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Itchy Invasion: A Guide for Skeiths

by tamagotchi_kid456


Itchy Invasion is a game that is easy to score big points in once you get the hang of it. You must be a fast clicker to get past levels 5 and 6, although that is not the only skill needed for this game. With this guide you should be able to make between 2.7k and 3k a day on Itchy Invasion. Now let's get to the guide.

You play as Eamann, an Aisha who is tired of his six petpets scratching all day and night. He has purchased a shrinking suit and a slime gun filled with Pest-B-Gone; it is your job to get rid of all those pesky little petpetpets and stop that terrible itching - before it is too late!


Blechy x2 points

Itchi x4 points

Zytch x6 points

Bumbluzz x8 points

Mozito x10 points

The basics

Use your mouse to control the Slime Gun. When you see a petpetpet hiding on your petpet's fur, point the Slime gun at the petpetpet and click. If you miss a petpetpet, the Itch-O-Meter will go up a bit. Keep an eye on your Pest-B-gone ammunition meter and your Itch-O-meter, because if your Pest-B-gone meter is empty then you will lose the game. Also, if your Itch-O-meter becomes full, then you will lose the game too. Unfortunate, I know, but it makes it more of a challenge! Challenge is very good; there is no fun without a challenge.


There are 6 levels in the game. They are:

Level 1 - Noil

Level 2 - Warf

Level 3 - Babaa

Level 4 - Puppyblew

Level 5 - Meowclops

Level 6 - Faellie

Levels 1 and 2 are quite easy, and then 3 and 4 are slightly harder, and 5 and 6 are hard. It took me a while before I could get past level 5. This is where the practicing comes in, though. *pokes third helpful tip*


You can get a maximum of 75 bonus points per level. You get 5 points taken off for every petpetpet you fail to hit with the slime gun. Right, so say I hit all the petpetpets on a level, then I would get 75 bonus points, but if I missed three petpetpets then I would only get 60 bonus points. 75 bonus points per level is a great help, let's see... 75 plus 75, plus 75, plus 75... If you get 75 bonus point on every level, you get a whole 450 points just from bonuses!

Robotic petpetpets

There are two things that can help you in this game. They are called robotic petpetpets. There are two types of robotic petpetpets, green robotic petpetpets and red robotic petpetpets. If you hit a green robotic petpetpet, then your Pest-B-Gone ammunition meter will be filled. If you hit the red robotic petpetpet, then all the petpetpets in the row it is in and the row behind it. (Rows are explained below.)

Helpful tips

Tip 1. Rows

As I have been playing Itchy Invasion, I have noticed that the petpetpets seem to come in groups, or rows. About 2, 3 or 4 will come at a time, then there will be a little break, then some more will come. They come in time with each other, so you will know when the next row is coming.

Tip 2. Green Robotic petpetpets

The green petpetpets will fill up your Pest-B-gone ammunition bar; however, you must know when to use it. If there are words flashing at the top of the screen saying 'Running low on ammo' and a row comes with a green robotic petpetpet and some other petpetpets, then shoot the green robotic petpetpet first, as we don't want you to run out of ammo, and sometimes I expect less ammo to be taken off the bar when I fire the slime gun than is really taken off, so I end up losing the game.

On the other hand, if the green robotic petpetpet comes and there is nothing flashing at the top of the screen, then shoot the normal (but evil) petpetpets first. When you hit the green robotic petpetpet, if gives you full ammo, so if you hit the normal (but evil xD) petpetpets first, and then the green robotic petpetpet, then the ammo will be completely full, since you hit the normal (but evil!!!) petpetpets before. Although if you were to hit the green robotic petpetpet first, the ammo would be filled, but you would then have to hit the normal (but evil =P) petpetpets, making the ammo go down again.

Tip 3. Practice!!!

Practicing is probably the most important part of any game! Spending 20 minutes a day practicing Itchy invasion (more if you are serious about getting the trophy) won't hurt! Practice makes perfect! Go on and practice!

Random things about Itchy invasion

1. Eamann the Aisha got his shrinking suit from a Space Station scientist. I wonder who the scientist was.

2. The Pest-B-Gone is green. Asparagus is green too, and I like asparagus.

3. In the instructions, it doesn't say that if your Itch-O-meter becomes full, you will lose the game. Good thing you came to read my guide!

Right, this is the end of my guide; by now you should know all there is to know about Itchy Invasion. You should come up with your own tricks to help you get a high score and a trophy. I hope this guide has given you a lot of help. If it hasn't, then sorry for that. I did try my best. Now get out there and start playing Itchy Invasion! What are you waiting for? Go and play right now!

NOTE: I am a premium player, so I have beta tested the game before it was released, so I have had time to work out tips and strategies. I have not read any other guides so I do not know of any cheats for Itchy Invasion. Please understand that.

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