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The Space Faerie's Apprentice

by unique7889


Sitting on the cold hard ground was a young faerie. She wasn't any specific type of faerie either. She was flipping through a book that described each of the different types of faeries. Ice, fire, earth... She longed to be any kind. Skye sighed. She was given such as normal name because it could be fitting for almost any type of faerie. She lived on the light faerie clouds, because when her real mother saw that she wasn't any specific kind of faerie, she abandoned her. Queen Fyora had chosen a kind family for her to live with until she started her apprenticeship. Her apprenticeship was not going too well. Her teacher was kind to her, but... Skye was having a lot of trouble learning light faerie magic. While all the other faeries were swapping tales of all the wonderful things they had learned, the only good thing she had to say was that she had gone three days without accidentally blowing anything up. Just as she stood up and brushed her pale hair out of her face, she saw a tall beautiful light faerie's face sneer at her. It was Luminessa, the most beautiful and popular faerie on the light faerie clouds.

     "Fantasizing about actually becoming a faerie, Skye?" Luminessa mocked her. "Well, you won't have to for much longer, because I heard that Queen Fyora is going to take away your magic and you'll become a grey faerie. Not that you can do much magic anyway. I bet the only magic you could ever do is the magic that the baby faeries in the nursery do. But you will be able to roam the streets of Neopia begging for food."

     "I can do magic," Skye said meekly.

     "Sure. Whatever. See you later, Miss Grey Faerie." Luminessa walked off, her pretty and delicate posse trailing behind her.

      Skye decided to go to Neopia. She grabbed a few neopoints, told her teacher where she was going, and flew off, her pale wings beating behind her. Almost every feature about Skye was pale: her skin, her hair, her wings. The only things that weren't pale were her eyes. They were a deep blue that twinkled like the night sky. Queen Fyora thought that maybe because her eyes were different it would be a clue as to what type of faerie she would become, but nothing came from it.

     Skye was walking along the street, looking for a place to get some food, when a great pain in her head caused her to drop to the ground. She looked around and saw a blue Kacheek being dragged to the pound by its owner.

     "No!!" the Kacheek yelled, tears streaming out of its eyes. "Please don't leave me in the pound to die!"

     The owner just kept dragging the pet along, getting more forceful as the Kacheek started to grab anything it could reach.

     I have to do something! Skye thought. She flew over to the owner and pet, and said quickly "I'll find a home for your pet, don't worry." The owner shrugged and started to walk back to his neohome. Skye picked up the Kacheek and flew over to the food shop. The poor pet looked malnourished; she needed to get some food into him.

     "Miss Faerie, thank you so much!" the Kacheek said once he hat eaten some soup.

     "I didn't want you to have to go to the pound," Skye replied.

      Once Skye had found a nice caring home for the Kacheek, she flew back to the light faerie clouds. What had happened today was an odd incident. She decided to tell her teacher about it.

     "Well, it was probably just a coincidence that you got a bad headache at the same time a neopet needed help. If you're really worried, we can go to the doctor tomorrow," her teacher said.

      Well, thought Skye. That certainly went well. The doctor had told her teacher that she was overstressed and needed to rest. Now she couldn't investigate her mysterious headache. Her teacher had gone out to the store to get some supplies (Skye had sort of accidentally thrown them out the window when she couldn't do the magic.) She went down to Neopia again. Just as it had the last time, a spasm of pain in her head threw on her knees. She glanced quickly around and saw a sick neopet who didn't have enough money to purchase medicine. The medicine shop owner was just about to kick the poor neopet out of the shop.

     "Wait!" Skye said. She fished around in her bag and handed over the neopoints for the medicine. When Skye received the medicine she immediately gave it to the sick neopet, who once cured was hugging her with joy.

     "Thank you so so much, Miss Faerie. I thought that I would be sick forever."

     "Don't worry about it. I love helping pets in need."

