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Lost Legacies: The Amulets - Part Three

by diamond_rox


"Great, just great," Carrie snapped for the 50th time, as she kept flying up to the lid and trying to twist it in vain.

     Trev finally thought straight for the first time in this new world. "Hey! I know! I've got this gadget thing that can cut through ANYTHING," Trev smiled, "Including Carrie's roof!"

     Carrie scowled and remembered their promise, "Fine, give it here and I'll try to cut a hole in the lid,"

     Trev shook his head, "No point, why not just cut through the glass?"

     "Because Balthazar would probably notice, that's why!"

     "I have some sticky stuff to put glass back in place, it seals so well you really can't see the crack," Trev proudly announced.

     Matt rolled his eyes. "All right all right! Do whatever you want! Just get on with it!"

     Trev rubbed a bit more of the sticky substance over the seam in the glass and stepped back to admire his work. "There, good as new! Let's scram."

     Matt caught her tail, because her hands were so short, and stopped her. "No, remember those faeries that Balthazar said he did catch? Maybe if we free them they'll take us to Faerieland?"

     "They'll probably already be grey; he most likely caught them ages ago!"

     "Oh well, there's still hope," shrugged Matt, and grabbed Trev's gadget and went to the other side of the huge cupboard- or at least, while they were still enchanted to be puny.

     Matt ran towards the other jars in the cupboard, looking for one which didn't hold a faerie which glared at them with hatred or looked too grey. Then he stopped at a jar containing a faintly red fire faerie and started to slice through the glass like butter as Trev stood next to him and pouted, wanting it to be himself to rescue faeries heroically.

     The fire faerie tumbled out of the hole in the jar and sprawled at their feet. "Thank you, thank you so much!"

     Carrie, Trev and Matt didn't know what to say. Carrie, being Carrie, was the first to break the silence. "Can you tell us what's wrong?"

     It was quite an indirect question, but the faerie seemed to understand. "It's quite a long story, but I'll try to sum it up. A few centuries ago, all the different types of faeries were at war against each other. In attempt of making peace, a faerie, Fyora, stepped up and took an amulet from each type of faerie. There was an amulet of the fire faerie, light faerie, darkness faerie, air faerie, earth faerie, and water faerie. The amulets were forged into one amulet, the medallion held all the powers of the amulets together in a swirling rainbow vortex, and it held the power of all faeries. Fyora was elected queen, and everyone forgot her as a common faerie. There was also a Battle Faerie elected, I think she was a fire faerie.

     "I have heard that recently, there have been a new branch of faeries discovered, Space faeries. They picked a battle on us and even the Battle Faerie herself could not defeat the hordes of faeries from Space. They rampaged into Faerie City, and took control of the "Rainbow Amulet". As long as the Amulet still existed, all the other faeries would be bonded in peace-and the leader of the Space Faeries destroyed the Amulet. With Fyora gone, they now rule Faerieland."

     Matt gasped. "Destroyed?! That can't be! My sister bought those amulets at quite a cheap price- they cannot play such a horrific part in history!" he gasped. "Besides, if you've been in a jam jar for about ten years, how did you know what happened yesterday?"

     The fire faerie narrowed its eyes at the Zafara. "Of course, you know that faeries are telepathic?"

     Trev snorted and smeared the sticky substance on the edge of the glass they had cut out. "Then how come they haven't come to rescue you?"

     The fire faerie snorted back. "Because," her weak voice turned mean and sarcastic, "they might get CAUGHT!" Trev pursed his lips and kept quiet.

     "But where did Fyora go?" Matt asked.

     Nara shook her head. "No one knows. A messenger went to bring the message to her that they were being invaded and found an empty throne."

     "Er, ma'am?" ventured Carrie.

     "No, call me Nara."

     "Nara, do you think you could show us the way to Faerieland?" asked Carrie.

