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Hannah and the Pirate Boy: Curse of the Medallion - Part Six

by lldff


"Ah, Garin!" came Scarblade's voice. Garin opened his eyes and found that his eyes were crossed. His head was pounding intensely and giving him great pain. Garin blinked and straightened his vision.

     Two pirates, one on each side, were holding him in a standing position. He saw Scarblade and Galem standing before him. His eyes also rested on Hannah, struggling to get away from the massive Cybunny.

     "Have a nice nap, did we?" he mocked.

     "Hardly." Garin smiled. "I could go for a couple more hours."

     Scarblade snarled. "Listen, don't back talk to me!" He grabbed a fistful of Garin's shirt and pulled him close. "I know about your attempts to protect the girl, and let me tell you, that won't go ignored. You will be punished for that."

     "I don't care what you do to me, Scarblade!" Garin spat. "I'm leaving your stinking crew!"

     "You'll regret it. Unfortunately, I need to keep you around as bait." He smiled.

     Garin twisted his face in confusion. "Bait... for what?"

     "Oh, please, you've figured out everything else. Don't tell me that you don't know what we're planning next." Garin remained silent. Scarblade shook his head. "The storm affects everyone... except-"

     "Except Maraqua!" Garin blurted, figuring it out.

     "You're right, and we don't want that sea-Aisha ruining it for us, so you will lure her to us." Scarblade grinned at his cunning.

     "Isca," Garin whispered. "She won't fall for it."

     "Meaning you'll warn her?" Scarblade laughed. "Fortunately, it won't matter. Once she sees that her little friend is in danger, she'll come running."

     Scarblade turned around and faced Galem. "Have all of your men drunk the potions?"

     "Yes, they're all ready," Galem replied.

     "Good." Scarblade smiled. "Take her down!" he roared.

     Immediately, the Revenge started to creak and groan as it slowly started to point downward. Garin knew he had to act quickly. He jerked away from the pirates and dove towards the giant Cybunny, slashing at him with his dagger.

     The pirate growled and held his wound, letting go of Hannah. Garin wrapped his arm around Hannah's waist and hurried her to the side. "Put this on just in case we can't get away." Garin dug in his pocket and produced a seaweed necklace. Hannah did as she was told and slipped it over her head.

     "Stop them, you fools!" Galem shouted to his thieves.

     "Jump!" Garin hollered. He and Hannah started to leap from the deck. But a piece of Hannah's skirt caught on the railing. A Moehog grabbed her quickly and forced her back onto the deck.

     Garin felt a giant wave of pain go through his head as a Gelert grabbed his ears and hoisted him aboard. He yelled and flailed, but then he felt something hard hit his head. The blow knocked him on the verge of unconsciousness. The Gelert put his foot on Garin's back and pinned him to the deck.

     Scarblade marched over and grabbed Hannah. He held his arm tightly around her neck. "You won't be escaping."

     "Let go of me!" Hannah screamed. She sank her teeth into Scarblade's arm. He yowled, but he didn't loosen his hold. In one fluid motion, Scarblade flipped his small dagger out and held it to her throat.

     "Don't struggle," he grumbled. Hannah stopped moving and swallowed the lump in her throat. "Unfurl the sails!" he ordered. His crew started up the shrouds.

     Water accumulated quickly on the deck, lapping at their waist. Garin pushed himself free and stood up, gulping up air. Within moments, the entire ship was underwater.

     Hannah held her breath and shut her eyes. She hadn't gotten a proper breath of air before they had submerged, and now her lungs were ready to burst. She couldn't take it. By instinct, she tried to breath... and she could!

     "What?" she asked herself. "How is this possible? Could it be the necklace?" Hannah looked down at the green wreath around her neck. "But then... how is Garin breathing?" She jerked her head over to look at him.

     Garin was slowly sinking to his hands and knees, one hand at his throat. He had run out of air, but he knew that he couldn't breath in. Black spots started to dance before his eyes.

     "No!" Hannah wriggled, but she could feel the blade against her throat. "He won't last much longer!"

     "Not my problem," Scarblade shrugged.

     Garin stopped moving and slumped to the deck. He blew out the remaining air from his lungs, knowing it was no use anymore.

     Suddenly, from the distance, everyone heard a shout. "Attack!" All of the pirates, the thieves, and Hannah turned their heads to look. Neopets were swimming at them, fully armed and ready. A Kyrii and a sea-Aisha was at the head of the attackers.

     "The Maraquans!" a pirate shouted.

     "Get them, men!" Scarblade shouted. "Show them no mercy!" The pirate crew and the thieves lifted off the deck and swam toward the approaching army. Scarblade zeroed in on one individual. "Kelpbeard." He narrowed his eyes. "No doubt that sea-Aisha predicted this to him. Drat it all!"

