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Destiny of Seamstress Cybunny: Part One

by anime_cybunny


About a month had passed since I graduated from the Neopian Teaching Academy. The Neopian Teaching School was the only school that was close enough to where I lived. It concentrated on transforming Neopets into teachers. A lot of events happened during that time period.

     While we were practicing for graduation, Colleen and Colette, my twin sisters, made a mess of things. Both of them wished to challenge me after everyone else evacuated the school. I had to accept because I doubted that anyone would let me back in the building. The two twins were almost defeated the first time around. I lost my voice at the end of the battle.

     I also fainted because of the strong winds and snow that blew past me. Knowing well that Colleen and Colette would attack other places, I prepared myself for the battle that lay ahead. To the twins, the battle was over. However, to me, the battle wasn't close to over yet.

     The second time, I pulled off a victory with my Mega Carrot Blaster filled with steel carrots. After the battle, I was only able to whisper. That was not a fantastic sign because I had to say a poem after going up to receive my certificate. Fortunately, Shai, my boss and friend, showed up and assisted me. She was a kind and elderly Wocky with many wrinkles.

     I survived on Terror Mountain, where it was difficult to keep warm. The area where I lived only had one major blizzard during the year. About everyone in the village knew me, and recognized me. I was known as Sakura, sometimes called Seamstress Cybunny because of the fact that I worked in Shai's Outfitters. I was a pink Cybunny that was usually curious. Now, I was the owner of Shai's Outfitters because of what happened in the past.

     After I arrived back to my village, there was a celebration occurring. The villagers all cheered with excitement as they saw me. I was worn out after the long hop, but I stayed for a few minutes. Of course, all of the villagers understood as they left with the sensation of me graduating. Since then, nothing exciting or unusual occurred until one day.

     That day was quite frigid as usual. I arrived at Shai's Outfitters, which sold many different outfits and plushies. Around that time, since I did not open the shop yet, I would start working on different designs after sketching them out on paper. I looked through the supply of fabric in the tea coloured cabinet. While displaying the outfits, I noticed a green Kougra walking by the shop.

     "Could it be?" I thought. I quickly finished placing the last of the outfits, dashed out the door, and looked for the green Kougra that I saw. The green Kougra was a little bit ahead of me. Since I was able to hop pretty fast because of hopping far in the past, I was able to catch up. However, I ran out of breath before reaching the green Kougra.

     I knew what I had to do, so I started calling her name at my usual voice and tone. The green Kougra did not even turn around. She kept walking away. I wasn't really amused by the fact, so I cleared my throat for a moment. If a regular call did not work, then a shout would have better progress.

     "Miss Kougra!" I finally shouted as loud as possible. It was great that no one else was around to hear my scream, since the Kougra pivoted instantly. The petite green Kougra was just as I predicted - Miss Kougra. She had a few wrinkles here and there, but cared deeply about her students.

     After I suddenly crashed to the snow to try and breathe, Miss Kougra hurriedly approached me without hesitating. She was trying to figure out for a moment what I was. I got up carefully as Miss Kougra figured out what I was.

     "Sakura!" she exclaimed. "It's been a while."

     "Hi," I simply replied. Both of us went back to Shai's Outfitters. I went to the kitchen area and made tea. Miss Kougra was getting used to her surroundings since she had not been in her mother's shop for a while. We chatted about what happened during the last month until evening.

     Suddenly, a mysterious wind went by. I heard screaming and shouting, so I went out to see what the problem was. After opening the door, I saw two familiar yellow Cybunnies in front of me - Colleen and Colette. The two of them grinned evilly after seeing me. I gasped.

     "If it isn't Seamstress Cybunny!" Colleen exclaimed and grinned. Colette grinned with her sister as the twins slowly approached me. They backed away suddenly because they heard something from inside Shai's Outfitters.

