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Hannah and the Pirate Boy: Curse of the Medallion - Part Three

by lldff


Hannah raced out her door as fast as she could and ran to the miniature stables that she had. Her Petpet, a spunky little Snowbunny, jumped at her feet. "Sorry, Miko, this isn't a mission for you." Hannah quickly petted it and then ran into the stables. Kanrik and Armin watched Hannah from the Neohome window.

     "Aren't you going with her?" Kanrik asked.

     Armin shook his head, not tearing his gaze away from outside. "I don't think I want to leave my home. I wouldn't fit in at Krawk Island." Kanrik nodded his head in understanding and gazed back out at Hannah.

     "Anji, you still in here?" Hannah asked as she shut the stable door behind her.

     She was returned with a tired whinny. "Hannah? Is that you? What'd you wake me up for?"

     Hannah walked forward and looked at the white Uni. "We've got to go to Krawk Island."

     "Is it still storming out there?" Anji asked, still trying to wake up.

     "Yes," Hannah replied.

     The Uni groaned. "I'm not flying to Krawk Island. Much less in a storm!"

     "Come on, Anji. Please?" Hannah begged. "It's extremely important. Galem is back and I'm needed."

     Anji eyed the Usul's big brown eyes and decided that she couldn't say no. "Alright, Hannah. But you owe me."

     "Put it on my tab," Hannah said jokingly and ran out of the stable. Anji walked out, blinking in the light.

     The blizzard continued. Everything was surrounded by white, still.

     Hannah ran into the Neohome. "Come on, Armin. We're ready to go."

     "Sorry, Hannah," Armin shook his head apologetically. Kanrik watched Hannah closely. "I'm not going with you." Before Hannah could say anything, Armin explained himself. "It's because I want to stay here. I wouldn't fit in at Krawk Island. You know that's true. Plus, I'm not as big an adventurer as you are, Hannah. Please let me stay."

     Hannah couldn't say no to the cute yellow Bori. "I guess. You can watch over Kanrik." Hannah smirked. "Make sure he doesn't get into trouble."

     Kanrik was about to open his mouth to protest but Hannah had already walked out the door.

     "Let's go, Anji." The Uni galloped up to Hannah and allowed her to climb onto her back. "Head for Krawk Island."

     "I know," stated Anji. She spread her wings and lifted into the air. Anji was barely able to keep herself stable in the air against the strong winds and blinding snow.

     Then they turned towards Krawk Island, leaving Terror Mountain behind. Kanrik and Armin watched the two depart, with heavy hearts.


    "Young Captain Garin," Scarblade spoke menacingly. His voice was dark and unnerving. "If it's even proper to call you 'Captain'," he added. Garin flashed a scowl at him. "Now, now, Garin. Let's not be rash."

     Garin couldn't handle it. Having Scarblade locked in the same room with him was killing him. He swiftly reached down and drew his Maractite dagger out of its scabbard quicker than he had ever done before. Unfortunately, the action's attempt was useless. Scarblade was faster still and, before Garin had realized it, the Lupe pirate had lunged forward and sent Garin's dagger clanging to the wooden floor.

     Scarblade laughed maniacally. "Nice try, boy."

     "What do you want with me?" Garin asked with a snarl.

     "Don't worry, young Captain. Your hide is not plank-worthy. I have a proposition for you." The green Lupe started to circle Garin very slowly. He drew his long sword and playfully kept touching Garin with it.

     The yellow Usul tried not to let his fear show. "I'm listening," Garin said slowly.

     "I want you to join me and my crew," Scarblade hissed in Garin's ear as he passed behind him.

     Garin recoiled and immediately yelled, "Nev-"

     "Hold on, boy," Scarblade bellowed. "Before you deny, I want you to consider some things." Garin shrank back at the booming voice. "I have ways of making you join."

     Garin chortled. He would never join Scarblade.

     "Your crew is gone, along with that tiny heap that you call a ship. Pieces of its wreck were found this morning, floating along the shore. Along with a piece that contained the letters: Black Pawkeet."

     Garin's air left his lungs as if he had been hit. Tears sprang to his eyes but he refused to let them pass. Scarblade sneered, satisfied that his words were sinking in.

     "You are all alone, Captain. You have no ship to be captain of, and you have no crew to captain. Face it, Garin, you need us." Scarblade watched Garin's look of defiance come over his face. "Garin," Scarblade said, lightly rubbing his blade over Garin's chest. "You know as well as I do that you can't live without the open seas, without the adventure of looting and plundering."

     Scarblade fell silent and let Garin think. "I can't join him, I just can't," he thought. "Then again, he is right. I can't live without the pirating adventure. If I don't join now then I may just give up everything. But, if I did become part of his crew, I could figure out how to defeat him. Wait, no, he's my only chance to stay a pirate. I'd never be able to find another crew." Garin looked angrily at Scarblade's gleeful face. "I can't imagine that scum captaining me. I'm used to being Captain."

