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Usukis and Why We Love Them

by alice_dominique


USUKILAND - Here's the basic description of Usukis: they're dolls, based on the shape of a pet, who dress up in different costumes and are perfect things to collect. There are new and old, common and rare, but they're all very stylish. The thing is, how come everyone loves them? HOW COME EVERYONE WANTS THEM?

So I've put this article together just to try see why. I'll name a few Usuki dolls, and at the bottom even a few dolls to start off with if you want to try collecting.

Now, I have a list of why they're so majorly unique and wonderful. Here's a short list.

1) Their eyes. I know, I know, we all HAVE eyes, but these ones are perfect. Anyone in Neopia who'd had eyes like those must have had quite a lot of plastic surgery, because the eyes of a Usuki are smack bang in the middle of the face, with a perfect curve. The eye colour is mainly blue, though sometimes it varies when they're Fire Faeries or anything like that.

2) How could I forget? The clothing. The thing that tells them apart from different Usukis. Like the Disco Dancing Usuki, because SHE has mega big boots and very big, star-shaped sunglasses; and who can tell who's who between her and the Cheerleader Usuki because of their clothing. Like a Disco Dancing Usuki is going to be having very large green pompoms and the Cheerleader Usuki is going to be having a big star belt.

3) Their box. I know what you're thinking, "Oh come on, the Usuki Dolls are special because of their BOXES???" But trust me, once your Neopet enters the toy store and sees the nice Usuki untouched in the shiny box, they'll love it. Especially when they turn it round and see the back; cardboard but advertising everything the Usuki can do and its rarity and other dolls that are out now in a store near you.

4) Their accessories. Some come with the dolls, but mainly are in different packages. You know what it's like in the adverts, "Each sold separately," yeah, well, that's what it's like. There are MILLIONS of different packs, like Usuki Perfect Nails Set, or the Island Slorg Usuki Set, or the Usuki Hair Extensions Set... TRUST me, there are millions of them. Getting them all is part of making your life complete. But just looking at them makes your eyes and mouth water, and if you stare at it too long, you get the temptation to pick it up and shriek, "MUMMY! I WANT THIS!" really, really loud in the toy shop, even if Queen Fyora is watching.

Ok, so that's covered. Usukis are unique because of their new special features that your regular Purple Poogle Toy doesn't have. (Mind you, you can take your Purple Poogle Toy anywhere with you, and you can't with a Usuki because you'll ruin it.)

But, don't get me wrong, Usukis HAVE to be playable for everyone, or they won't hit the sales mega big time. But they did, didn't they? So how come boys like them too?

The reason's simple. Look below.

1) There are lots of male Usukis, not just female. Some may make boys a little humiliated, I'll admit, like the Little Brother Usuki, but hey, he's got a cool cap! And any girl would DIE for the Musketeer or Pop star Usuki *swoon*

2) Collecting all the Usukis is a really big, cool achievement, and if a MALE did it, well then, that be even better. You'd have everyone bursting to be your friend forever.

3) Fill in the blanks, and then say this to someone you like a lot or want to be friends with or whatever. (It's best if you're a boy because it's one of the reasons on the BOY list thing.)

"You know, ......., (fill in the name of the pet or owner) I was walking down the street, when someone stopped me. It was this really smart looking Usul dressed in a suit, and she said, "Sorry to bother you, sir, but I just noticed you. I'm working at the Usuki Doll Company Limited, and we send everything to USUKILAND, you know, the shop, and when I saw you I thought you'd be best for our new model. Whaddaya say?" so then I said yes, so I waited for her to draw me, then she said, "that's great, you're a perfect new design for us. I'm calling you the ..... Usuki. Bye!" And that's how it happened, ...... ." (NOTE: if you tell someone this, make sure they haven't read this article. Also, when the Usul's telling you what she's calling you, say either the Pop Star Usuki or the Musketeer Usuki or something new like the Prince Charming Usuki Doll.

Ok, if I keep on doing lists, you'll get bored, so I'll do one more. Ok, here's a list of dolls that SHOULD come out.

1) The Petpet Shop Shopkeeper Usuki. Description: THIS LITTLE USUKI COMES WITH A FEW LITTLE PETPETS. SHE FINISHES OFF YOUR RAINBOW SLORG AND OTHERS COLLECTION, SO WHEN YOU GET THEM ALL YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN SHOP! What? This Usuki would increase sales for the Petpet Shop in Neopia Central, so that the shop wouldn't go bankrupt, and then all the little wickle petpets would stay in a shop, with a roof over their heads and nice food and a nice shelter....

2) Turmaculus Usuki. Description: THIS USUKI SHOULDN'T BE LET NEAR THE PETPET SHOP SHOPKEEPER USUKI AND OTHERS, OR HE WILL EAT THEM! JUST KIDDING. It would be cool, admit it. His eyes would automatically shut, and if you said a spell you had to get from Kayla they would open, and then he would say, "Congrats, you woke me up. I shall stay awake forever," and then he gave you a petpet he'd somehow swallowed, a real one. And, whether his eyes were open or not, his mouth would slightly open. It would be mega!

3) A Poogle Racing Betting Usuki. Description: NOW YOU CAN HAVE LOTS OF RACES! COMES WITH A FEW BETTING TICKETS AND A WHISTLE. Well, how else can you have Poogle Races with your Poogle Plushies? If you didn't have her, no one would bet, then everything will have to shut down, and the Poogle plushies will just be hanging around at the starting line forever....

4) A Prince Charming Usuki. THE PERFECT PRINCE FOR YOUR USUKIS TO LOVE. He'd be a dashing young Usuki, and the Usukis would all line up to marry him, but he'd choose this little Cinderella Usuki from the streets who he met from this masked ball, and they'd marry, and even though the other Usukis were jealous, they were happy and came to the wedding, and all the faeries with powers, like the Earth and Fire and Light Usukis would give them powers and bless their baby Usuki, and then they'd all live happily ever after...

5) A Cinderella Usuki. FROM THE DIRTY STREETS OF NEOPIA CENTRAL, THIS BEAUTIFUL USUKI IS REALLY A SERVANT WHO STOLE THE HEART OF THE PRINCE CHARMING USUKI... What? If she weren't made, who would marry the Prince Charming Usuki? I do have a point here.


Ok, so this is it. If you didn't love Usukis before you read this article, you should now.

Oh, and if you want to collect, here are easy ones to start off with...

Magical Hair Usuki, Fun in the Sun Usuki, Hula Girl Usuki, Maraquan Usuki, Flight Attendant Usuki, Beautiful Bunches Usuki Set, Usuki Pretty Princess Set etc... basically just look around the Auctions of the Trading Post or, even better, USUKILAND!!! YAY!!! And if you want to see a complete list, go to USUKILAND, and look at the Usuki Spoiler List. That gives you all the Usuki things ever to be let out, and how rare they are. That's it then, alice_dominique, signing off. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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