     The pet skipped off, looking much better than she had before. Skye knew that now it wasn't just a coincidence. Something was up. She should go to Queen Fyora! That was what she was going to do.

      The next day, Skye flew over to Queen Fyora's grand palace. Soon she was able to meet with the queen.

     "Hello, your Majesty. I wanted to speak with you about something that has been troubling me," Skye said.

     "Please call me Fyora, Skye. What is it that you wanted to speak with me about?" Fyora replied.

     "Well, two days ago, I was in Neopia when I got a humongous headache. I looked around and saw a neopet in trouble. I helped them, but I just thought it was a coincidence. The same thing happened the next day, though!"

     "You know what," Fyora said in a voice of awe, "I think I know what faerie you are. I'm going to tell you a story, and then you will understand. Many years ago, I had a young faerie your age come in to my palace. She, like you, was no specific type of faerie, and had the same predicament as you too. I trained her to help neopets, and her magic grew stronger and stronger every day. Then, one fateful day, she saved Neopia. Do you know what faerie I'm talking about?"

     "No," Skye said, her voice shaking with anxiousness.

     "She became the Space Faerie."

* * *

     "The Space Faerie who saved Neopia from Dr. Sloth??!!!??" Skye exclaimed.

     "Yes. Her hair became a deep blue, her eyes red, and her long graceful legs glittered like the night sky. Now you will be her apprentice. I hope you won't miss being a light faerie apprentice too much," Fyora said, her purple eyes glittering with laughter.

     Skye turned to walk out the door after saying goodbye and promising to come back tomorrow, but then she stopped. She needed to see one more thing for this to be the perfect day.

     "Fyora?" she asked. "Were you going to turn me into a grey faerie if I didn't become a specific type of faerie soon?"

     "No, of course not!" Fyora said, sounding shocked. "I would never take away a faerie's magic just because she was no specific faerie. I'll tell you a secret," she added, her voice lowering. "I'm no specific type of faerie. Some people think I'm an air faerie, but I'm not. However, faeries that aren't any type always develop their own type of unique, beautiful magic."

     "Thanks," Skye said.

      Wow! She was a space faerie!!!! What would everyone say? She reached the light faerie clouds, flew into her house, plopped down onto her bed and fell asleep. When she woke up she felt different. She knew that it was morning, so she figured she should prepare herself for to go to Fyora's palace. She went over to the mirror and gasped at what she saw. Her once pale hair was now deep blue, long, and silky. Her skin was dark blue and glittered, as Fyora said, "like the night sky." She was beautiful. Since she didn't know how much longer she would be on the light faerie clouds, she decided to have some fun with Luminessa.

      Skye donned the outfit of the space faerie, which Fyora had given to her. As soon as Luminessa saw her, she jumped up and said, "Oh Miss Space Faerie, how are you? You look so beautiful today!!! I am so happy that you decided to visit the light faerie clouds today. I always love it when you grace us with your presence."

     "Well," Skye replied, "I am a space faerie, but not the one you think I am."

     "Well, then, which one are you?" Luminessa said, her voice losing some of its honeysuckle.

     "My name is Skye."

     "Wait, you mean the Skye who was an ugly, boring, plain old faerie??" Luminessa said, her voice shocked.

      "The one and only," Skye replied, and she skipped away, leaving, Luminessa and her friends gaping at her.

* * *

      When Skye was called into Fyora's quarters, she was both excited and nervous. Would the Space Faerie like her? Would she be good at space faerie magic, or fail? She opened the door, and there was the Space Faerie and Fyora.

     "Hello, Skye. I have heard much about you," the Space Faerie said.

     "He-hello," Skye stuttered.

     "Well, everything seems to be in order. Your teacher is glad that you will be able to excel in your type of magic," Fyora said.

     Skye and the Space Faerie said goodbye, and they flew up into the sky, to the Space Faerie's home. As Skye looked around and saw the stars twinkling, she knew that she was where she truly belonged, and could help neopets to the point of preventing death for them. She could do it.

The End

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