     "What's going on out there, Sakura?" Miss Kougra called from the sofa. I was not able to answer that question because Colette grabbed me and tied me onto the sled. Miss Kougra popped out to see what was happening. After closing the door quietly, the Kougra was attacked by large stones. I blankly stared at the twins as Colleen and Colette kept throwing rocks.

     I struggled from the tightly tied ropes as Colleen and Colette finished their attack. Miss Kougra was lying in front of Shai's Outfitters, unconscious. Colleen and Colette both giggled at their actions. They both hopped on the sled as I finally broke the ropes.

     However, that was not enough to free me from their clutches. I was about to yell something, but Colleen covered my mouth with her paw. Colette controlled the sled as we went far away from the village. The sled finally stopped as we arrived at a familiar destination. It was known as the Rock Caves.

     The twins quickly tied me up in more ropes. Colette made sure that the ropes were tighter than before. Both twins prepared their plan of attacking me. I wondered what they were going to do at first.

     "You're going to finish me off like you did with Shai, right?" I asked. Colleen stuck her tongue out at me. I assumed that the answer was yes. However, Colette stepped forward cautiously.

     "Not exactly, Seamstress," Colette sweetly replied with sarcasm. The Cybunny pointed to the machine Colleen was finishing. Colleen hopped as fast as the wind toward me.

     "This is your perpetual chastisement for destroying our plans in the past," Colleen explained. "Not even you would be able to stop our invention.

     The machine was like a miniature version of the Lab Ray. However, it was not as complicated to control. Instead of changing many stats, that machine only did one action. That very action was to destroy.

     "Why couldn't you two stayed in the dungeon like good Cybunnies?" I asked. Colleen and Colette stealthily escaped the dungeon once again. I never was able to figure out how they escaped.

     Colette grinned as she replied, "Because we're never good Cybunnies. You, of all Neopets, should have known that by now. We also grow stronger with every escape. Isn't that right, Colleen?"

     "Of course, Colette," Colleen replied. "In fact, I'm very sure that this plan will actually work! The plan is well done, well planned, and well everything!"

     "I think we got the idea," Colette muttered. She noticed me giggling a little. The Cybunny growled.

     "What's so hilarious, Sakura?" Colleen asked with curiosity.

     "You, of course!" I replied with a laugh. "Colleen, you've changed so much since the last month!"

     "Shut it!" Colette suddenly yelled. "You sound just like my mother!" My laughing stopped as Colleen stared at her sister. We both became clueless at the same time. Colleen eventually realized what she was supposed to do as the two twins prepared the machine for blasting. I became very nervous as soon as I heard the machine starting up. Was I going to end up like Shai?

     Both of the twins whispered to each other about what to do. I was quivering with fear as I attempted to free myself from the ropes. All that happened was nothing. Colleen and Colette looked at me as if to check that I was prepared for what was to happen ahead.

     "Will the machine function at night, though?" I heard Colleen whispered to Colette. Colette nodded as she commanded her sister to fire the machine. It seemed that I was going to be finished off. As the machine fired, I quickly closed my eyes. The blast actually took out a few boulders in the Rock Caves.

     When I opened my eyes again, all three of us suddenly saw a shimmering light. The light came from the entrance of the Rock Caves. Colleen and Colette wondered where the light was coming from, while I was predicting. Both of the twins growled as the mysterious light came closer and closer.

     Colleen and Colette gulped right before gasping. They did not realize that such an event would occur right before I was to be eliminated. One of the twins rushed to the machine to turn it off, while the other was just watching the light. I wondered if my prediction was accurate. Both of the twins were shaky as the light suddenly stopped moving. The three of us wondered what the light would do next.

     After the machine was off, the shimmering light slowly disappeared. Replacing the light was a very familiar Neopet. The Neopet was someone that I knew for a long time. Colleen and Colette figured out who it was as I discovered that my prediction was correct. It turned out that the mysterious Neopet was none other than Shai.

To be continued...

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