     "So what'll it be, Garin?" Scarblade's patience was thinning. "And if you refuse, there is always the end of my blade." When Garin still didn't reply, Scarblade came up with another idea. "Listen, young Captain, you would be a major ally to us. To have your power and cunning with us, we would be unstoppable. And, Garin, I am offering you the position of first mate."

     Garin's heart leapt when he heard the offer. "It's as close to Captain as I'd get," he decided in his head. "I've made up my mind, I guess," he thought. "I'll join and find out how to get rid of Scarblade once and for all. Somehow, I don't know how, but somehow I know that Scarblade and these storms are connected."

     "Well?" Scarblade growled.

     "Fine, you've got yourself a deal... Captain." Garin nodded, grimacing at calling another Neopet Captain, much less calling Scarblade Captain. Scarblade chuckled in triumph. He bent and picked up Garin's dagger.

     "A fine blade you have here, Garin. It will help us now that it is on our side." Scarblade handed it back to him. "Oh, and did I mention that we have to put you through a series of tests of obedience, just in case you aren't altogether and completely willing to do what ever I say." Garin nodded his head soberly.


      Hannah and Anji battled the elements as they flew to Krawk Island. Anji could barely remain upright. The winds were pushing her around like a feather and the driving rain was blinding her. Hannah tried to shield her face, but no matter what she tried, she couldn't top everything from blowing in her eyes.

     "Hannah!" Anji yelled over the roars. "I've got to pull down, these gales are too strong."

     The Usul looked down and tried to see the ground, but all she could see was a blurry mass of gray and blue.

     "There's bound to be an island or something down there," Anji pointed out.

     "Fine," Hannah agreed reluctantly. "Try to find a place to land."

     The Uni dove towards the ground instantly. As they neared the sea, they could see that its waters were churning and creating massive waves.

     "I think I see a stretch of land over there." The Uni signaled with her head.

     "Ok, go for it," Hannah encouraged.

     Anji dove sharply, descending at a great speed. The rain pelted Hannah's face like small stinging bullets. She shut her eyes tightly. The white Uni soared above the tiny island. For the small moment when she opened her eyes, Hannah saw a small cluster of village in one part. There was a small harbor with one ship at berth.

     Her steed landed on the ground hard, panting exuberantly. "That was a close one," she said.

     Hannah slid off the Uni's back, took the reins, and led her towards the little village. Another strong gust of wind picked up and blew debris everywhere. Hannah shielded her face as her hair whipped around.

     Finally, they made it into the center of the village, where the winds were being partially blocked from the buildings.

     "Where are we, do you know?" Anji asked, twisting her head around to look at the place.

     Hannah shook her head and squinted. "No. I've never been to this island before."

     "Do you think it could be Roo Island?" Anji inquired.

     Again, Hannah shook her head. "No. This place is too gloomy."

     Suddenly, a shiver ran up her spine. Hannah looked around nervously. She had a strange feeling brewing in the pit of her stomach. "We're not alone," she thought.

     "Anji, go and find some shelter. I want to stay here for a bit longer."

     The Uni looked at her blankly but then sauntered off.

     Now the feeling was stronger. She wasn't alone, she knew that for certain. The feeling wouldn't go away. It was her instinctive warning. Her eyes darted to a building. Was that a figure she had just seen.

     Hannah clenched her paws into fists. There was no way she was going to be snuck up on.

     But then, it happened. She had expected it, but it came too quickly.

     A short, mystical dagger slipped in front of her throat. She tensed, scolding herself. "Hello, miss," whispered a dark voice in her ear.

     The voice was shadowy, yes, but it wasn't sinister, as she had expected. It was a pirate, probably. True, the voice seemed bred for pirating, but for some reason, she felt like there was a resistance in it. Almost like it was miserable with what it was doing.

     "Hand over all your treasure and I'll be on my way," the voice snarled.

     Hannah clenched her paws into fists and whirled around, ready. "Now see here, you... "

     The holder of the dagger reacted better than Hannah had hoped. He recoiled in bewilderment. Hannah held up her fists ready.

     What she was staring at surprised her, though. It was a young Usul. He stared back at her with a vengeance in his eyes. Hannah narrowed her eyes and memorized his features.

     The pirate gathered his wits and pointed the dagger to her throat again. "Give me all of your valuables now!"

     Hannah smiled. "I have none."

     But then, the pirate drew back his arm to strike. Hannah wasn't about to let the attack hit its target. With ultra speed, she threw a punch at the young Usul's face. He stumbled backwards. Hannah dropped to the ground and spun, knocking his feet out from underneath him. He slammed to the ground.

     Before the pirate had any time to react, Hannah had already gone. He stared after her and sheathed his sword. I failed again, he thought.

To be continued...

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