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The Neverending Consequences of Abilities

by animalw180


The red Xweetok looked around. So far the coast was clear. Her eyes shifted from left to right. Then she silently ran to the room. She quickly closed the door behind her and sighed from relief. She was safe. She was going to make it. Just then the door opened and a furious human girl with brown hair and blonde highlights stepped in. She screamed and hid under the bed. She'd never reach her under there.

     "Lisa! What have I told about doing that! I warned you but now you have gone too far!" Lisa trembled as she stepped out of her hiding place. She had never seen Ani this mad, but then again she had no reason not to be.

     "I told you I wanted to try out my new ability. You could have let me! Then none of this would have happened."

     "If I would have let you this probably would have happened anyway!"

     Lisa gave her saddest most desperate look to her owner. Animalw180 always gave in to her puppyblew pout, but she didn't today.

     "Lisa, you're grounded for three months!"

     "Three months! But it was an accident!"

     "You want to make it a year?"

     "Three months it is."

     Ani turned and stormed out of her room. She had a lot of work to do if she was going to clean up all the trouble Lisa had caused.

     Lisa sighed and lay down on her bed. She still couldn't believe it all happened. She wished she could rewind time and stop it from happening. If only that was an ability. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted her diary on the mess that was her desk. This story would probably fill her whole diary. It might take a month for her to write it all down. She grabbed her diary and pen and started to write.

     Dear Diary,

     The worst thing happened. I've been grounded for three months! I was lucky it wasn't any longer. I guess my puppyblew pout did work a little bit. Well it all started this morning...


     Lisa looked around the marketplace. This was the first time Ani was late to meet them. She looked up at the afternoon sky. Where could she be? Suddenly Ani ran by and grabbed her paw. Before she knew it she was being dragged behind while Ani ran toward home.

     "Wha-Ow! Ani, slow down!" Ani realized what she was doing and let her go. Lisa sat up and tried to shake the dust out of her beautiful red fur but it didn't help much.

     "Ani! I just had my fur done!"

     "Well, I was trying to get away from there before they realized it."

     "Who realized what?" It turned out Ani had just been in Tyrannia when someone was selling a bottled fire faerie for only 2,000 Neopoints and Ani wanted to leave before the shopkeeper realized what a bad deal they had made. Then she had been late for her flight back which was why she was late. She reached into her bag and brought out the imprisoned fire faerie. Lisa excitedly pulled out the cork and the fire faerie flew out of the bottle.

     "I grant your pet the ability 'Fiery Gaze'." A red glow flowed out of her hand and surrounded Lisa. After that the now free fire faerie flew away. Lisa smiled happily when the red glow dispersed.

     "I've always wanted this ability!" she exclaimed happily.

     "Fiery Gaze?" Ani asked.

     "It lets me hypnotize people weaker-minded than me." Hmm, maybe this is a good chance to try it out, she thought. She turned to Ani and activated the ability. Her eyes glowed bright reddish-orange color and she stared into Ani's eyes.

     "Lisa," she droned.

     Yes, it was working, she thought happily. She loved having this ability. "Yes, Ani?" she said triumphantly. What was she going to say? What are your orders? What do you request?

     "You better not be trying to do what I think you are." She glared down angrily at her. Lisa flinched. Ani had a fiery gaze of her own.

     "Sorry, Ani. I just wanted to try it out."

     "Well, you chose a bad test subject. I don't want you to go around hypnotizing innocent Neopets. The only time you're able to use that ability is in the Battledome or in case of emergency."

     "What!?! But Ani, can't I at least try it once?"

     Ani thought a moment. "Maybe on your puppyblew but that's it." Ani looked at her wrist watch. "Oh I need to go see about the Snowager. Then I'll come back and we can go through the Lost Tomb."

     Lisa nodded and Ani ran toward the Uni Express. Her sister Eniteria the Uni was still too small for them to ride. Lisa grumpily headed for home. She didn't want to test her new ability on her petpet. She wanted to test it on someone else. She sighed and walked into her Neohome.

     "ENITERIA! HAVE YOU SEEN LENA!?!" she yelled through the Neohome. Eniteria walked out of the next room.

     "Do you have to yell? Lena's gone, remember. She'll be back tomorrow."

     "Aww man. I got a new ability and Ani said that I can only test it on Lena."

     "Really, what ability did you get?" Eniteria asked.

      Then an idea popped into her head. She knew it was bad, but still, she wanted to try it so badly. She smiled wickedly.

     "This one," she said and activated the ability. Her eyes glowed the reddish-orange color and she stared into Eniteria's blue eyes. Soon hers started to glow red too and she just stood there. She smiled triumphantly. She did it. She really did it. Hmm, what should she tell her to do? She looked around. No reason. Just to think about what she should do next. Then she spotted the grocery list on the fridge. Aww, man, they were out of jelly beans. She loved jelly beans. Who wouldn't love those little flavored candies? Hey, that's it!

     "Eniteria, you are to go to the store and buy some jelly beans."

     Her blank, hypnotized face nodded. She grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

     Lisa grinned. She loved this ability. She went to the fridge to get a glass of apple juice but they were out so she settled for some milk. She sat in a bean bag chair in the living room where she could watch from the window. Hey, if she was lucky maybe she could get out of her chores with this. Life was good.


     Eniteria walked through the crowd in the bazaar. Only one thought ran through her mind. Get the jelly beans. Get the jelly beans. She walked into the chocolate factory. It's amazing how jelly beans are sold at the chocolate factory when they're not chocolate. I mean why... oops, I got sidetracked again. Back to what happened. Eniteria walked up to the shopkeeper.

