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Worst Toys EVER?! o_O

by purplepassiony2k


Do you know what toys your Neopets are playing with right this second? Owners may not know that playing with certain toys could affect the social and emotional development of their pet, and may even be hazardous to their health. Your pets can find a way to play with almost anything they see around them! I have written an article to help you protect them against the dark side of Neopia and finding misfortune. I know that your Neopet's safety and well-being are very important to you. Making informed decisions about what you purchase for them is always important!

What were the inventors thinking?! o_O

5) RED MARBLEMAN PLUSHIE: - One word. Scary. Maybe it's not obvious to you, but let's take a closer look at this toy. It's red and it's got teeth. It does. Look closer, just not too close. Trust me. If you still don't think so, then the eyes should freak you out all by themselves. So, let's imagine you are snug and safe in your Jeran Bed in your Neohome. It's dark. You have to rely on only the light by which the moon could offer. You hear strange noises outside, but you're brave right? Suddenly your think your eyes are playing tricks on you, you hope so anyway, because the Red Marbleman Plushie that is sitting on your Funky Blue and Orange Drawer turns around and shoots the most evil smile at you. He... just... won't... stop... staring... at... YOU! Creepy, eh? It's just your imagination of course; however, some pets can and do grow up with a Fear of Marbleman--the real name for this is marblemanphobia! Just keep in mind that you want some kind of friendly looking toys for your beloved Neopets! Some less scarier suggestions: Air Faerie Doll, Blue Kadoatie Plushie, Baby Blumaroo Plushie or even Blue Acara Plushie!

4) PANT DEVIL PLUSHIE: The Pant Devil appears and steals your ! Maybe it's just a plushie version, but it's a constant reminder of what you've lost. The Pant Devil is a strange creature; he prefers to steal everyone's items if they are not put away! It could be junk or it could be something you only moved for a split second and was worth mega-Neopoints! He has been spotted all over Neopia, so keep alert! No one actually expects the snickering little Pant Devil to actually attack them, but when he does... you might want to pummel him in the Battledome! Hey, maybe with bringing lucky vibes into your home you'll get nice SHH events instead! Some positive suggestions: Easter Bunny Quiguki (Easter Cybunny gives you a Negg), Usuki Zombie (Passing zombie gives you a treasure map), Artistic Usuki (Jacko the painter might drop a petpet paintbrush), or lastly own an Alien Aisha Plushie (Alien Aisha gives you a Basic Golden Nerkmid)! Hey, you never know. Anything's better than waiting for the Pant Devil to steal your stuff! *giggles*

3) NEW YEAR FIRE CRACKERS: Fire Crackers and Neopets. Two words that shouldn't be in the same sentence. Your first clue that I might be right would be to read the item description: "Remember don't throw these at people and always use with an adult around!" So, even if some say they are a toy... they definitely are not! Do not allow young Neopets to play with fire crackers under any circumstances. You'll be glad you listened. Some suspenseful suggestions: Harris in a Box, Baby Fireball in a Box, Buzz in a Box or a Beekadoodle in a Box! Now that just might make them jump with excitement instead! Also, let me suggest buying some of those crackers with surprises inside such as a Kacheek Cracker or Meerca Cracker. Woot!

2) FIRE KAZOO: (Ok, this includes whistles and other noisy toys!): Is your Neopet going through an obnoxious period, trying to be annoying and of course won't stop using his Fire Kazoo or the other noisy toys that you happily bought for him/her? ARGGH! The noisy toys which young pets are given were designed to bring them fun, but they might also result in hearing loss. "Huh?" Noisy toys are often potentially more dangerous to hearing because pets hold them closer to their ears. Young pets should still be encouraged to enjoy themselves but be reminded that they can still have fun in a Neopian world that is quieter. In fact, they may also rediscover the wonders of activities of reading books! Some other quiet suggestions: Maths Blocks, Acorn Yoyo, Blackberry Spinning Top, Blue Cup and Ball Toy, Golden Pull-Along Scarab, Wind Up Nuranna, Pteri Jacks, Mootix Marbles, Blue Buzz Jigsaw or a Faerie Kacheek Kite.

1) DR_DEATH PLUSHIE: One of the most feared creatures of ALL of Neopia is the grumpy, yellow Techo! Some say he actually enjoys being the keeper of the pound! Isn't it so sad wandering around the pound? Don't you just feel the urge to adopt them all? Do you know a Neopet that has been abandoned? Then of course you would understand why this is the #1 worst toy for your Neopet. Dr. Death even in plushie form is quite scary looking. One could almost see his evilish grin looking at you, hoping you will be the next Neopet who gets to be stuck with him for the rest of your Neo-life! Ah, er... anyway, sorry... sometimes I can be dramatic. I can't help it. One look and you can see those adorable little pets are very unhappy with huge droopy sad eyes, and at this point, they're so red, and teary! Most of the pets at the pound were abandoned because the owner got tired of playing with them, which is sad. So, if you have the time and money, think about adopting another friend for you and your family! As for the ones who have been adopted, they are very happy to have found a loving owner, but do you really want them to relive this nightmare of their time spent in that scary pound while playing with this Dr_Death plushie? Some positive suggestions: Island Paint Brush Plushie, Disco Paint Brush Plushie and Faerie Paint Brush Plushie. (They will think happy thoughts of being painted in the near future, a future with you of course!)

For the obvious reasons, along with some villains earning their place in the Gallery of Evil, here are some other toys to avoid! In short... BEWARE! Wind Up Dr. Sloth Toy, The Ghost Lupe Plushie, Shadow Usul Plushie, Yoyo of Death, Hubrid Nox Plushie, Xantan Plushie of Death, Jelly Chia Plushie, Vira Plushie, Wind Up Lord Darigan, Tax Beast Plushie, Whack A Kass Puppet, Morguss Action Figure, Court Dancer Tambourine, Masila Plushie, Galem Plushie, Captain Scarblade Action Figure, Greedy Kadoatie Piggy Bank, Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll, Von Roo Plushie, Gigantic Balthazar Plushie, Meerca Brothers Toy Lock Picks, Meuka Piñata and the newly introduced... Razul Plushie with Real Fire Action! *shivers at the thought of bumping into one of these creatures!* So, for all intent purposes - avoid having these around and you just might ward off the evil spirits. ;)

There are thousands of fun and interesting toys available; selecting the right ones for your Neopet is very important. (Disclaimer: My article is just for fun; no harm will ever come of your Neopets with any of these toys mentioned... so go ahead and spoil your loyal Neopets!) Yah!

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