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Are You Afraid of Spending Neopoints?

by lisa_neo66


You're not alone. Many people would prefer to live without that one special (and expensive!) petpet in the shop window. Or just won't complete that treasure map because it would take too many pesky Neopoints. I know some people who would wait days before spending their hard earnings.

And even if you didn't earn it, you'll still hate to see it go. If you stumbled over a smooth 100k, would you: (and be honest!!) A) Spend it until it's all gone! Or B) Are you kidding? In my "savings" for who knows how long! If you answered B, you have acute spending syndrome. If you answered A, you've overcome it or never had the problem. You B's out there, this article is for you.

It isn't actually a fear of spending Neopoints. Everyone loves to do that! It's more a hatred of seeing 14nps in your Diamond Deposit bank account. You want to be a Neopianillionaire, right? Oh, of course you do. Everyone does. But what if everyone on Neopets was to become a millionaire? Neopoints would be completely pointless. No one would need any and no one would want any.

1. The very first step to helping get over your spending fear is admitting it. Believe it or not, it's true. You're reading this article; you must think you are at least somewhat splurging skittish. It's O.K., though. So first, admit it to yourself you have a problem. And what if you hate spending Neopoints because you want the "Rich Feeling"? Consider this: if you saw a person with four faerie pets, would you think they were more or less rich than the actual millionaire, hiding away their money in the bank? And how did the Faerie Pet owner get those paintbrushes? Exactly.

2. Second, understand this. The only way you can truly be free with your wallet is by mentally figuring out that it's true: if not for spending, what are Neopoints used for? And if you have no Neopoints, is it really that big of a deal? I mean if you play the right games and work hard enough, you can make any amount of Neopoints again. I've made my perfect Favourite Games list and by playing hard every day, make 10k a day.

3. Third: I'm not telling you to go out and buy 1000 Piles of Dung or 700 Yellow Lenny Plushies because you can. (Unless you're a collector, go for it!!!) I'm saying if you happen to have 50k and want the full Spooky Map, and you aren't saving up for anything, why not? You could end up with no Neopoints, but you'd have the map, wouldn't you? You could always just make it back, right?

As an add on to number 3, even if something is expensive, it doesn't mean it's worth the points. Sure, I admit it, I scratch a card once and a while. But that's a gamble. And anything that is a gamble is taking a chance. Try to stay away from that 'Luck or Chance' section in the games. I go there sometimes, there's nothing wrong with it. But when I go, I take a small portion (say 500 Neopoints) and those are my free points. I can spend it however I wish. So if I lose all my Neopoints it's not a big lose. But I took a gamble, so chances are I could've won big. (Or not so big.)

4. Saving up for something is a great way to get what you want. But the daily Neopians must remember that it isn't the only thing Neopoints are for. People get their head wrapped around the fact that if they have Neopoints, it's for one thing and one thing only. I have four words for those people: Neopoints are for spending!!! Simple but true, very true if you actually understand it. So next time you see an item you really want, actually consider it. Is it something you really want? Something you just discovered you want? Don't put it down because it's over 5k.

Though if you do have something you're saving up for, don't spend all your Neopoints! Even on something you want, unless you want it more than the other thing. The best way to save up is to play, play, play! But don't fool yourself. If you tell yourself, "I'm putting it in my savings," and you aren't actually saving up for anything, it's not your savings, is it? It's a lie and an excuse to you.

Even though this is not a guide to how to make thousands of Neopoints, it would certainly help some people get over their issue if they knew how to make good Neopoints daily. And ONLY daily, it's wrong to make multiple accounts! Here are some of my favourite games: (Some of these games may take practise, but it's worth it.)

-Hasee Bounce

-Ultimate Bullseye

-Dubloon Disaster

-Trouble at National Neopian

-Petpet Cannonball

-Turmac Roll

-Meerca Chase II

These are only suggestions, however, and you should also find the games you love to play, and you'll get better at them faster and get more Neopoints. If you aren't great at a game right off the bat, it's not that big of a deal. Everyone is good at several games on Neopets, but no one is good at all of them.

It's also a good idea (once and a while, or whenever you feel like it) to take a day and play as many games as you can, and double your normal Neopoints income. (For a day.)

You may wonder, if this isn't a guide to make Neopoints, why on earth am I telling you all this? Well, (and this works) if you have more Neopoints it helps the four steps I told you above progress. You feel more all right to spend Neopoints, and gradually get better and better with it.

I knew I was completely cured when I started a Brain Tree Quest (just curious... ) and completed it because I spent well over 10k. I also bought the 50k spooky map. I have NO regrets as to what I bought, but then again I didn't just randomly buy stuff. I thought about what I bought and if it would help me.

Collecting items is a great pastime and I support it fully. I collected petpets for a while and now I have sold almost all of them. I know someone who collected Usukis, and now they're worth a fortune! It's fun setting goals and completing them, just don't go overboard! Know when too far is too far. There are other things that are great for spending Neopoints/saving up for that I've heard of people doing: like the 400k faerie paintbrush or a massive collection of dubloons.

Learn to enjoy life; Neopoints can get you things to make your Neopets experience even more wonderful and fun, by buying things! I hope I helped some people here. Thank you very much for reading my article. Hopefully now more Neopoints and goods will exchange paws! Happy Spending!!

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