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Jacko The Great

by nothing_000


STOCK MARKET - On November 15 all of Neopia was in disbelief as the great man him self, yes you know him, yes you want him to visit you on a regular basis, Jacko himself had been arrested after allegations of insider trading. The daily news read “Neopian Newsflash. Jacko of Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. was taken away in handcuffs today after allegations that he was involved in insider trading. Shares plummeted from 726 NP to nothing in a matter of minutes.”

He is renowned all throughout Neopia as “the man”, every one wants to be his friend. But why all the hype? Jacko is a phantom painter, painting is his specialty and what can you paint in Neopia…..? Your favorite Meerca plushie, your newly acquired Babaa, but most importantly of all your most prized position ….your best friend in life, your pet. Jacko is a very generous man, as he hands out items worth up to millions, yes Jacko hands out some of the most prized positions in all of Neopia, paintbrushes. But sadly not every Neopian has been able to lay their eyes on great Jacko, and they may never get that chance again.

On November the 14th there was a great panic in the stock market, something big had happened and this resulted in millions to be lost and stock investors to be rattled like they never had before. The stock market giant Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. went bankrupt in a matter of minutes. It went from the most prized stocks of an astonishing 762 NP per share to 0 NP, nothing at all, zero, zilch. If you managed to take the time and venture over to the Stock Tips board that day, you would have seen just how many people were effected. I looked around a bit and found that if any one had any of this notorious stock most of they said they had at least 1000 shares in it. Okay, lets break this down for a second :

(762 NP per share) X (1000 shares, or atlas that tended to be the average) = 762,000 NPs

This means that the average Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. stockholder lost at least 762,000 NPs due to Jacko's greediness. Now those that have been playing the stock markets for a while my have a little more shares in this stock, lets say 3000 shares.

(762 NP per share) X (3000 shares) = 2,286,000 NPs

That’s right, some people lost over 2,000,000 NPs in a matter of minutes. Having 3000 shares of any stock is relatively easy if you wish to have them, so now you can imagine just how much effect this had on the stock investors of Neopia.

So what did you say Jacko was arrested for? … allegations of insider trading ? What is that you may be asking. Insider trading is when people hold private inside information allowing them to benefit from buying or selling stock. Huh ??!! what does that mean? Simply put, Jacko had knowledge that his company Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. was going to go bankrupt and most likely he sold all of his shares resulting in a him collecting huge amounts of NPs illegally ( which isn’t very nice ).

These recent actions have left many people searching for answers, answers to questions such as “What company will take over the newly opened Painting market?”, “ Will this effect the overall prices of paintbrushes?”, “What does the stock market hold for the future?”, and “ Why Jacko, why!??!??!!”.

“What company will take over the newly opened Painting market?” - Well that answer is quite simple, Kacheek and Sons Landscaping. Sadly it is currently the only company left in the sector of the market, but this could be the next “big” stock for all you investors. Keep your eyes on this company, it may pick up where Jacko’s company left off.

“Will this effect the overall prices of paintbrushes?” – It’s hard to say so early, but with Jacko currently behind bars will he still manage to spread his products throughout the world? Or will another company such as Kacheek and Sons Landscaping pick up the product. With the possibility of another company producing paintbrushes to the world a number of many things could happen, but only time will tell.

“What does the stock market hold for the future?” – The stock market holds a bright and prosperous future with Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. out of the picture. Many believe that this stock market giant was holding many of the smaller companies’ back but now it allows them grow and expand, and gives them great potential to make millions. But as of now as the days go by, it appears more and more like the “Great Depression” has hit Neopia, all stocks are down and this is great news to any one in the stock business. So if there’s any time to start investing in the stock market, now is surely the time.

“Why Jacko, why!??!??!!” – The only person that truly knows is Jacko him self, but we can all speculate and that’s always fun. One reason maybe that he’s finding the business unappealing after so much time and would like to see a new company come to the front. Maybe Jacko knew he could not provide to the people like he wanted to, maybe he wants a new company to lower prices, manufacture more paintbrushes or even create new and exciting one. Either way only Jacko knows, and maybe in time so shall we.

As I leave I can only wonder what lies ahead for poor old Jacko, his paintbrushes and the many great Neopians effected by his actions. Well Jacko be set free to start anew? Will this incident cause paintbrush prices to skyrocket throughout Neopia, or will another company step up creating many NEW and improved paintbrushes for the general public? Only time will tell for this great man and his company but until then all we can do is wonder.

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