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10 Things: What to Do With a Tooth of Terask

by alyndasgallery


For all you Neoquest II addicts out there, this article is dedicated to you. Those determined, strong willed souls who dedicate the vast amount of their time on Neopets clicking, and clicking, and clicking some more – all in the name of the game. You may be wondering, but why do you do it? Let me give you a brief (yes, brief) but thorough background of the game using some nifty questions and answers to help me out.

What is Neoquest II?

Neoquest II is a click and play game, which can be enjoyed by users of dialup, broadband and cable alike. It involves you controlling several characters by determining which skills you allocate them, which monsters you fight and so forth.

Why play Neoquest II?

And what a fine question this is! I must find out who submitted it.. Oh wait, that was me! Moving right along. If you are a newbie to Neoquest II, you might have started playing for several reasons. 1) You wanted an extra shiny trophy for your lookup. 2) You heard you could get three wonderful avatars from playing the game. 3) You are wondering what all the fuss is about, and why the game has its own section on the Neoboards.

Can you win prizes from it?

Yes, you can! There is always a random prize at the end of the game. Upon completing the game, you will find one of four marvelous (sometimes) prizes waiting for you in your inventory, as well as a nice monetary prize also.

Tell me more about these prizes! Ohemgee!

There are three modes to Neoquest II.

Normal mode – where you must begin. Here, you make your way through the game, learning the tips and tricks to help you through, you get your spiffy avatar and hopefully trophy and of course, your prize. Here, your prize may be one of the following: Velms Healing Potion, Talinias Whittling Knife, Rohanes Armour Polish or Mipsys Charm Bracelet.

Evil mode – what follows. Here, the game is just the same, with the difference being that the monsters and bosses have slightly higher hit points. Once again, with practice this will become as easy as pie and you will soon find yourself rewarded again with a random prize. Evil mode prizes include: Tooth of Terask, Halo of Devilpuss, Scuzzys Comb or the prestigious Ramtors Spellbook.

InSaNe mode – not for the fainthearted. This mode of Neoquest II is TOUGH. Sure, the game stays the same, the monsters and bosses continue to get stronger but in InSaNe mode, your safety net is taken right out from under you. If you die here, it’s sayonara kiddo. No more restarting where you left off, it’s goodbye Rohane and friends. But, if you persevere and are cautious, one of these could be yours: Sword of Apocalypse, Wand of Reality, Bow of Destiny, Staff of Righteous Fury.

Is there anything else I should know?

I could go on and on, but I won’t. This isn’t a Neoquest II how-to guide, after all. Perhaps that could be my next article! *ponders* Any-who, for now, the most important thing is that you keep on reading – you wouldn’t want to miss the whole point of this article, now, would you?

What is the point of this article?

Aha! Just what I was waiting for.

This article will be understood most likely by fellow Neopians like myself, who find themselves sitting at all hours of the morning, playing Neoquest II. For those individuals who have made their way through Normal, Evil and InSaNe modes and find themselves wanting more. So, what does one do when they have been awarded their highly coveted InSaNe prize, and can’t receive any more prizes at that level? Replay Evil mode, of course! The beauty about Neoquest II in Evil mode is that you can play it as many times as you like and still be awarded your 30,000 NP prize as well as your random game prize. It seems fantastic, doesn’t it?

I’d like to introduce you to a little someone called Personal. Last name of Experience. Ms Experience is a friend of mine, a close friend in fact. Ms Experience has played Neoquest II a large number of times. Ms Experience relies on her Neoquest II skills as her way or earning Neopoints, seeing as that her restocking skills are questionably.. lacking. Ms Experience is all too familiar with the feeling of nervousness, anticipation and excitement one feels when they click on their inventory after slugging out hours of game play in Evil mode. Ms Experience also knows the feeling of dread one feels when they see an all too familiar shape sitting in said inventory. Yes. The Tooth of Terask. *insert shudders here*

Why is the Tooth so bad, you might ask quickly, even though questions and answers have finished. Well, let’s have a look at the approximate value of the Neoquest II Evil mode prizes.

