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Lost Legacies: The Amulets - Part Seven

by diamond_rox


The five friends were pushing against various areas of the opposite wall. They couldn't seem to find the secret doorway.

     Matt sighed and sat himself down. "This is going to take fore-OWCH!" He rubbed the side of his head. "I hit something," he muttered.

     Trev swept his paw around where Matt hit his head on the invisible object. "I found something," his paw clutched at an invisible knob in the wall. "Should I pull?" he asked. Everyone nodded. Trev pulled the knob along with a door open.

     Ravin laughed. "So the Neopedia lied! Push on the opposite wall indeed…" she muttered.

     The five figures stooped and went through the door, being careful to close it after them. They appeared in a room that appeared to have no walls. Carrie gasped and backed away from the edge of the floor they stood on.

     Ravin put a hand on Carrie's shoulder. "Don't worry. It's like glass. But people can't see in." She leaned on the wall to prove it. It looked exactly like she was miming.

     Carrie laughed and put a hand against the wall. "Where are we supposed to re-make the Amulet?" she asked.

     Ravin pulled out a cauldron that no one had noticed before. "I guess this," she pulled out the Amulets from her cloak and started to crack open the pendants on each Amulet and let the glowing liquid swirl into the cauldron.

      "How do you know if you're doing it right?" Matt whispered nervously.

     Ravin shrugged. "I just know. And I guess it's the most obvious thing to do," she added laughing.

     As she added more liquid from another pendant the liquid in the cauldron started to bubble. It was thick and syrupy and the colour of the ocean.

     Miles away, the Air and Water faeries started to come back to Faerieland, answering to an invisible call. Slowly, more and more faeries joined them. Fire, Earth, Light, even Darkness.

     Ravin finished with the last pendant. "We're done."

     And then, just like in a movie, something came out of the darkness. "Not quite!" The five friends whirled around and found the Space Faerie Queen sitting calmly in mid-air above them. "Thank you for making the potion for me. Personally, I would have never been able to," she leered at them. "But of course, you forgot one more pendant potion….." she said as she reached into her cloak and pulled out a small vial of Navy liquid.

     Nara gasped. "Space faerie!" Trev bounded and leaped at the Queen.

     "Get off me! Off-now!" Trev was steadily sinking his teeth into anywhere he could reach on the faerie. "Ouch! WHY YOU LITTLE-" she broke off and gasped. In all the commotion she had dropped the vial of Navy liquid into the already rainbow-coloured liquid. Matt grabbed for it but the vial bounced off his fingers.

     Everyone's face was rigid with fright, even Trev, who was clinging onto the space faerie's robes with his teeth. The only movement at all in the invisible tower was the ancient stone cauldron, with all the liquid slowly bubbling and swirling without being stirred. They were spellbound as the liquid turned gold-and formed two solid rings on the surface of the liquid. In one of the rings it started to wrap around the liquid and bring it together...then attached itself to the bigger ring, which cut itself into small pieces and rejoined-forming a chain.

     Nara gasped. "A new rainbow amulet…"

     The excess liquid in the cauldron turned transparent and the amulet sank to the bottom. As it touched the base of the cauldron, a sudden warp ripped its way out of the Amulet in a big ring, knocking them to the ground.

     The space faerie kicked Trev off her robes and ran to the cauldron. "Stop her!" Trev shrieked from the ground.

     "Aller!" Nara called, stretching out her hand. The amulet rose from the cauldron and flew into her fingers. The old Queen cursed.

     "Give it here. It's min-" and fell to the ground. Ravin stood over the limp figure.

     "Bonked her on the head with the butt of my sword," She explained. Walking over to the other side of the room, she held the Pendant of the amulet in her fingers delicately. Her face was peaceful-and suddenly her brow hardened. "It's different," she muttered.

     "What?" Carrie asked. "It can't be-after all that, it just HAS to be perfect!"

     Trev bounced over. Grabbing it, he held it up to his face. "There's a new colour," he said. "Navy,"


     The old red Scorchio was sleeping in his armchair when they knocked. He was so surprised to see them that he forgot to close the door. He bustled around making tea and getting stale biscuits out of an old tin. "How did you get out? Did everything go OK? Did you get caught? Did you find the Hidden Tower?" There were hundreds of questions. The rest let Ravin talk as they helped themselves to tea. The biscuits were too hard to chew.