     Hannah heard a small shout come from the mess of Neopets. "Garin!" She strained to look and saw the Kyrii swimming out of the jumble.

     "I can't have you getting away," Scarblade said to Hannah. He opened up the large door to his quarters and shoved her in it. He then turned and stared and Garin's unmoving form. Then he grabbed him roughly and threw him in with Hannah, locking the door. "You're mine, Kelpbeard!" The green Lupe shoved off the deck and swam for the battle.

     Hannah swam over to Garin and propped him up. "Garin, wake up!" she shook him. "Please," she begged. Then an idea came to her head. She held her breath and took the seaweed necklace off and slipped it over Garin's head.

     Come on, come on, she thought. Breathe, Garin. You have to. His eyes remained closed and his body stayed still.

     In the next moment, the large window was shattered as a huge object broke through. Hannah screamed and shielded herself. She was running out of air, so she took the necklace off Garin just long enough for her to get a gulp of oxygen.

     Her eyes widened when she saw a Kyrii and a sea-Aisha swim towards her. "What's wrong with him?" Garin's old friend looked worriedly at him.

     Hannah put the necklace over her head. "He's not breathing. The necklace won't work on him. I think he's unconscious. Please help him!" Hannah begged.

     "Isca, will the potion work?" Jacques asked.

     "I hope so." Isca swam beside Hannah and Garin. She pulled Garin close and supported his head. Then she put a vial to his lips and tipped it up. A liquid poured out of the corners of his mouth.. She tossed the potion away and closed Garin's mouth.

     The three Neopets watched him hopefully. "Do you think he'll be okay?" Hannah asked.

     Isca shrugged and stared at Garin with sad eyes.

     But suddenly, they all saw Garin swallow. His mouth opened and bubbles came out, but he sucked in a breath. After a few moments, Garin's eyes opened slowly. His crystal blue eyes stared up at everyone. Isca sighed, close to tears, and hugged him. Hannah and Jacques joined in. Garin was quite puzzled.

     "I'm alright," he said quietly, coughing. "Isca." He smiled and looked and the sea-Aisha happily. Then his eyes fell on Jacques. "J... Jacques!?" he gasped. "You're alive!" He could've cried.

     "All of us are, Garin," Jacques saluted. "And the Black Pawkeet is still afloat. She took on some damage, though, but it's nothing we can't fix.

     "I don't believe it! I thought everyone was a goner."

     "They still might be," Jacques said solemnly. "They're all fighting right now."

     "We've got to help!" Garin jumped up, grabbing his Maractite dagger.

     "Wait, are you sure you're alright?" Hannah asked, concerned.

     "I'm fine now. The potion won't wear off for a while," Garin replied and swam out the broken window. The other three followed.

     "Stubborn kid," Hannah said quietly.

     "You have no idea." Isca rolled her eyes.


      The battle raged on and on. The Maraquans and Garin's crew were suffering greatly. The pirates and thieves together were almost too powerful for them to handle. Scarblade and Kelpbeard were locked in combat.

     "So what now, old king?" Scarblade taunted. "Your people and those pathetic pirates are no match for our superior strength."

     Kelpbeard fumed with anger. "Strength and numbers to not win a battle, Scarblade," the king growled.

     "You believe what you want." Scarblade then saw the movement of Garin and Jacques coming to join the fighting. Close behind them were Isca and Hannah. Scarblade smiled crookedly.

     Kelpbeard charged for the green pirate Lupe, but Scarblade parried. "Sorry, you fat lug. I've got some other business to take care of."

     Without another word, Scarblade shot off straight towards Hannah. She and Isca barely had time to react. He grabbed Hannah's wrist tightly and knocked Isca away. Then he swam above everyone.

     Hannah screamed. Scarblade laughed maniacally. "Now I have both parts!" he screamed. He reached into his coat and pulled out a shining, red medallion.

     Garin swiveled and felt a fierce anger burning within him. "Scarblade, let her go!" he roared and brandished his dagger.

     "It's too late!" he cackled.

     Scarblade reached for Hannah's arm and drew her close.

     "No, stop!" she cried, desperately trying to escape his grip. He smiled, his eyes flashing. In one quick motion, he had pressed the medallion to her scar.

     A sharp, burning pain seared through her arm and ran through her entire body. Hannah screamed and flailed, but she could feel her energy being drained. Her body started to go limp.

     A red light showered through the ocean. Instantly, small whirlpools started to form everywhere. A fast current began to flow in all different directions, blowing Garin's crew and the Maraquans everywhere. The pirates and Galem's thieves stayed in one spot, as if protected by a barrier.

     "Now... all of Neopia... is MINE!!" Scarblade shrieked menacingly. He gripped the medallion tightly and let Hannah's limp form be sucked away by one of the whirlpools.

To be continued...

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