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Petpet Adventures: Petpetnapped - Part Three

by rachelindea


Thon turned away from Faffy and looked around once again. Because he had stopped running he could get a better view of his surroundings. On his left was an old, derelict building and on his right was a footpath with all different shapes and sizes of pets walking along it. Judging by the heat, it was late afternoon.

     "This is a long way from the suburbs," Ellen commented gloomily, echoing his thoughts.

     Thon looked around again and was surprised to see a Warf making its way towards them. He recognised it as one of the petpets from before, in the room. It came to a stop in front of him.

     "Thanks," it said and Thon knew that it was a she.

     "Uh, no problem," he said in answer.

     "My name's Leaury by the way," she said.

     "Aren't you going to introduce us?" asked Jaraval pompously, like he was the only important one out of them all.

     "Oh yeah," said Thon. "Leaury, this is Jaraval, that's Faffy and that's..."

     Thon looked around for Terkan and Ellen and saw them near the old building. Terkan was attacking it like his life depended on it while Ellen was attempting to restrain him. She wasn't doing a great job and Thon noticed a piece of wood directly above Terkan's head, posed to fall.

     "... That's Terkan, the Spardel I mean and the Doglefox is Ellen," he finished.

     Leaury listened politely and smiled. "I noticed that you were looking a little lost," she said. "Can I help you?"

     "Don't you have your own home to go to?" asked Jaraval in a tone that was incredulous.

     "No." Leaury looked down at her feet. "I'm a stray." She sounded ashamed.

     Jaraval backed a way like Leaury was contagious and Thon felt angry with him. "So what if she's a stray?" he said sternly. "It shouldn't matter." He turned back to Leaury. "We're trying to find our way back to the suburbs," he told her.

     Now it was Leaury's turn to be incredulous. "But that's so far away. It would take forever. Unless..."

     "Unless what?" enquired Ellen, magically appearing beside Thon.

     Thon turned and saw Terkan still trying to knock down the building. The piece of wood was teetering on the brink of falling on top of him. He turned back to hear Leaury's answer.

     Leaury looked uneasy. "There is a quick way through the side alleys but it would be too dangerous," she explained.

     "Why is it-" began Thon.

     He was interrupted by a loud crash from the direction of Terkan who was currently being squashed by the piece of wood. As Thon watched Terkan extracted himself from underneath it and began staggering towards them. He smiled and turned back to Leaury.

     "Why is it too dangerous?" he asked.

     "Well because the petpets who live in the alley aren't exactly... friendly," she answered.

     "That don't matter 'cos I'll fight them," said Terkan, who had finally reached them.

     Leaury looked like she doubted that Terkan would be able to do anything of the sort, but she didn't say anything about it. Instead she shook her head. "It would be safer to go the other way," she said.

     Suddenly Jaraval stepped inside their little circle, having finally decided that there was nothing wrong with Leaury. "I'm not worried about some silly little petpets," he said snootily. "They should be more worried about me."

     Leaury sighed deeply. "Ok, I'll take you through the alleys but it's not my fault if you get hurt."

     Faffy suddenly piped up. "What about my fur?" she complained. "Any more travel will wear it out even m-"

     "Faffy, shut up," snapped Thon. That was the third time today, he thought, counting in his head.

     Leaury looked a little freaked out, but she just turned around and began leading them towards a dark alleyway. "Ok, you have to be quiet down here," she whispered to them and that was the last time any of them spoke for a few hours.

     * * *

     At dusk Leaury told them to stop. Thon was glad to rest. One more step with Faffy breathing down his neck would have driven him mad. Ever since the sun had begun to set she had come up with an endless list of complaints directed at Thon. It wasn't his fault that all of this had happened. He had said 'Faffy, shut up' three more times and knew he would have to say it again when Faffy started to open her mouth.

     "Faffy-" he began.

     "I'm only asking what's for dinner," she cut in before he could finish.

