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The Art of Pet Pages

by lightningsock


Pet pages. We all have 'em. But do we all use them? I'm sorry to say the answer's no. At least fifty percent of the pet pages I've visited are either blank or set to default. Now, call me weird, but I love to look at pet pages! Whenever I'm bored, I'll check out a few of my Neofriend's pet pages, or even take a glimpse at the boards, and scan over theirs too. I love it! Or - most of it, shall I say?

What just crushes me is what I said before, a blank or default pet page. There's just so many things to do with them, why don't you? It's more amusing to me (and to the majority of the people I've chatted to about this) to click that little Lupe button and find something that I could get involved in for a few moments or more, wouldn't you agree? Sure, some joy is found in staring at the flashing text and pictures at a default page, but it's a bit old school in my opinion. There's bunches of things to do with a pet page, so why not try some out? I've come up with a cluster of them, which you can read about below.

Graphics! I know, I know. All of us aren't wizards at the art of HTML or CSS, but for those who are, why not show it off? We wanna see! From Userlookups to Blinkies, there's thousands of things that you could make with Photoshop to even the basic Paint.

Your Art! Either made on the computer or drawn, and then scanned, I'm sure it's terrific! You could draw a dog or a Lupe, a Wocky or a cat. If it's a bit messy, who cares? Art comes in all shapes and forms. Abstract, modern, etc., etc. Everyone could do with the enjoyment of a funny little picture, or even a former Beauty Contest entry that you won with. I myself would enjoy seeing both.

Screenies! Come on, don't you love them? Well, the good ones, I guess. Whenever you unlock that secret level or get that avatar you've been working oh-so-hard for, why not take a screenshot? Plus, you have to admit, Board ones are very hilarious! When you just find the silliest (or even stupidest) message that someone wrote, just press that handy dandy "Print Screen" button.

Random Pics or Articles! Haven't you ever found some article or picture you find interesting or informative? That's what pet pages are for! If you like it, don't you think your Neofriends or guild members would like to hear about it? Of course. Just make sure the content is acceptable for Neopets, and it'll be A-okay!

Characters! Now I'm sure at least some of you out there are in a roleplaying guild. Well, people want to know about the personalities and physical looks of whomever. It can range from cats all the way to little faeries or elves. You could even add a little picture if you wanted, to get their looks to the point.

Your Info! There's not always room for everything on your Userlookup, so post some things about yourself, like what your hobbies are, your interests, and more on your pet page! Just don't give out anything too personal. But hey, this idea may earn you some Neofriends, and I for one am totally open to meeting new people.

Stories/Poetry! If you're an unknown writer, or if everyone adores your work, post some of your writing here. I love seeing people's different styles of writing, and I'm sure lots of others would too.

Now, I think I've covered what you can insert into your pet page, but there are some things that make it a little more "luffable."

Well, to make your page look good, make it colorful! Add some pictures or graphics that go with what you're talking about. Here, I'll draw out a little scenario for you:

So, your buddy told you to check out their pet page. They just made it, so they can show off some of their poetry. As you click that magical pet page button, it opens up. What do you see? A white page with black, normally sized text, uncentered.


You click the button, and there you see a nice pretty blue and white swirly background with bold text, and pictures to symbolize each poem. At the top, there's a banner reading, "Whoever's Poems" (Please note, that their name isn't actually "Whoever".)

Get what I'm saying? You want an attention grabber. Something that stands out, so that whoever visits it wants to tell all their friends to come and visit YOUR pet page. You could become a Neopets celebrity, with your name in lights on every billboard! Okay, well, maybe not, but you could get some nice neomails!

So, on another perspective of pet pages; I'm sure you've noticed that Neopets users judge you by your graphics, amount of avatars, and hark! pet pages. Yet another reason to improve/make a pet page.

When you're advertising on the Boards for say, your website, and you tell them to get more info on it at your pet's page, they might now not decide to go, because of the lack of color or interest on the page. It's kind of like-first impressions in a way. And, if I might add, denies the viewer's "good" opinion about your work.

I myself, use my pet pages for my charrie's information. Well, on two of them at least. On the others, I put random things that I like, or find funny. Also, I might add that all things that I mentioned in this article aren't needed for a good-looking pet page. I don't usually use backgrounds, but with nice text and pictures they turn out pretty well. I might add as well that I'm not the best at pet pages. I'm pretty good, and I have no reason to complain. I guess what I'm trying to pronounce in this last paragraph is that you don't need a huge flashing sign to make it look fantastic. You can do it by some nice looking text and pictures.

So, as you have read, there are many, many good reasons to make an impressive pet page.

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