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What is a Marrow And What Do I Do With It?

by dansgeorgie


In the fertile farmland of Meridell grows a plant so lusciously large and delightfully delicious, it has become renowned throughout all Neopia. The marrow has become so popular there is even a game held daily to guess the weight of the largest of the crop. Many a pet can be fed from the fruit of a single Marrow vine, but what exactly is a Marrow? And what are you supposed to do with it once you get it home?

A member of the Zucchini family, the marrow has the distinction of being the only variety able to grow in all Neopia. Yes, that's right, the Marrow is a vegetable! Yet despite that fact that it is not a cake or candy, its popularity has never diminished, perhaps because of the wide variety of ways it can be prepared.

The lovely large marrow can be sliced, diced, chopped, blended, pureed, mashed, peeled, and pressed. It can even be julienned! The ways it can be cooked are just as numerous. The marrow will hold up under heat while you fry, steam, roast, broast, braise, broil, boil, simmer, saute, flambe, grill or fricassee. However it is prepared, Marrow is the vegetable of choice in Neopia.

Tyrannians enjoy their marrow simmered slowly in a vat of Borovan over an open flame. Often they include chunks of Blumaroo Steak and slivers of Bagguss to thicken the broth. This steamy stew is often served with a side of Rock Sprouts and a hearty loaf of stale bread.

In Neopia Central, marrow can be found in homes and shops alike. While it is never advertised, the Bakery has been known to slip a few loaves of Marrow Bread into its ovens. Be sure to ask for a sample the next time you stop by.

Have you ever wondered what it is about the crust of your favorite slice served by Pizzaroo that makes it so tasty? The secret ingredient used in that crispy crust is none other than marrow! Occasionally you may even find a pizza or two topped with this succulent veggie.

Even the Food Shop is jumping on the marrow bandwagon! The Bangers and Mash platter now features a new side dish of boiled marrow. Slices of marrow are even known to have shown up in the ever popular Egg and Tomato Sandwich. It won't be long before Marrow starts making its appearance in Picnic Hampers too!

When preparing meals at home, pets in Neopia Central have been experimenting with a wide variety of ingredients combined with Marrow. Served recently at one table was a salad of julienned marrow, carrots and cabbage topped with a creamy dressing made with Neggs. From yet another home the air was filled with the sweet scent of diced marrow roasting alongside an Orange-Stuffed Turkey.

Rumor has it that in Faerieland feasts are often held. At these feasts can be found delicate puffs of mashed marrow baked in the ovens of the Earth Faerie. When questioned about it, Fyora denied these rumors, but did state that if it were so, she would enjoy her marrow puff served with a side of assorted sauteed faerie mushrooms.

It was recently reported the Astronomy Club over in Altador held a celebratory banquet in honour of the King. The club members dined on an unusually large number of dishes containing marrow. The topper of them all came with dessert. Marrow smothered in melted Quadruple Fudge Cheese prepared by volunteers from Meridell was served with a Strawberry Blend Slushie, courtesy of the Slushie Shop in Terror Mountain.

When his minions can safely slip unnoticed into Meridell, they are sure to bring marrow back for the enjoyment of Dr. Sloth. However, rumors of candied marrow peel seen stuck in his teeth are unconfirmed.

Although deep-frying is not the healthiest of ways to cook any food, at least The Golden Dubloon remembers that even pirates need to eat their vegetables! Perhaps some day they can be convinced to give steamed or broiled marrow a chance, though it probably won't taste quite the same with a mug of Grog.

Many Neopets have ventured deep into the jungles of Mystery Island in search of the Cooking Pot. Though numerous secret recipes have been uncovered, no one has yet found one for marrow. However, orders for Marrow to be shipped to Mystery Island have been flooding in! They must be doing something with it...

If you visit the exclusive Kelp restaurant in Maraqua, you won't find marrow on the menu. You see, the chef insists each serving be made to order! When interviewing diners as they were leaving the establishment, some mentioned a tasty kebab of shrimp and marrow, while others were raving about their marrow juice cocktails. One departing customer even claims he enjoyed a dish of fricasseed marrow and Titanic Giant Squid.

If you are planning on paying a visit to the Deserted Fairgrounds in the near future be sure to pick up a tasty treat of buttered, air-popped marrow. It has the same crunchy texture as popcorn with more fiber to help keep you moving through that spooky place.

As you can see, marrow is a very versatile veggie. If you enjoy experimenting with your cuisine, marrow is a good place to start. Don't be afraid to try unusual combinations of flavors and cooking methods. You might just stumble upon a new taste sensation!

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