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Lost Legacies: The Amulets - Part Six

by diamond_rox


The night was pure black…it seemed to be a sheet of black velvet right in front of your eyes. Even if you closed them, it wouldn't be any darker than if you opened them. It was silent except for occasional shrieks when birds flew into trees from lack of sight.

     "It is time," the Scorchio said. "One last thing, you shall need these," he handed them each a silvery cloak. "They won't make you invisible, but they do camouflage you pretty well."

     Trev watched as Ravin removed her own traveling cloak and swirled the silvery one on-not invisible my tail, he thought. He could only make her out slightly when she moved. There was a blob where light was bent through Ravin's transparent body. "Wicked," Carrie whispered, as she watched her feet disappear. The Scorchio showed them out the door.

     "Fare you well may Fyora watch over you! We shall meet again!" the Scorchio shouted as they flew off into the night, Nara in the lead.

     After a while of silent flying, Trev caught up with Ravin, who had easily mastered the skills of concentration flight. "Hey Ravin?"

     "Mm hmm?" she muttered. Concentrating hard, Trev thought.

     "Where's the Hidden Tower? I mean, it's hidden, isn't it? And it must be well hidden since no one can find something right over their heads," Trev added hastily.

     "Well, there's this huge archive of things that have happened in Neopia, it's called the Neopedia. It has a story in it about how one of Fyora's servants found the door to the Hidden Tower when she was cleaning. She found a trapdoor behind a bookshelf and opened it to find a huge overrun garden. She stayed to clean and then a shadow emerged straight from the wall on the opposite side and vanished. Celandra, the servant, approached the part of the wall and pushed, opening a door. Quite amazing, really," Ravin explained.

     "But how are we going to get into the castle? You don't even know where that bookshelf is!" Trev said.

     "There's only one place where bookshelves are in the Castle. Fyora has always been too organized to allow things to be out of place, she had a special somewhere for every single one of her belongings, including a library for all her books." Ravin explained once again.

     "How many bookshelves do you expect Fyora to have in her library!" Trev exclaimed, eyes round.

     Ravin turned around in mid-air to face Trev. "One." She said, smiling.


     Jhudora's head nodded forward to her chest. Grunting, she forced it up again. Some queen, she thought. Anyone with half a brain would know that escaped prisoners wouldn't enter the castle through the main entrance. Considering this again, she went back inside. The Queen could keep watch for herself.

     Guards at the door saw the dark faerie leave, and glancing sideways at each other, realized how stupid it actually was. Placing their hoods on, they dragged the ends of the hood over their heads so that no one would see they were sleeping.


     "Er…can someone please tell me why we're going into the castle by the main entrance?" asked Carrie to no one in particular.

     "Because," replied Ravin, "It's the last thing anyone would expect. Anyone with half a brain would know that escaped prisoners wouldn't enter the castle through the main entrance."

     Carrie's brief smile faltered. "But won't it be guarded? We're supposed to be escaped prisoners."

     Ravin beamed back and vanished. Light rays were bent where Ravin was before and was moving towards the castle. "Oh!" Remembering her own cloak, Carrie threw it over her head.

     Trev was flying slightly behind Carrie when suddenly she disappeared. He flew faster to catch up wherever she went but ended up colliding with something-or someone. "Ow! Watch it," Carrie's voice snapped.

     "Hey! Where are you?" Trev asked, scanning the area.

     "Right in front of you, nitwit. Put on your cloak," Trev followed suit, telling Matt and Nara as well. Trev thought of the two great weapons he had gotten. The Peas were attatched to its own string and wound around his neck, for safe keeping, as usual.

     The pink castle loomed up in front of them. "Right, when we get there, fly through the window right above the main entrance. That should take us across from the library. We'll have to leg it across the hallway, watch out, it goes right over the Throne Room." Ravin's voice called. As the castle grew closer than ever, Trev spotted the window that they were meant to fly through.

