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Where ARE They Now?

by stopthespamming


The Lutari. Graceful, smart, cunning, friendly. This species is the top Neopet to have. The lucky owners who were able to get this limited edition pet sometimes decide they don't want their Lutari anymore. So, they put them up for adoption. But, they must've forgotten that the lovely Lutari doesn't actually go into the pound. The question is why. Why are they not in the pound? Have they been neonapped? I, Chief reporter SpamStopper, was on the case at once. This daring Kougra has come up with 10 theories to solve this mystery. Where are they now? YOU decide.

Theory 1- Lutari Island

This yet undiscovered island somewhere near Maraqua could be the original home of the Lutari. Found by Mystery Island explorers, then brought to Neopia, the Lutari might have decided that Lutari Island was really their original home. So, when Neopians tried to put them up for adoption, they merely snuck away to Lutari Island. Being the good swimmers that they are, they could easily swim back to their original home.

While on my quest to find the real answer to this mystery, I came upon a Meridell farmer, sailing to sell his goods at Altador. He gave me a spine-tingling story about seeing the Lutari fleeing to its home.

"I was bringing my goods over to Altador, when I looked into the water. There, I saw several flashes of yellow, blue, green, and red. I watched in awe as one jumped out of the water. I gasped as I saw a Lutari. I watched more and more jump from the water. All Lutaris. They turned right, and I looked at their destination. I saw a small spec that could have been an island in the distance. They must've been swimming to that island."

Obviously, because of this evidence, there must be a Lutari Island, and all Lutaris carelessly abandoned are headed there.

Theory 2- Dr. Sloth

We all know that Dr. Sloth has many powers. But does he have a soft side? I went undercover as a Grundo to find out. My first stop, the Virtupets Space Station. I went to the Grundos Café and talked to the head chef.

"Me master, Dr. Sloth, is good Neopet. He have soft side, though. He have new craze. Called 'Lutari.' Me not know what this is, but is all Dr. Sloth talk about. He has plushie of Lutari. Plays with it day after day. Is cute plushie."

So Dr. Sloth has a Lutari plushie? This can only mean one thing. Dr. Sloth is hypnotizing Neopians to give up their Lutaris. Then, he sends his Grundos to get them before they go into the pound. You say this is not enough evidence? Well, there's more. I talked to Starlight, owner of the Space Armour shop.

"Hi! *giggles* You wanted to know about Dr. Sloth, right? Well, he's a really sweetie once you get to know him! He even has an adorable passion! The Lutari! Imagine that! He loves to hang posters of them all over his office!"

Posters, eh? Then that settles it. Dr. Sloth is at fault for the disappearing Lutaris!

Theory 3- Meepits

Meepits. They have tried to take over the world before, but now they are only concerned about the Lutaris. We all know that they can be cute one minute, and taking over Neopia by storm the next. But what are their current goals? Could it be to get all the Lutaris to try to take over Neopia again?? Or do they just want some new friends? We saw a copy of the Neopian Times in our hands. One of the main stories was of sightings of Meepits and Lutaris talking together.

As you can see, Meepits have tricks up their sleeves that you can only dream about. Obviously, Meepits have taken the Lutaris.

Theory 4- Altadorian Archives

The Archives. Home of about 498,239 books, this library has twists and turns. A wrong turn, and you could easily get lost. Perhaps the Lutari, making its way to the pound, decided to read a book. Mistaking the Altadorian Archives as the Book Shop, an innocent Lutari walks in. As she looks for the perfect book, she gets lost in the 100 rooms of the Archives. I found a young Lutari who got lost in the Archives, but was lucky enough to be found by the Archivist.

Theory 5- Kelp Restaurant

The Kelp restaurant is known for its delectable treats and dishes. But, who could be making this wonderful food? Could it be none other than the Lutaris themselves? I went undercover to find out.

As I came into the kitchen, I found several of the workers to be talking about Lutari Island. Could this be a clue? As I searched farther, I found several posters containing Lutaris on them. So might the Lutaris be cooking up a storm at the Kelp Restaurant?

Theory 6- Dr. Death

We all know him. When we go to adopt a Neopet, he's always there to give us a glare. He's the one who encourages this abandonment of your Neopets. But could he be behind the missing Lutaris? In an interview with a Korbat guard, he describes how the Lutaris were banging against their cages. Dr. Death grumbles and takes the cages out the door. When he saw Dr. Death next, the cages were nowhere in sight.

Where and why does he take them? The world may never know.

Theory 7- The Auction House

The Auction House. Home to several great deals and items, it is known for its great keeper, a friendly Scorchio. But this Scorchio might need some help. A Lutari, looking for a job after he was abandoned, could easily want to work at the Auction House. So could these Lutaris be trying to help out at the Auction House?

Theory 8- Ice Cream Cart

As we all know, there is a cute little shop in Happy Valley called the Ice Cream Cart. But did you know that the owner happens to be a Lutari? Yes, the stunning truth has been revealed that Mr. Chipper is indeed a Lutari. A Lutari could have easily needed the money, so they decided to come and work for Mr. Chipper. When asked if he has any employees, he responded with a stutter, "Uh, I have none." When asked why, he responded, "I've got nothing to hide! I have no Lutaris to work for me!" With that, we were urged away from his cart.

This leaves two questions unanswered. First, why did he stutter after saying that he had none? Why did he assume we wanted to know if he had any Lutaris working for him? For these reasons, it is obvious that Mr. Chipper has something to hide. Could it be the missing Lutaris? The world may never know.

Theory 9- Jhudora

We know of Jhudora's ways to take over Neopia. But could she do this large task alone? Yes indeed, she may need a helper around the cloud to help with this large task. So could the Lutaris, looking for work, see that Jhudora needed help and accept the job offer? When we took a look around the cloud, everything was in place. But when we talked to Jhudora herself, she said "There's no way I did this all by myself!" So she needed help? Lutaris to the rescue!

Theory 10- The Kelp Restaurant

We know of this magnificent restaurant because of its delectable dishes and sweets. But who could be making this fine food? Could it be none other than the Lutari itself? We decided to go undercover in the Kelp Restaurant to find out.

As I began my expedition, I came upon a young Yurble. "The answer is in the jelly," he said with a wink. I looked in the plate of lime jelly and saw a shocking image. The jelly was shaped in some sort of an object. With a little configuring, I discovered that it was in fact a Lutari. As I began to look around, I discovered posters of a Lutari in one of the offices. A coincidence? I think not!

* * * * *

So there you have it. 10 theories of where they are. So could they be with the evil Dr. Sloth? Or could they just be lost in the Altadorian Archives. YOU decide.

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