     "Hi there. How can I-"

     "Must buy jelly beans."

     "Uh, ok," he said, confused. He went to the shelf and got a pack of assorted jelly beans. That Uni was lucky that the red Xweetok didn't come in here today. He handed her the jelly beans.

     "That'll be-" The blue Uni just handed him her purse and walked out as if in a daze. He opened the purse and stared open mouthed. This tip was a little too large. He didn't know what was wrong with that Uni but he wasn't going to accept this. He ran out his shop. Well, bounced or whatever Kikos do. He saw the Uni walking as if in the same daze as she had been in the shop. He went through the crowd the best he could, but it was especially thick today. He kept on bumping into Neopets, which caused them to stumble. He accidently bumped into a shadow Wocky who stumbled into a Darigan Lupe who tripped but saved himself by flying.

     Then a voice from nowhere boomed, "Something has happened! Boochi fires his ray gun at you."

     Boochi fired the gun at the Lupe and he fell toward the ground, crying. A striped Kau noticed this and tried to catch the infant, but bumped into a fire Kyrii and the infant fell on Kauvara, who dropped a potion that turned a passing Kacheek into a mutant. A little Gelert saw the Kacheek and ran away screaming only to run into a red Ixi. The annoying but sometimes welcomed voice from nowhere boomed again.

     "Something has happened! Dr. Sloth fires his ray gun at you and turns your Faerie Paint Brush into a pile of soot."

     But when Dr. Sloth fired his ray gun it missed her paint brush and hit the Rainbow Pool! A huge pile of soot lay in the middle of Neopia and everyone started to panic and scream. When Lisa saw this, she ran out of her Neohome to try and stop all the chaos, but bumped into Dr. Sloth, who was standing there amazed. He was astounded for two reasons. One, he couldn't believe that he, the great Dr. Sloth, had actually missed. Two, why hadn't he thought of hitting the Rainbow Pool with his gun? When Lisa bumped into Sloth, his ray fired again toward Boochi, who was about to fire at the mutant Kacheek, who was eager to turn cute again. But Sloth's ray hit Boochi's and then it exploded. Oh, not the ray. It got turned into a pile of soot, but Boochi was really mad. That baby Bruce can hit a really good punch. His furious punches destroyed Sloth's ray gun and now they had two very mad random events. While they were both fighting Lisa was trying to get through the crowd to Eniteria. She had to stop this and bumped into none other than the chocolate factory Kiko. Eniteria's purse flew out of his hands and hit Eniteria on the head. Just then Ani got off the Uni she was riding and gaped at the bazaar. The crowds had all cleared now, including all the shopkeepers. Nobody wanted to take the blame for what happened. Ani stared open-mouthed at the large pile of soot that stood at the Rainbow Pool's place, the fighting Boochi and Sloth (It turned out Boochi was winning), the crying baby Lupe and the also crying mutant Kacheek. And among the crowds she saw the scared and guilty Lisa standing a few feet away from the confused Eniteria. The hit on her head had broken the spell she had put on her.

     "WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!" she screamed. She looked at Lisa who was obviously the culprit. The guilt on her face was obvious.

     "Uh-uh-well-uh." She sighed. "I guess there's only one thing I can do now." Then she turned and ran.


     And that's what happened. I definitely learned my lesson today. Greed comes in many ways. It turns you evil and causes you to do things you wouldn't do in a lifetime. And I certainly don't want to turn evil again. That and some deals are too good to be true.

     Lisa finally stopped writing. Her paw was cramping from writing all day. There was a knock on her door and a very tired looking Ani stepped in.

     "Well, it took a few dozen people, but Sloth and Boochi are finally restrained. The Rainbow Pool is the Rainbow Pool again, don't ask how. And the Kacheek is... well, still a mutant but she'll return to normal sometime."

     "Ani. I'm really sorry for what happened. I didn't mean for all that to happen. Is three months really the best punishment?" Ani sighed and sat down in a chair. She needed to rest.

     "Lisa, I know you didn't mean for all that to happen. But if I remember correctly, I told you not to do it in the first place. If you had listened to me, all that stuff would not have happened."

     "But all I did is ask for Eniteria to buy some jelly beans. I didn't ask her to destroy the Bazaar."

     "Well, you have to learn that there are consequences with your actions. Sometimes you need to think ahead before you act."

     "You've never done that in your life."

     "True, but I can still sense a bad idea. I think it's because of personal experience." Lisa groaned and flopped down on her bed. Ani smiled.

     "Well, don't lie down on the job. Being grounded entitles you to extra chores and that includes the dishes." Lisa groaned and headed toward the kitchen. Time for her to start the neverending chores.

The End

Author's Note and Disclaimer: The Rainbow Pool didn't turn into soot. I mean, come on, it's impossible. Hehe. What a laugh, the Rainbow Pool being a pile of soot. I mean, it's not like this is a story that actually happened to a pet. Hehe. *shifty eyes* Sloth and Boochi wound up hospitalized from the fight but they made it out eventually. And they both got new ray guns so they are still as evil as ever. The poor Kacheek is still a mutant. But don't worry. She's saving up for a paint brush and is hoping that Boochi will try and fire his gun at her again. As for Lisa, she somehow made it through the grounding without going crazy. I'm impressed. As for the bad experience I... I mean Ani... yeah, Ani, certainly not me. Hehe. As for the bad experience she was talking about, well, wouldn't you like to know.

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