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Hannah and the Pirate Boy: Curse of the Medallion - Part Four

by lldff


"You imbecile!" Scarblade yelled in rage. Garin flinched, holding the sore side of his face. "I told you to rob someone and then kill them. Again, you come back to me empty-handed and one more Neopet walks free."

     "But she was different!" Garin shouted back. "This one fought back."

     "A girl, that makes you even more inferior. I am disappointed in you, Garin. I expected you to give it your all." Scarblade drew his sword and rested it on Garin's shoulder, next to his neck. "I'll give you one more chance."

     Garin snarled. But before anything else happened, Scarblade smiled smugly. "Oh, there is someone here who has just formed an alliance with us. He is working as my partner. You will show him the same respect you show me.

     Out of the shadows, a menacing Grarrl stepped forward. He was dressed in a thief's garb. A scar ran across one of his eyes.

     Garin's eyes widened. "Garin, meet Galem." Scarblade smiled.

     "So this is that pirate scum that you told me about. He's kind of scrawny, isn't he?" Galem looked over at Scarblade.

     "Scrawny, yes, but you shouldn't underestimate him." Scarblade circled Garin. "He foiled my plans once, and you've got to be awfully cunning to do that. Of course, he did have the help of that fat Maraquan king and the rest of Maraqua to fight with him. But still, he's strong by himself."

     "Why doesn't he prove it? In a fight against me?" Galem snarled with a toothy grin.

     Garin growled. "I don't need to prove anything to you, dirt bag!"

     Galem cackled. "The kid's got guts. Unfortunately," he leaned close to Garin's face, "he needs to learn when to remain silent." Garin glared back.

     Suddenly, a sharp rapping sound came from the hard door. "What do you want?" Scarblade roared. A timid Mynci peered in.

     "I have urgent news for master Galem," he said in his raspy voice that was hard to understand.

     "Well, come in, and give it to me!" Galem ordered.

     The Mynci growled at Garin and then scampered onto Galem's shoulder, whispering in his ear. From the look on his face, Garin couldn't tell if the Grarrl was upset or happy. Then the nasty Mynci fled the room.

     "Scarblade, I need to speak with you alone," Galem said, giving Garin a dirty look.

     "Kette!" the green Lupe shouted. The blue Zafara appeared in the doorway. "Take the boy back to the brig."

     "Aye, aye, Cap'n," she said evilly, grabbed Garin's shoulder, and wretched him out the door.

     "What is it, Galem?" Scarblade asked when Garin was gone.

     "That mangy girl that defeated me is here. Hannah." Galem pounded his fist into his hand.

     "I heard about that." Scarblade crossed his arms. "I never understood how a little Usul could beat someone like you, but I found out when Garin showed up."

     "Yes, well, both of us know that this is the opportunity that we were waiting for. She has what we need, and she came right to us." Galem grinned.

     "How are we going to get her, though? Most likely, she's not going to be out and about."

     "We'll need bait of some kind..." Galem thought for a moment.

     Scarblade brightened. "We need a pirate. One that she has seen before. What would she do in that case?"

     "She'd probably capture it," Galem replied.

     "Tonek!" Scarblade bellowed. The red Kougra ran through the door, a jumbled mess.

     "Yes, Cap'n?" he asked.

     "Take that tracking potion and force Garin to drink it. Then bring him here," Scarblade said.

     "Aye... Cap'n," Tonek said slowly and then disappeared.

     Galem smiled. "Scarblade, you dog! I never would have thought of that."

     Scarblade shrugged. "I don't care what happens to him. He's the perfect bait. When we think that she's got him in captivity, then we'll activate the potion to provide a beacon for us. And we'll get them both."

     The door of the cabin was opened and Garin was shoved in. He was coughing and had a liquid stain on his vest.

     "Ah, Garin. I see you've gotten to try one of our potions," Scarblade laughed. He was replied with a glare. "Tasty, aren't they? Well, I've some good news for you. Your test is passed, and I have an order for you. I need you to capture that girl that defeated you for me."

     "Why?" Garin narrowed his eyes, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. Scarblade sneered.


     Hannah pushed her way into a small inn. She sat herself at an isolated table and folded her hands in her lap. She was only thinking about the Usul boy that she had seen. He was so young. It pained her to see that he had turned to piracy, but he was a pirate nonetheless.

     "Excuse me, honey. Do you want something?" asked a green Yurble. She was standing next to Hannah's table and looking at her with an unfriendly expression.

     "Oh, uh, I'll just have water," Hannah said quietly.

     "Either you order something or you get out. There will be no loitering in this inn," she snapped.

     "Alright," Hannah said nervously. She picked up the dirty slab of paper and looked at the choices. Eventually, she ordered a small soup. The Yurble disappeared. Hannah sighed.