     "Well we got through the castle fine, there was a bit of a hassle when the guards came but we barricaded ourselves in the library where the entrance was bound to be…we found the Hidden Tower and started to re-make the Amulet, and then that Space Faerie was actually there and she added in another Amulet, I think it was the space faerie one because it added the colour navy to the Amulet, see-yeah here, there's that tiny streak under the purple one. And then we took care of her and jumped out this invisible window-quite hard to find because of the invisible walls, you know. And now we're here."

     "Ravin…what did you do with the Queen?" the Scorchio asked sternly.

     "Oh, we left her in the Tower. Nara remembered this really wicked spell that joins two things together permanently-we joined one of our camouflage cloaks to her. They won't be able to see her!"

     The old Scorchio chuckled. "Well done indeed, but there is one thing missing."

     Ravin nodded. "I know, Trev and Carrie have to go back to 'Their World'."

     The old Scorchio shook his head. "No, that's not nearly it. Fyora is still missing, and there are rumors-horrible rumors-about where she is."

     Everyone fell silent. They jumped as Matt accidentally sipped his tea too loudly. "Sorry!" he squeaked.

     "Well, as you know, Fyora went missing before the Space Faeries actually arrived. Not many people know this, and most of the ones who do have been slaughtered," Matt winced. "So when the Space Faeries did come, they didn't have much trouble taking over, especially since the Amulet was broken in another world," the Scorchio's face turned at Trev and Carrie accusingly, "and there was no peace. Now, there is peace, but if we don't find the true Queen soon, then havoc will wreak out again."

     "But that can't be," Matt spluttered.

     "Yeah," Nara added. "We made the Amulet, isn't that a peace-sealer?"

     The Scorchio shook his head. "It would be, but there is something you should know," Everyone leaned forward in their chair. "The one who makes the Amulet is the Ruler of Faeries."

     There was silence. "Ravin?" Carrie asked. "You made it, so you're queen!!" her voice got higher and squeakier as she spoke.

     Ravin's brow wrinkled in deep thought. "No…oh my goodness. The Space Faerie, she touched it last because she dropped the vial…she's the queen! Still!" she slammed her hand down on the table in anger.

     Matt was silent. "No, she's not," he whispered.

     Everyone stared at him. "What are you saying?" Asked Trev, eyes narrowed accusingly.

     "She dropped the vial, I tried to catch it but it slipped through my fingers." He looked up from the ground. "It touched me last," his voice quivered. "I'm King,"

     There was a silence. "My brother can't be king," Ravin said, shocked. "He's not even a faerie!"

     The Scorchio nodded. "Which is the problem. You need a faerie ruler, you need Fyora. But as you know, Fyora is……missing."

     "How can she be missing? Okay, you said that she disappeared before they came. Tell us everything," Ravin commanded.

     "Well," Nara started, everyone stared at her, "Fyora had been away helping to find some lost children on Terror Mountain-turns out that they ran from the Snowager and fell down that big crack in the middle of the Ice Caves and ended up in Tyrannia, She came back with a bad flu, some even said it was pneumonia, and at time no potion brewer was good enough to help and Brightvale was not yet discovered. The only choice we had was to get Jhudora's help. She did help, but then after a week of Fyora taking her medication, there was a sudden storm and Jhudora claimed that all her potions were destroyed and she needed new materials to continue brewing Fyora's medication.

     "Servants gladly did this and got everything that Jhudora named, and she gave the medication to Fyora when it was ready. Well, Fyora took the potion-and disappeared. When people blamed this on Jhudora, she blamed the servants for getting the wrong materials, resulting in the queen disappearing. No one believed her, but they had no choice. As soon as they started to realize that she was lying, the Space Faeries came and broke the Amulet, resulting in no peace." Nara paused for a breath and opened her mouth to say more, but Trev stopped her.

     "Whoa, hold on, where did you get THAT from?!" he cried.

     Nara rolled her eyes. "I've already told you, us faeries can communicate through the mind, even over long distances."

     Ravin's eyebrows shot up in awe. "If only we could all do that." She turned to the Scorchio. "Where did the rumors say that Fyora went?"

     The Scorchio's eyes grew bright and wide. Hesitantly, he said, "In a different world, in your world, Trev…Kreludor."

The End

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