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How to Make the Perfect Neohome

by coolkid5852


Do you always think a Neohome is too expensive or just plain hard to make? Well, I have some great and easy steps that you can follow to make your dream Neohome!

People start making their Neohomes once they have at least 1,000np. Of course you need to buy the land from the bank which is no problem. Then COMES THE PAIN. You start going crazy! How can I do this or where can I find that. Of course, Neohomes do not require any talent but it does require you using your brain.

You must learn how to stay calm if any problems arise and figure out the cost of what and how much you can spend or how much to save.

Step 1- Using Your Brain

Save up to at least 9,000-17,500np if you are planning on making a big Neohome. This should take about a couple of days.

Try selling items that are worth a lot or buy items from a range of 3,500-6,500. Items such as rare books, rare neggs or even PAINT BRUSHES could save you lots and lots of Neopoints. *It doesn't matter if the paint brush is regular but it should give you a decent amount.*

Step 2- Searching for the Perfect Area for the Perfect Home

Go to your Neohome and start searching for areas. Once you find the area you like, click on it. Then the Neopian bank will give you the land. Once you have your land, you are ready to build!

Remember, you are trying to find an area suitable for your Neopets. Put yourself in your Neopets' position and think of a place were they love to be! Another way would be thinking about the items your pets love. Where do you get those items, petpets, etc?

Step 3- Think it, Draw It... Build It!

Try drawing out the way you want your Neohome to be or at least plan it. List different ways your Neohome could be. If you get stuck thinking about it, try using something in real life to help you. If you live in a house, try to make a Neohome just like it. If you start building without planning, you could mess up and lose all of your Neopoints.

Once you have planned out your Neohome, start building. Click on the place you want your first room to be. Check out the cost of each material. Then withdraw as many Neopoints as you need. Use material that is affordable for you or at least cheap. Cardboard is the basic so you might want to start with Straw or Silver.

Step 4- Item Search

Once you finish making your first room, start planning which items you will buy. Now, users on Neopets often have themed rooms, which is okay. Just go to the shop wizard and start searching for the right items for that themed room. By the time you are finished, your Neohome should be ready. *USE ABOUT 3,000-5,500NP FOR THE ITEMS.* Also, try to put as many items as possible in one room to make it look attractive.

Do not put too many items or else it could clutter up the space. Remember to put yourself in the position of your pet.

By adding items to your room and making a certain theme for it, your room could be an example to millions of Neopian users.

Step 5- Adding Style to your Neohome

Start putting items in the first room and then continue with the second and so on. Remember to use a style. For example, if you are making a playroom that requires more than one part, use the same material to make it look uniform.

Adding style to your home makes it look different from other homes. Who knows, the style you choose for your home could be one for other users too! Do not copy the style of a room from someone else; that is called stealing. But you could add more detail to that style.

Instead of using the same boring ideas over and over, make a new style. Think of something realistic. Try to mix items up together. An example would be putting Maraqua items and then Neopian items and Faerieland items. Talk about a totally new mix!

Step 6- Making your Pets Feel Comfortable

When you finish making the number of rooms you need, go to extension options and develop the home even more! The reason you need to start making rooms before putting in the extensions is because the cost of making the rooms will become too expensive.

Extensions to your home make your Neopets feel very comfortable. For example, the heating system is really helpful during the frigid temperatures in the winter. Also, the insurance recovers any damage to your home.

Other Ways to Create a Perfect Neohome

You now know the basics on how to make a extraordinary Neohome! There are also many other smart ideas to create a Neohome of your dreams.

Step 1- Talk to your Neofriends about how they built their Neohome (that is, if they have one :D). Take notes and talk to them about your ideas if you do not understand how to make one. Neofriends are always there to help you!

Step 2- Go to the Neopian boards and ask others about their Neohome and tips that can help you succeed.

Neopian users might not give you to much detail, but they know some ways to help you. Especially people that have been on Neopets for years.

Step 3- Try searching your neighborhood for a home that has numerous bedrooms. That home could be an example for you too.

As you keep on developing your Neohome you should see that you are not wasting as much and you are making the Neohome of your dreams. By using these steps, a Neohome should be easy and fun to make for every Neopian. Also, a great way to save Neopoints for something very big. Who knows, maybe one day you could enter the Neohome Spotlight and win! I thank you all that have read this article and hopefully, it will be an example to many Neopians!!!

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