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Everything about Glaring Eye Wraps!

by x_frootloops


HAUNTED WOODS - So you've come to my article to learn all about Glaring Eye Wraps... Right? Well, if not, you're at the wrong article, sonny. Glaring Eye Wraps must be the most useful food item ever! You're thinking, "How? They're, ugly, yucky, soggy, bumpy, and gross! Not to mention spooky!" I know, I know... they might be on the creepy side, but that's exactly what helps them when it comes down to it.

Ingredients: Eyeball, wrap, nasty spices, touch of life.

Eyeball: This is the main ingredient in the Glaring Eye Wrap. Without it, it'd be just a... plain wrap with a bit of flavour. The Eyeball not only can glare but can turn, roll, move, and switch sides within the Wrap. This makes it so it has emotion and a mind of its own. The Eyeball not only gives the Glaring Eye Wrap its name but gives the best flavour. Mmm, juicy!

Wrap: Without the wrap, the eyeball wouldn't stay in place! It's like the body of the dish. Not only does it hold the eye in place but eases the bitter flavour of the eyeball with the solid soft flavour. It also consists of very healthy nutrients which are very good for your pet, not to mention yourself.

Nasty Spices: Yes, nasty is in the spices' name, although they just give the Wrap a little more zing. Without them, the Glaring Eye Wrap would be dull. The Nasty Spices also help with illnesses. If your pet is sick, what would be better than giving them a good ol' Glaring Eye Wrap?

Touch of Life: The touch of life provides the exotic movements of the actual Eye Ball. This is also a very special part of the Glaring Eye Wrap for, without it, the eyeball would just sit there and not even stare, let alone glare. The Touch of Life also makes your whole day spiced up with life. Even better than caffeine!

So after all that, you're wondering how the food is actually useful. Well, this is almost self-explanatory, but you've got to have it all in the Glaring Eye Wrap Article! Glaring Eye Wraps can be used for so many things, not to mention being a Petpet. They can do everything a spyder, warf, buzzer, angelpuss can do... if not more!

Number One - Show em!

So, you're sitting in the family room, really bored, and you spot a Glaring Eye Wrap across the room. What are you going to do, just glare back or are you going to show that Eye Wrap what you're made of?! Walk over to the wrap. Pick it up, and slam it against the wall. Doing this is really good for relieving stress and pressure. SLAM IT! SLAM IT! Now, the next step, if you are getting really into it, is shake the wrap, for this makes the eyeball real dizzy from going back and forth side to side. Don't be afraid when beating up the poor little wrap to give it your all, for the actual wrap keeps it all together.

Number Two - Let's ROLL!

So you really want to win that snazzy avatar from the cheese roller, right? Well, what could be better than sneaking in a Glaring Eye Wrap instead? When you've got it past the Cheese Store, all you do is give the Glaring Eye Wrap a head start and let it roll as it jolts up rocks, logs, everything. Nothing will stop this Eye Wrap from rolling. Just make sure you weren't planning on eating that wrap, for it's long gone by now!

Number Three - Turmie FOOD

Trust me, if you want to wake the Turmaculus, it's much cheaper risking a Glaring Eye Wrap than a Kadoatie. Set the Eye Wrap up in front of the Turmaculus carefully so it doesn't roll away like we talked about. Then step back and let that Wrap do its Glaring. The Turmaculus is bound to wake up soon!

Number Four - Going Fishing?

Go Big, or don't go at all! If you really want catch something big (Giant Squid, perhaps), then the best bait is a Glaring Eye Wrap, of course! NO fish can resist; its special scent that only emerges underwater attracts everything. It also increases your pet's fishing level. Now be careful, though, because many jealous fishers may attack in jealousy so... stand on guard. You can always just take your Glaring Eye Wrap to glare at them till they go away...

Number Five - ZZZzzzz...

Sleepy? No need to worry about the Pant Devil stealing your pants in the middle of the night anymore! With your Glaring Eye Wrap on guard, the only reason the Pant Devil would come would be to be taunted by the Glaring Eye Wrap! If not taunted, the Pant Devil will be glared away. The Glaring Eye Wrap never takes a break; it's on guard all the time!

Number Six - Fiddlesticks!!

If you're going to enter the deserted tomb, enter prepared! I mean, it's deserted... how creepy! Well, take your Eye Wrap with you as you open the tomb door. If arrows get shot at you, duck and throw your eye wrap at the wall. The arrow will hit it and like a shield bounce off. If a Ghost Hissi comes flying at you, unravel your wrap, taking the Touch Of Life right out of it and throwing it at the ghost. This way the ghost will became normal again, thanking you and letting you go by. ;)

Number Seven - ATTACK!!

Ready to beat Punchbag Bob, Meuka, a friend, whatever! Either way, get ready to win! With a Glaring Eye Wrap by your side, you'll never lose! Not only is the Glaring Eye Wrap much cheaper than buying Starry Battle Dung, it works just as well too! First confuse the opponent by glaring along with your Eye Wrap. This will make them confused also, not on guard. Then chuck the Eye at the opponent's forehead, grossing them out. The Eye Ball will boomerang right back into its socket on the wrap. (Be sure not to throw the eye without care because it has feeling too...) If you want to get in with details you can always roll your Eye Wrap and they'll run into their feet as a distraction and you can always just then do a jump attack at them and win that way. Whichever works.

Number Eight - Torture

Are your siblings, owner, meepits, or asparagus bothering you... AGAIN? Well, in the middle of the night, sneak your Glaring Eye Wrap into their room, hide out, safe, fridge, lair, whatever and then you're done. By the morning, you'll be amazed by the results. (In case of torturing meepits, be careful as to entering the lair...)

Number Nine - Kad=Happy!

Tired of hearing the Kadoaties whine? Well, hear no more; take the Glaring Eye Wrap into the Kadoatery and shove it into the cage. The Kadoatie will finally stop whining and just stare. It will seem they're happy so you'll get a trophy... although you won't really get the pride of doing a good deed... but the Trophy is shiny...

Number Ten - Yummeh!

Glaring Eye Wraps are really tasty, not to mention when they are covered in chocolate or in Asparagus Syrup. No matter how much you've attached to your Glaring Eye Wrap, sometimes you can't resist just taking a bite. Their healthy ingredients will only help you. Make sure to eat with your mouth closed for the Glaring Eye Wrap knows its manners!

So you've heard me tell you all about Glaring Eye Wraps. What they do, what they are, how they're useful, and how they're healthy. That only means you should go try it out for yourself. A Glaring Eye Wrap makes a good friend and a even better snack! I'm going to stop writing my article now so you can stop reading and go get your hands on a Glaring Eye Wrap. Check the shop wizard or Test Your Strength and hope for the best prize, a Glaring Eye Wrap. Usually they price from 15-40 NP. Thank you for reading my article and GO OUT AND GET YOURSELF A GLARING EYE WRAP!

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