you actually can get your hands on it. Lime sorbet is just cool like that.

So have you been educated on lime? Have you channeled your inner lime? You have? Oh, thank Fyora! I knew you weren't a hopeless cause. But wait a minute... what are you still doing here? Why are you still reading? You've discovered lime, you fool! Go out into the world and experience it... experience the magic of the lime! Spread your knowledge throughout the lands, so that one day, Neopians large and small can come together to cherish a common love: LIME!

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