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The Lost City of Geraptiku

by andre_1993


"Let me go!"

     Kana, a green Shoyru struggled to get free out of a pirate's hand. "Hush, ye bilge rat!" the pirate said through his clenched teeth. He thrust her forward, while still holding a firm grasp on her arm. "She be the only one left on that island cap'n sir."

     A red Jetsam grinned, showing all of his sharp teeth. "Leave her in the gallows till mornin'!" he ordered.

     "Aye, aye sir!" The Blumaroo nudged his way through the crew to a wooden door. With a great force, he pushed the door open with his foot, and entered the dark cabin. The only light in the room, was a lantern on a wooden box between two cells. The pirate flung the first one open, and pushed her inside. "Stay there!" he bellowed, as he locked the cell firmly.

     Kana looked up and calmly said, "What do you want with the Lost City of Geraptiku?"

     Hearing this, the pirate whirled toward her and said, "There matey, be a treasure."

     Kana's eyes grew wide with surprise, and she whispered, "A treasure?" The pirate nodded his head, and turned to leave, until Kana cried out, "That isn't true!" Once again, he came towards her. Once in a close distance, Kana continued, "I' ve been living next to it for years, and I have never seen anything! And if there is really a treasure, why aren't there any stories about it or anything? Huh?!"

     The Blumaroo first smiled slyly and said, "All of ye mateys are afraid to go in that city." Kana stopped. It was true! There were stories that if you ventured in, you would never live to tell the tale. Seeing the surprise on Kana's face, he smirked and left the room, closing the door with a BANG!

     As the Shoyru paced back and forth in the cell, a loose board hit her firmly on the head. Thinking that it was another pirate, she flung the board, making a splitting and cracking noise. Curiously, she looked behind her, and saw the salty water of the ocean swishing back and forth. Grinning, she pulled the rest of the boards out and splashed into the water. Even though she desperately wanted to fly out of there, she knew that she couldn't. The Pteri, who was in the top balcony, would see her. Kana wasn't one to like politics, but having the treasure on Mystery Island, would be rightfully the villager's treasure right? It was for the people who inhabited the island, not the pirates!

     With her fury, Kana swam toward the shore with the most jungles and trees. She would use these to conceal herself. Once there, she was clueless on what to do. After all, she couldn't just barge in, and demand that they stop what they were doing. That was simply not the pirate way! Kana suddenly came to a clearing where a big cauldron stood, that a tall woman was stirring. Her brown curly hair protruded out in all directions. At once Kana knew who she was... Jhuidah! Kana raced towards her, and the island faerie noticed her. She smiled and once Kana was right in front of the boiling pot, Jhuidah asked, "Welcome. What do you need?"

     "A weapon," Kana answered. "Something light to carry."

     At once, it seemed that the Island Faerie knew what she wanted it for. She nodded her head solemnly and put a few items into the pot. POOF! Jhuidah took out a slingshot with an infinite pack of marbles. She smiled and said, "I can tell that you're skilled at shooting, and will use them for a good cause to help the people of this island." The Shoyru nodded, and said thank you as she left the clearing. How did she know I was good at shooting? Kana wondered as she fixed the pack onto her waist and sipped the slingshot into a pouch.

     Nervously, Kana beat her wings, and lifted into the sky. She only went up to the treetops, so that the large leaves would conceal her image. Kana surveyed the area, until she spotted the captain and his crew going toward the city. Startled, Kana flew as fast as she could go toward them, dodging trees as she went. Once she caught the glimpse of a red and white shirt, she stopped. Noticing a Shoyru that looked like her, but had a pirate outfit on, she put a marble into the band, and pulled it back. Heart pounding, she aimed steadily, and then let the marble fly, knocking the Shoyru out. Hoping that she hadn't hurt the Shoyru too badly, Kana dragged him into the jungle, and changed into the Shoyru's clothes. Making sure that the belt that held the slingshot and the infinite pack of marbles bag was hidden under the shirt, she ran to catch up with the crew. She slowly began to follow them, but dragged behind as she mumbled things under her breath in a low voice, practicing her disguise voice. Suddenly the pirates stopped, and so Kana bumped into the same Blumaroo who put her in the cell. "Watch where yer goin'!" he bellowed.

     "Oh, um sor-" Kana urgently remembered her tone. "Uhh... I mean sorry sir," she said again. The Blumaroo grunted and turned around. Kana relaxed, and flew up a bit to see what was going on. Luckily, the pirates didn't really care. Up near the entrance to the city, the captain was making a speech.

     "This is it mateys!" the captain shouted. "This is where we'll finally make our FORTUNE!" he spoke as if the word "fortune" as if it was the most important thing in the world. In a flash, Kana whizzed past the pirates and charged into the captain. with full speed, knocking him down.

"Sorry!" Kana cried out, as she tried to knock out as many pirates as she could, saying sorry as she hit each of them. The captain flung up and ran toward Kana, but she quickly dodged. Then there was a low grumble, and the ground began to shake. Kana looked toward the city. Three heads had risen from the ground, and the middle one blew out hot fire. As Kana waited for the end to come, it never happened. Unfortunately for the crew and the captain though, they were hopping and running toward the sea to cool down. Then they glumly went back toward their ship, the green Shoyru that Kana had knocked out earlier went with them. When Kana turned around again, the heads were gone.

     Suddenly, the people who inhabited the island, peered out from the jungles and trees and rushed toward Kana thanking her and throwing her up in the air. Suddenly, something caught her eye... the treasure map! Kana swooped down on it as she was in the air and took a look at it. Then she began to dig. Puzzled, the villagers helped too, and together they uncovered a treasure chest. They split the riches evenly and even gave some to the Money Tree. With their lives, contented and happy, Kana and the villagers lived happily ever after on their home forevermore, on the island known as, Mystery Island. The three totem heads protected them from intruders and so they never were disturbed again.

The End

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