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Rink Runner: Skating to Perfection

by misterp55555


Rink Runner was once a challenging game for me. It would be one of the games that I would never play. However, when it became a featured game, I decided to play it, and suddenly it seemed easy! If you are having some trouble with this game, then you came to the right place. In this article, I will tell you all of the tips that I have used to make this an easy game of 3,000 neopoints a day.

Why should I even play this game?

Well, you don’t have to play the game. It doesn’t provide you with an avatar, and it doesn’t have a World Challenge, but I still recommend this game. This great game has a pretty decent neopoint-score ratio. For every 100 points, you earn 600 neopoints. This means you only need a score of 167 to receive 1000 neopoints. Such a low score can be reached after level 6, which is very early on in the game. I bet you are probably thinking, “Why not play Dubloon Disaster? It has the same ratio, and it gets an avatar. Plus, it has a secret code!” I think that Rink Runner is in fact easier to earn neopoints from than Dubloon Disaster because Rink Runner is a fast game while Dubloon Disaster depends on luck for a fast game. Also, Rink Runner does not have a secret code because it is so easy, it does not need one! So, there are my reasons for playing Rink Runner: it is a fast game, and it provides a nice amount of neopoints.

The Rules and Controls

First are the controls. How else can you play the game? All you need to play is the mouse. Move your cursor to where you want the Bruce to go.

The rules are quite simple. All you have to do is grab the musical notes. You grab the musical notes by jumping into them. Avoid the sharp notes. These look like tic-tac-toe boards, if you ask me. You should also avoid grabbing the flat notes. They look like a lower case “b” to me.

Above all else, DO NOT (I repeat, DO NOT) click in the water, which will begin to appear in level two. Doing so will automatically disqualify you and will therefore end your game. You really want to avoid this if you want to raise your score.

At the end of each level, three judges, located at the bottom right corner, will give you a personal score of 0 to 10. (Yes, it is possible to earn a zero. I should know.) Your score is all three of the judges’ scores added together. Therefore, the highest score is a 30, and the lowest score is a 0.

The Levels (a.k.a. Rounds)

Level 1-This level is all ice. There is no water, so you should easily earn a perfect 30. Music notes appear as black. Score to Proceed=20

Level 2-This level is very similar to Level 1, except for the fact that small water puddles begin to form. Still, there should be no problem to earn a perfect 30. Music notes appear green. Score to Proceed=21

Level 3-In this level, the amount of water dramatically increases and makes the game tougher. Personally, I am very surprised the water level changes like this near the beginning. Do not expect a 30 on this level to be easy. Music notes appear blue. Score to Proceed=22 (see the pattern?)

Level 4-This is the first level to have four ice islands. You would think with less ice, it is tougher, but I find this level easier than Level 3. I think that this level I easier because the islands tend to drift, covering more area than you think. Music notes are still blue. Score to Proceed=23

Levels 5 and on are quite similar to Level 4 except that the islands change positions, and you need a higher score to proceed. The highest score you will ever be required to reach is the perfect 30.


-Music notes, including sharp and flat notes, go through this color order: black, green, blue, orange, red. Music notes disappear after red. Music notes appear blue at the later levels.

-The water spots and island movements never change from game to game. After playing this game frequently, you should have these locations memorized. If you do not remember when they move to a certain area, then at the very least memorize the positions and be ready for the change.

-You are allowed 30 jumps per level before your jumps count against you. Each level, there are also 30 music notes to grab. This means each jump you make must grab a note. If you miss a note, try grabbing two notes in one jump.

-If you allow one note to disappear, the highest score you can get for the level is a 29. If you are at the later levels, you must grab every note.

-Don’t be afraid to grab a bad note. By this I mean sharp notes and flat notes. Why shouldn’t you be afraid? If you grab one by accident, you can still receive a perfect 30! This applies to the later levels as well as the beginning levels. Plus, the bad notes are quite uncommon. Still avoid them if you can.

-This tip just concerns the previous tip. Although it is safe to grab a bad note, I personally find that grabbing one bad note makes them appear more frequently. However, I am unsure if my luck is just bad.

-On Level 3, you may be focused on just the to-be ice islands. You shouldn’t forget that you could still use the thin strips of ice.

-Is there a note close to the island but still above the water? Try moving the Bruce on the edge of the island. If the note is close enough to the ice island, then you might grab it.

-Another thing about grabbing notes is that you do not always have to go to a different island to grab a note if it is on the same island. Just make a small jump to grab it.

-Unfortunately it's true; if a note flies right over you, you will not grab it. You still have to click somewhere for it to count.

-This is very important. STAY ON THE ICE! DO NOT GO IN THE WATER!

Thank you for reading my guide. I hope it has helped you to earning your quick 3000 neopoints each day from this game.

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