Ramtors Spellbook - Around 800k, depending on war status.

Scuzzys Comb – Approximately 600k, give or take the timing.

Halo of Devilpuss – A fairly easy to sell weapon valued around 200k.

Tooth of Terask – Priceless.

Priceless!? Hardly! The Tooth of Terask is currently the only buyable prize in Evil mode. It sells for around 30,000 Neopoints. How did it get that way? Who knows! It might be that its Battledome prowess is less intimidating than the other prizes. It might be that Terask the 2nd has so many teeth that one just isn’t interesting anymore. Whatever the cause, receiving a Tooth of Terask for a prize is not a cause for celebration.

Which brings us to the main (and hopefully entertaining) section of this article - 10 things: What to do with a Tooth of Terask.

10. Sell your Tooth of Terask on Mystery Island a la the famous Cub Tooth. The Tiki man may not be too happy about this, so make sure you have invented a story about Terask being a part of an ancient tribal dragon camp whose stories still haunt Mystery Island to this day. That way, he’ll be sure to invite you to join his franchise – the business gains could be massive!

9. Start saving your Tooth of Terask prizes until the next time you are granted a visit by the Tooth Faerie. Being the happy creature that she is at the best of times, imagine her surprise when you present her a volley of shiny super-sharp white dragon teeth! I predict she will be so thrilled, she will grant you her avatar without question. (Author’s Note: not tested, may not be guaranteed to give you an avatar.)

8. Place your Tooth of Terask around a cheap Battledome defense item that is highly underrated. That’s right – the Wooden Blocking Shield! If you play Evil mode enough times, you’ll soon have a shield that’s fierce in nature and will have your enemies fleeing in terror! (Or perhaps just laughing at your odd contraption, but hey! That might just be the break in concentration you needed to stun them with your ninja-esque Battledome techniques! Hiii-ya!)

7. Weave your Tooth of Terask onto a piece of strong twine, followed by a gem of some sort, and then another Tooth. Continue this pattern until you reach the end, and you will soon find yourself the owner of a brand new collar for your Kadoatie! No doubt that this will ensure little Snookums is fed well before those other whiny Kadoaties!

6. Use your Tooth of Terask as a fine quill. All you will need is your Tooth, some ink (may I suggest Berry?) and some writing paper. Folks Neopia-wide will be envious of your razor sharp accuracy and penmanship!

5. This is a great trip for party-goers out there. Turn your Tooth of Terask upside down, so that its point faces skyward. Then, grab yourself a few Usuki Hula Hoops and you have a fine ring toss game ready to go! You can also use several of your Tooth of Terask prizes if you would prefer having a multi-player competition! Good luck!

4. Use your Tooth of Terask to create some interestingly tricky courses in Tyrannian Mini Golf. Just imagine the possibilities your next game could produce – when the ball hits those sharp teeth there is no knowing which direction it will fly in! Please make sure your course is designed for older Neopians only.

3. Turn your Tooth of Terask into a handy can-opener! Have you ever had one of those stubborn Achyfi cans that just refuses to open? I know I have! Whip out your trusty Tooth, make a few sharp pokes and before you know it, you will be enjoying your ice cold beverage, all thanks to – you guessed it! Your Tooth of Terask!

2. Tack your Tooth of Terask onto a rectangular piece of wood with strong glue. Continue making a border around the edges with more and more teeth, and when you have finished chisel the words DO NOT ENTER. A sure-fire way to keep strangers from entering your Neohome.

1. Congratulations! You have made it this far, and are no doubt waiting anxiously to find out what the number one thing to do with your Tooth of Terask is! And the answer? Simply throw it in your Safety Deposit Box and hope that next time you will have some more luck.

Seriously, if you have beaten Neoquest II several times, you deserve to be applauded. Whatever your prize, be proud of your achievements! Happy game playing and monster-battling!


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