     Nara raised an eyebrow at the Shoyru. "Of course I could, but I can't fly well, as you can see," she flapped her wings and they flopped around her body ungracefully, "and if I show you the long way around, well, it's called the "long way" for a reason, you know, plus it could get dangerous. And what do you think you're going to do? Waltz into Faerieland and kill everyone?"

     Carrie's tail swished slowly across the floor. "Well, guess not…"

     "Look," Trev piped up, shoving the glass back into place. "You know that game they had in our world? Well we could-"

     "YOUR world?" what are you talking about?" Matt raised an eyebrow.

     Carrie and Trev exchanged glances. Trev could've kicked himself. "We'll explain later, but for now, lemme tell you about this. Well there was a game called Neoquest, they had two versions. Both were the same, but had different storylines. The basic guideline was that you played a character who is going from village laughingstock to hero of the century. Carrie, have you played it? I only know about it because I robbed the games room once."

     Carrie snorted. "Yeah, I know it. And I swear I'll report you to the authorities as soon as we get back," she muttered. Loudly, she said, "I've played it a few times, always gave up. Well, let's use the second version as an example, because it has money and multiple fights involved. Okay, you're a Blumaroo called Rohane, and he leaves his mother's village. He's off on an adventure he doesn't know about and finds out along the way. When he starts, he only has his father's sword, but as he goes further and further away from his village the monsters get stronger and the reward for killing each one is greater. The rewards are healing potions, gold pieces, and if you beat a boss, armour. As Rohane travel he meets more people who are interested in joining him on his journey, and as they travel they meet more and more people, forming a troop of four. As they fight more and more, they get more experienced and learn more skills and the monsters get increasingly difficult to kill. In the end, you have to save Neopia." Carrie found herself addressing a half dead audience.

     "So…basically we have to train?" asked Matt.

     "Wait! Hold on a moment! Am I supposed to be involved with you guys?" demanded Nara, crossing her arms defiantly.

     "Well, you could do that, or you could climb back into the jar and we'll seal you up," answered Trev coldly. Nara scowled.

     "Yes, training up is the main idea. The only problem is we don't have any weapons,"

     "I thought you said that killing monsters gave you gold?" asked Nara.

     "Um…that was a game,"


     "But of course, monsters don't go around without some sort of weapon, and if we're lucky they'll be carrying some gold," said Carrie.

     "We'd better get going," said Trev, who wasn't used to hanging around after breaking in, or out, or something. "Balthy might show up any time now."

     Nara shook her head and her dirty hair flopped around limply. "He never checks on his jars, he's just waiting for you to go grey, but of course, I don't think he's realized that pets don't go grey that easily," she added at the blank expressions of her audience.

     Trev laughed. "Yeah, or else I wouldn't have to rob so many Grey Paint Brushes!" the rest of them didn't quite get his joke. "Alright, alright, so are we going to leave or not? We might start getting big again, now that we're out of our jars."

     As he said it, Matt's nose suddenly inflated to the size of a melon. The Zafara staggered under the weight and rested his head against the ground to stop himself falling; the grey faeries in the other jars laughed at the sight of a baby staggering around with a nose bigger than its head.

     Trev ran to the door of the cupboard and peered out. "Come on, he's asleep!" He pushed the door open with his quickly inflating hand and landed skillfully on the ground. The rest of him puffed up as well, as his comrades landed at his side-Matt right on top of him as he couldn't see over his nose.

     Trev squealed in pain and froze as Balthazar grunted in his sleep and turned his head the other way, facing the wall. Blowing a sigh of relief, the fully proportioned friends half ran half stumbled out the window.


     A green and purple figure appeared around the doorway, bowing her head in respect. "Milady, we've found her. The Riders he just arrived."

     Although the Messenger could not see, a toothy smirk appeared on the other figure's face. "Excellent. Bring her in."

     "Yes, Milady." The Messenger retreated from the room backwards, not daring to turn her back to the other figure.

To be continued...

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