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Neopets Vegetarianism?!

by omomake


There are hundreds upon hundreds of food items, from Qasalan Delights to Tyrannian food. There are so many different kinds of food that your pet can choose from. I myself have learned from experience that there is food my pet simply won't go near. How can you not like a delicious, juicy Bagguss? But that's my Ixi's issue, not mine, and actually, I'm straying from the subject. Anyway, whether your pet finds eyeball custard delicious or not, they have a choice. (Though some owners tend to find feeding their pets free omelette every day the best solution.)

Amongst these great varieties of food, you will find quite horrible foods such as Meerca Pie and Blumaroo Steak! I'm sure you can all guess how those are made. I don't know about you, but these foods look to me like they just came out of the Book of Evil! After finding out about these foods, I began to think. Where is the Sausage from Sausage Omelettes coming from? How about the tongue from Tongue with Veggies? There is only one place. And you can guess where.

This finding out of things has led to entire new fad on Neopets! This is a fad in which I take part of. Neopets vegetarianism. Rather than feeding your pet other pets, some owners have decided to go out of their way and shop at the Health Food store, or trade their Sausage Omelettes for Carrot and Pea omelettes. How interesting for owners to teach their pets to avoid eating their friends! I've gone around on the Neoboards and have collected some opinions on this matter to see just what people think of this new phenomenon.

Zisti says, "I support Neopian Veggie-eaters. It may not seem important, but since I don't have real pets, I try to take care of my pets the best I can. In real life, being a vegetarian keeps you healthy and happy, so I want my neopets to be that way, too." Although pets in real life often need meat, Neopets do not. Zisti brings up a good point when she says that staying vegetarian is healthy for you pet. Also, many of the pets on this site look like they have herbivorous teeth shapes.

Although Zisti thinks it's a good idea, there are some who are against it. Another person, who wishes to remain anonymous, neomailed me saying, "I don't support this at all. Being vegetarian is a personal choice that people make on their own. Not allowing your pet to eat meat is just not right, unless you get a random event where your Neopet says they don't want to eat meat anymore, and that's not going to happen. Besides, they're just pixels."

Although some opinions clash, some Neopians decide to stay neutral. Chip13giggles says, "I feed my pets a well-balanced diet containing meats, vegetables, and every so often a few treats. I still don't understand why people want to feed their VIRTUAL pets a special diet, as long as they're not just feeding them junk food. They should feed their pets with meat AND vegetables, but if people choose to just eat meat or just eat vegetables, then let them."

As you can see, there are all kinds of opinions about Neopet vegetarians. Which side are you on? That's your choice. After all, it's not like anyone is going to be bugging you about what your pet's diet is anyway, right? But this article is about Neopets vegetarianism and, if you're interested in it, keep reading. If you're against it, you might want to leave to go enjoy some Blumaroo Steak. Or if you're simply interested in the concept behind all of this, feel free to read along!

Here are some reasons why people decide to have their Neopets go vegetarian. For one thing, if you have a neopet whose family members are being chopped up and served off, you might not want to resort to cannibalism. Also, some pets have friends with species whose families are in their food. It might be a little disrespectful to dig into some steak while a Kau is present, don't you think? Certainly that Meerca won't enjoy the pie you baked when there's a tail sticking out of it.

Interested in making your pets vegetarian now? Then you may be asking, "Well, how do I start?" First, empty out your inventory of meat-related foods and get rid of them. I don't care how, just do it. Then, go buy some cheap vegetarian foods. I suggest shopping at the health food store, where there are healthy supplements of food abound. That's where I do all of my shopping, or most of it, at least. Once you have a good amount of veggies and fruits, you're good to go! Remember that even though your pet is vegetarian, you can still give them a delicious smoothie or biscuit once in a while.

And there you go. You have now turned your pets vegetarian. Eating healthy will ensure that your pets are healthier, too! One good thing about your pets being vegetarian is that they will not often have urges to eat meat or temptations to sneak a sausage. If you ever get in a fix about not being able to find vegetarian foods quickly, fear not! I am working on opening a vegetarian pet food shop right now. All of your veggies, fruits, and vegetarian treats will soon be available for munching needs.

Remember that turning your neopets vegetarian will not cost more money! It will only cost more time in finding good foods, but it's worth it to save some Kaus, Meercas, and even petpets, right?

That's about all I have to say, then. Whether your pet wants to remain a hungry carnivore, an unpicky omnivore, or switch to a veggie-munching herbivore, I hope this article has given you a little bit more insight on the growing trend that is Neopets Vegetarianism. Now if you'll excuse me, there's an Azzle Salad waiting for me in the kitchen. Mmmm!

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