     Hold on-there was a tiny spot of yellow right in front of the window…but Trev couldn't make out what it was. By the time he could-"RAVIN! LOOK OUT!" Ravin had dodged the obstacle in time but Carrie, who was behind Ravin, had smashed right into it. Some stupid person had placed a flowerpot right in front of the window. Decorative, but not so convenient. Heavy footsteps were heard rushing up the stairs and down the corridors.

     "RUN!" Ravin made no attempt to keep her voice down. The five friends sprinted (and flew) to the door of the big Library. Ravin and Nara heaved the heavy oak doors open and let everyone in before bolting them shut and pushing furniture against it.

     "See? Told you there was only one bookshelf," Ravin said smugly. Trev stared. Yes, one bookshelf. One HUMONGOUS bookshelf that spread across one whole wall of the mammoth library!

     "How are we supposed to get behind that thing?!" Trev gasped.

     "Well, first of all, a simple maid was able to, and also," Ravin smiled, "you have two of the most powerful weapons around!"

     Carrie, Nara and Matt were heaving more furniture against the oak doors. "Hurry," Carrie screeched as she put her weight against the doors, "we don't have much time!" As she said it a huge blade was thrust right next to Carrie's head followed by a spear under her arm.

     Trev unhooked the peas and twirled his neck to unwind the strings that the peas were on. He tied the strings to his wrists and tried twirling them a few times.They twirled like lethal chains.

     "Come on, Trev…you can do this," he assured himself. He still couldn't believe that Ravin thought that bashing two vegetables against a bookshelf would cause any damage. But it did. Where the peas touched the bookshelf there were two holes and a thin crack where the special string that the old Scorchio had given Trev cut the wood. The holes disappeared quickly as the weight of the bookshelf was put onto it. The huge bookshelf groaned as Trev pelted more holes in it and finally leaned over so much that you could actually see a difference.

     Ravin went behind the bookshelf and pried the crack between the bookshelf and the wall further apart. Not long after the bookshelf finally started to fall. "LOOK OUT!" Ravin warned Carrie, Nara, and Matt who were still at the door. They dodged just in time for the bookshelf to crash against the door. No one was getting in anytime soon, or out, either.

     "Phew, that was close," Carrie heaved.

     Matt nodded. "Way too close!"

     "Hey, help look for a doorway of some sort," Trev beckoned the others towards the wall behind the crashed bookshelf.

     It wasn't hard, since Fyora's servant had ages ago been able to see it as well. There was an area where the gaps between wall tiles were deeper. Here Ravin dug in her Ghostkersword blade and bent it back. Carrie was convinced that the blade would snap, but she was wrong. A heavy door swung open and as they stepped through the doorway lights flashed on.

     "Oh my…" They found themselves in a garden.

     "Come on," Ravin said, "the Neopedia said that the next doorway was right across the room." She trudged through the overgrown grass to the opposite wall. Trev cursed-since he was so short he couldn't see over the grass. Nara noticed this and dumped another fistful of fire over his head.

     "Here you go," she smiled.


     "JHUDORAAAAAAA!!!!!" the Space Faerie Queen shrieked into her crystal ball, thumping the table it was on like a spoilt baby demanding for food. On another cloud, Jhudora winced and held her hand over her own crystal ball.

     "What is it, my powerful amazing and beautiful queen?" she asked impatiently. Her voice was slicker and greasier than ever.

     "I need another one of your transportation potions, NOW!" she snapped.

     Jhudora sighed heavily. "To travel between worlds again?"

     The reflection of the navy clad Space Faerie shook her head. "Just upstairs."

     Jhudora raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "Why do you need a potion to get upstairs? Why don't you just walk-"

     "YOU DARE TO QUESTION ME!" the Space Faerie snapped, turning from navy to violet. "Have the potion ready as soon as possible, and bring it to me."

     Jhudora turned away from her crystal ball, muttering. "Three transportation potions…first to another world, okay, understandable, but now, upstairs? Absolutely insane…and then one to send my troubles to the moon…I'm making too many of these lately," she cackled.

To be continued...

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