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A Truly Memorable Article

by shadowcristal


DEEP CATACOMBS – You must’ve at least heard of the NT and read it, or you wouldn’t be here, now would you? In each issue of the NT, there is stuff that is interesting, funny and all that other heaps of adjectives we can use to describe it. But a title might jump out at you and you’ll click on it, and read the whole piece. Now, why did you do that?

Of course, I do realize there are people who read about everything in the NT. Sorry to say, but a big group of Neopians don’t read everything that is in the NT. They’ll read items written by their friends, and maybe some that spurs their interest. But why that specific piece?

The age-old thing – Reading because of the username. The person might be the author’s friend or the author might have used some methods to persuade the person to read his or her work. I know for a fact that I bug all my closest friends who play Neopets to read my stuff in the NT when I have time. Maybe somebody is a big fan of a certain author and reads all of his or her works.

Now, if you really think of it, the first time you picked up the Times I’m sure you didn’t look for specific usernames, but for interesting things. Maybe you had a friend who told you (repeatedly) to read the Neopian Times.

Different people enjoy reading different things. Some Neopians love to read guides, some love to do a quiz and others like nice arguments. Others like crazy articles, yet groups of Neopians may like funny articles. No matter what you read, there is bound to be something stuck in your mind, that’s one thing for sure.

Let’s take a look at all the possible categories of articles and see which ones appeal to readers the most.

List Articles

The real long lists with 100 reasons why good old Slothy is better than Hannah or why we all love Snowflake. (We do, but that’s a whole another story.) You might like number 48 best or something like that. They are mostly not serious and hilarious to read. It’s a very good past-time entertainment for the bored reader.

List articles are real fun, you know. However, they really don’t stick to mind as there comes new ones each issue. If you’re a big fan of certain Neopian characters, then maybe one will stick to mind. A quickly gone item, since they’re all alike.

If you do want someone to remember your article with all the lists, add a twist. Maybe there should be a 100.5 reason why potatoes are the best. Odd humor and various other things might make it more memorable.

Expressing Your Point of View/Argument/Debate Articles

In this category there are articles that express the author’s point of view. They try to influence the reader by giving solid reasons and other various facts to get the audience thinking. For example, there was someone writing about galleries and why they weren’t good. These authors write to get the reader thinking in a certain way and hope to win them over.

Such articles are quite fun to read, since you can discover the subtle little points and the big things. Some people may think it’s boring to read, and would prefer the list ones that are funnier. Well, this category is at least serious. Not necessarily always serious, just look at my first article which falls into this category but still has some funny things in it.

These articles usually tend to be long, so they can get automatically classified as boring. But if you happen to stumble upon one, read it. As for the writers, make it interesting. I once saw an article about the Average Neopian (that was a really long time ago) and it is still in my mind. It had nice pie charts and things like that. So they aren’t impossible to let someone remember, but it’s somewhat hard with all the seriousness.

The Typical Guide Articles

Well, well… Here we have an old classic! Tips about Neopets and helping players out! Once a while the topic will be revived in the NT, and new players who have stumbled upon the Times by chance can read those. You know, the in-depth guide to Math’s Nightmare, the general guide to Meerca Chase or a helpful article on how to make NP. Simply, this is the experienced players sharing their experiences to help newer players and others who want to excel in that specific area.

These are my favorite type of articles, since they’re very interesting to read. Some stuff may be things that you’ll never to, like running a guild or buying and selling in the Trading Post. Other things may be quite common topics, such as making NP by restocks or games or similar. Some people may find the educating part of the articles incredibly boring, since the whole thing is serious.

This is the kind of article that the newbie player will remember long after they have joined Neopets. They’ll probably remember the helpful stuff that they’ve got from a certainly article or two. More experienced players may be reading these for fun. But if it’s interesting and refreshing, the article may be the most memorable one that will affect a new player. And don’t forget, they’re incredibly helpful to newbies who may get an interest in that specific area. A well-done guide article should entice the reader to play the game or do that thing, even if the reader has never done it before.

Other Kinds of Articles

Obviously there are lots of other kinds of articles. The three up there were probably the main ones. Sometimes, there are quizzes that appear, but they aren’t especially memorable though quite fun to do. There are other crazy articles that may stick into your head after reading them. Maybe one about the history of Mystery Island, where you live?

Oh! I almost forgot the plot-like articles where the author will express their conspiracy theory by collecting and presenting a number of selected facts. These kind of articles are for more experienced players, who may remember them.

Totally crazy articles that no normal person would read do stick. I remember this article about Cherry and Oak Wishsticks that I read, and later I found out who wrote it. These kind of articles are funny and amusing, and they might be remembered.

Of course, there are many other kinds of articles. Want me to tell more? Nah. You’ll have to find out for yourself! It’s good for your brain anyway.

That was pretty much it about different categories of articles. But there are two things that are important about the article for the reader. One is the appeal of the article. The other is the truly memorable part, which is what the title is about.

Appeal – The article has to be interesting in order to tempt the reader to actually click on the link and read the whole thing. It may depend on the picture or the paragraph description that follows on the right side with all the quick links. The only thing the author has control over is the title, and with that he or she should make it as fascinating as possible. List articles and quizzes are really good at being appealing since they are always fun and easy to read and do. Longer, more serious articles and conspiracy theories may be harder to get readers to actually read. But that’s not all!

Truly Memorable – Some articles you read and forget. Others keep sticking to your mind. That’s what a truly memorable article is. Game guides, various crazy but somewhat serious articles and other stuff may stick there. Some are really inspiring, and others may just be plain crazy. But in a way, they all affect you and make you remember them in a way. This is not about getting the most answers, but to make the reader think and remember months later after reading the article.

Do you understand the difference? An appealing article is right here, right now, and a truly memorable one will be a long-term thing. Make it truly memorable. The username doesn’t matter, but the true meaning of the article does.

Be Remembered.

Author’s Note: The author is not responsible for any mental damages to the reader. The reader has read this piece on his or her own risk. The author wrote this at 11 PM in her own time zone, so she was very tired and there are probably typos. Hey, nothing is ever really perfect... Any questions, comments or concerns? The reader is welcome to Neomail the author. Thanks for reading!

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