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Esophagor - Is He Making Some Species Extinct?

by _icypanther_


HAUNTED WOODS - We've all been to the Esophagor at least once in our lifetime and we adore some of the prizes he likes to give us. Considering he's a talking rock giving anything is quite the achievement. But have we ever considered that what we're giving him could indeed be wiping out entire populations of Petpets and Neopets around Neopia? I bet you never thought of that before, huh? To make you more aware of the struggle and fear some of our beloved Neopets and Petpets go though read down through the list of Spooky Food items the Esophagor requests and that you only too happily get for him.

1. Blumaroo Steak

What goes bounce... bounce... whirr... splat?

This problem came to my attention back during the Altador Cup when I got quite a number of Blumaroo Steaks dished out to me for supporting Roo Island. But let's look at it for the topic of this article. A Blumaroo steak? Obviously it's not like the Lime Jelly Blumaroo or any of the Blumaroo Cones our pets love. Because it is actual Blumaroo! However, only blue Blumaroos seem to be endangered so if you have one I suggest keeping a close eye trained on Blumy.

2. Elephante Trunk Stew

This stew has a nice thick broth and a whole Elephante trunk to make it extra hearty!

Now, I don't know about you, but I love my Elephante, Star! If anything happened to her... but some other poor Elephante wasn't as lucky as mine and he wound up in a stew pot.

3. Roasted Spyder on a Stick

Crunchy legs with a soft center. Yum!

Here's a Petpet that's slowly working its way to extinction. Yum? I think only the Esophagor would say that but I could be wrong. But just imagine... your favorite Neopet has an adorable Spyder attached to it. One morning, you wake up and the Spyder is... gone! You search all over for it but never find it... and then to make it up to your pet you go out and buy it an overly cute Faellie! Poor, poor Spyder...

4. Sun Dried Techo Claw

Frustrated at Techo Says? Wipe the smile off his face with this delicious Techo forearm.

I don't know if anyone has realized yet, but Techo Says is in the Game Graveyard and not many Neopians play anymore. But yet the hunting of Techos still goes on! For what? It's not like we're as frustrated with him as much anymore.

5. Grundo Stix

I don't think the Grundo who became this meal did it willingly...

I am in complete agreement! What kind of Grundo stands there and lets his antenna like pointy stick things on his head become a meal for some greedy Esophagor? Or any pet that happens to like them? We know Grundos aren't the most loved of Neopets, but eating them?

6. Large Grundo Toe With Lint Side Order

A large meal to fill your young ones. Toe lint now available as an extra bonus.

-gags- I would never, ever, feed this to any of my pets; young or old. For one, do you know what kinds of things that lint might be made of? And a large Grundo toe? Does that mean they just ignore the other four toes? If you have a Grundo I suggest checking his feet right now to make sure all toes are accounted for!

7. Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza

A Blumaroo here, a Blumaroo there, with just a touch of olive to round out a gourmet meal to drool over.

First the steak and now this? I guess it makes sense not to let the tails go to waste after you've finished eating the Blumaroo Steak but still...

8. Snorkle Snout


Snorkles are probably one of the most endangered Petpets in Neopia. Besides feeding the snout of it to the Esophagor for a chance to win something good, it also gets you an avatar! -watches as people run to buy one and ignore the article's purpose- Hundreds of Neopians a day are saving up their Neopoints to purchase one so they can get another avatar to add to their collection. Now, I'm all for avatars. But don't you think we could do without this one?

9. Wing of Korbat

A bit too leathery for most tastes...

I'm going to make a wild guess here and say that it's most likely too leathery for all tastes except the Esophagor... But I could be wrong.

10. Eye of Mortog Soup

Ewww... someone must have raided Edna's supply cupboard for this foul recipe.

Or some evil person decided they wanted to try and get a rarer item than the Mortog they owned (or because they were insanely sick of Kiss a Mortog) and they used the Mortog for their own... purposes. I know we all get upset when the Mortogs keep splattering on us and when we get the Random Event of 'Raining Mortogs' instead of Jacko visiting us but you must remember that Mortogs have feelings just like me and you.

And the list goes on and on and on and on and... Okay, before I turn into the Captain of the Cyodrake's Gaze, I'll stop there. But I do ask you all to remember and realize what you're feeding the Esophagor at times. I know it may seem harmless but after reading this article I hope you notice the potential danger. If the Esophagor ever asks for an item like that again, I hope you run screaming in the opposite direction!

Thank you all very much for reading and hopefully learning something about the things going on underfoot us.

And for those of you curious, here are the other items you should be on the lookout for if the Esophagor asks for them:

Raspberry Ghostkerchief Jelly, Korbat Wing Soup, Spicy Meowclops Whiskers, Brains a la Tree (I can't believe the Esophagor would ask for an item that his counterpart needs to live!), Skeith Juice Cocktail, Meerca Pie, Quiggle Pie, Octornapie, Chocolate Korbat Ice Lolly, and Snorkle Pudding.

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