     Thon looked at Leaury who smiled. She jumped on top of a large dustbin and tipped it over. Out of it spilled various bits of food, and other stuff, which Thon didn't really want to know about. Leaury collected most of the food into a pile.

     "Dig in," she said.

     Faffy looked too shocked to speak and instead just stood where she was, opening and closing her mouth soundlessly. Jaraval didn't exactly look pleased either, but he was obviously very hungry because he began picking at a piece of bread. Terkan went over and picked up something white.

     "This is good," he said. "What is it?"

     Leaury scrutinized the piece of food. "I think that's an omelette," she said.

     "It's better than the stuff at home."

     Suddenly Thon felt his neck prickle like they were being watched. He turned around and saw a flash of movement. Suddenly a Sklyde stepped into view.

     "Well, well, well. If it isn't some poor, lost petpets, and all alone as well," he said in a dangerous voice.

     Terkan looked up and answered. "Well, what if it is?" he asked, ready for a fight.

     The Sklyde's brow furrowed. He had clearly expected all of them to be scared. Leaury sure was, Thon noted as he looked over at her. She had pressed herself up against the wall. He stepped forwards and addressed the Sklyde.

     "What do you want?" he asked.

     The Sklyde smirked. "Why, I want you to leave, of course. This is, after all my alley."

     "It is not," growled Ellen, abandoning her meal. "It doesn't belong to anyone. So you can't tell us what to do."

     Thon had forgotten how fiery her temper was when aroused. He watched the Sklyde, who was now looking very annoyed.

     "If that's what you think then why don't I get my boys to show you otherwise," he hissed. "Boys!"

     From all around them came the sound of shuffling steps. Soon they were surrounded by an assortment of petpets, none of which looked very friendly.

     "Well, have you changed your minds or will we have to chase you away," said the Sklyde, clearly enjoying himself.

     When none of them moved he waved a paw and the circle of petpets began closing in. Thon looked over at Leaury and realizing how frightened she looked he began running towards her. It was their fault that she was here in the first place. He was cut off as a Bartamus tried to kick him in the face. He missed and his paw bounced harmlessly of one of Thon's tusks.

     Thon was glad of his tusks, which had stopped the Bartamus from touching him. He head butted it in the stomach, causing it to reel away. He passed Ellen, who was holding her own very well, and Jaraval, who seemed to be trying to protect Faffy. As for Faffy, she was huddled into a white, fluffy ball of fur.

     Leaury was surrounded by two Spyders and the Sklyde, who was watching her terror with what Thon realised was satisfaction. Thon charged forward and attempted to dig a tusk in the Sklyde's back, but was surprised when it had no effect whatsoever. The Sklyde turned to him, hissing angrily.

     Thon ducked as the Sklyde's tail came whooshing through the air above his head. The Sklyde advanced slowly, but Thon didn't back away.

     "You've got brave friends," growled the Sklyde mockingly, pointing over to Terkan.

     Thon looked and was surprised to see Terkan whimpering with fear as a Grobrin approached him, smiling. Thon had always thought that Terkan was strong and brave but seeing him a wreck was a shock. He was interrupted as the Sklyde, who had taken advantage of the distraction, leapt at him with his sharpened claws outstretched.

     Thon ducked under him and the Sklyde fell to the ground with a crash. Thon hooked both his tusks underneath the Sklyde's body and flung him away with all the strength he could muster, which happened to be a lot. The Sklyde flew through the air, rather ungracefully, and landed more than two metres away.

     He stood up and glared at Thon before calling to his companions. Then they all disappeared into the darkness of the alley and were gone. Thon looked around and saw that everyone was all right except for Ellen, who was lying still on the ground with her eyes screwed up in pain. Thon rushed over to her and saw that one of her legs was bent at an odd angle. Leaury came and stood next to him.

     "That's bad," she commented, pointing to Ellen.

     "What is it," asked Thon. "What's wrong with her?"

     Leaury looked at him sadly. "I think she has broken her leg."

To be continued...

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