     "Oh, Hannah, what have you gotten yourself into?" She rubbed her forehead. "This is just great. I should find Anji and get out of here." Hannah looked over and saw a scary looking Tuskaninny staring at her. She looked away and swallowed.

     "If that storm outside weren't so fierce we probably could leave. Man, I wish Armin would've come along. I could use some company in this lonely place."

     Just then, the green Yurble appeared and set Hannah's soup before her. A raunchy smell reached Hannah's nose. She nodded a silent thanks. The Yurble gave her a hard look and left.

     Hannah lifted the spoon and drew a portion up to her nose, giving it a hesitant sniff. She scrunched her nose and finally tasted it, but she spat it out immediately. Hannah pushed the bowl forward and took a gulp of her water.

     From behind her, the door of the inn opened and closed quickly. She guessed that someone had come in, but she didn't dare turn around. She saw the green Yurble scurry past to assist the new customer.

     A strange feeling crept up Hannah's spine. She shivered. "I should find another place. Actually, I think I'll go find Anji." She stood up silently and was about to head for the door when she heard a grumpy voice.


     Hannah spun around and saw the green Yurble. "Oh, yeah, thanks for the soup. It was, uh, good."

     "That'll be three dubloons," she said crankily.

     Hannah froze. "D... dubloons?" She reached in her pocket and felt her spare Neopoints. "Y... you don't take Neopoints...?"

     The Yurble narrowed her eyes. "Three dubloons!"

     "Well, I... you see," Hannah stuttered. "I only have Neopoints right now, and..."

     "Are you saying you can't pay for it?" The Yurble was getting angrier. "Do you know what happens when someone doesn't pay?" She took a step forward.

     Hannah's eyes widened, but suddenly, she felt someone stand next to her. "Take your three dubloons!" The money was chucked to the floor. Hannah looked at the Neopet and gasped. It was the very Usul that had threatened her earlier. The Yurble didn't look too happy, but she was satisfied and bent to pick up her payment.

     The boy turned his head to Hannah and stared her in the eyes. Then he turned and walked out of the inn. Hannah frowned and followed him out.

     "What did you do that for?" she demanded.

     He stopped walking and turned around with a small smile. "You needed help," he shrugged. "Why else would I do that?"

     "Yes, but earlier, you tried to rob me," Hannah said with a glower.

     "Let me see..." Garin rubbed his chin. "Uh... I'm a pirate," he said matter-of-factly. "That's what I do."

     "Then why did you do that?"

     "I already answered that. But right now, I need to get you out of here," Garin said quietly. "You're in danger."

     "From you?" Hannah put her hands on her hips.

     "No... I can't tell you. You'll just have to trust me."

     Hannah laughed. "Ha! That's a good one. Trust a pirate. For your information, I capture pirates. In fact, every pirate that hides in the pirate caves fears me."

     "Yeah? Well, I'm not one of them. Please, follow me." Garin turned and started to walk away.

     Hannah wasn't about to let a pirate walk away from her. This was an opportunity for her. She followed close behind him, planning in her mind. Her eyes fell on his Maractite dagger hanging at his side. Her hand passed over the rope that was at her own waist.


      "How do you know we can trust him?" Galem leaned against Scarblade's dark desk, folding his arms.

     "We don't. But I don't think it will matter." Scarblade twisted a side of his moustache.

     Galem nodded. "You're correct. When Hannah sees him, she won't be able to resist trying to capture him. And then it will be easy for us to get them both."

     "Aye." Scarblade bared his teeth. "But don't think it'll be as easy as you make it sound. That young captain has ways of complicating things."

     "Hmm, you're right. And with both of them combined... You don't think we made a mistake, do you?"

     "No." Scarblade shook his head. "I'm sure the plan will proceed as we intended." He pressed his fingertips together. "And if Garin tries something... he'll wish he hadn't." Scarblade's eyes glinted. Galem smiled.

     "Is your crew ready to move in?" Galem asked.

     "Are your thieves?" Scarblade asked back.

     "Yes," Galem replied. "They are itching to attack."

     "Aye to your question, also." Scarblade then held up a small, shining object. It was a crimson medallion. "Who would've thought that this little trinket could do so much damage."

     "I told you it was worth it. The storms in Neopia are the worst we've ever seen."

     "That's what I like to hear." Scarblade rubbed the medallion. "And when we get the final peace, provided by that Usul girl, the curse will be complete and all of Neopia will be mine. Pardon me... ours," Scarblade corrected himself with a growl.

     "I'm looking forward to the day when Neopia will cringe in fear of our power." Galem curled his hand into a fist.

     "All in good time, my good friend," Scarblade rasped. "All in good time."

To be continued...

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