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How to Make a Great Guild

by neo_princess3552


You want to start a successful guild, but have no clue where to begin? Well, I can help you with that. In this guide I will show you all of the different kinds of guilds and how to run them. All guilds are great, and there will always be one to your taste! I will start with the easier guilds and move to the harder ones.

Book Guild:

This kind of guild is for people who want to have very smart neopets. The only way you can do this is by reading books. So, first off, you will need to create the guild, of course. Once you have done that, I suggest that you use the marketplace to put together a guild booklist. The booklist should have a variety of different books for all intelligence levels. Also, you should try and make sure that the books on the list are reasonably priced, up to about 2,500 NP. You can do this by using the shop wizard to search each book and find out the average price. Also, you should, using the calendar, create a weekly book trading session at the trading post. Then, everyone can trade books within the guild that they have already read or don't want. It is a cheaper way to get more books. Lastly, you need to find a way to advertise your guild. That is about all you need to do to make a book guild.

Battle Guild:

This guild is for the owners who want their pets to be strong and defeat all other pets. This guild is a little more complicated and hard to start, but it really pays off in the end. First, make a guild and choose your name and settings. Then you will need to make a list of events you want to do such as Battledome, training school, and battle games. Use the calendar to set up a schedule of events and make sure to tell them the time zone that the events are working off of. It may take a while to get your level up, but it's worth it. There are two good training schools to level up at. One is on Mystery Island and you need a codestone to train there. Codestones must be bought from a shop or from players. The other one is on Krawk Island and you need dubloons to train there. You can get dubloons from players or from Coltzan's Shrine in the Lost Desert. Occasionally, you will get a level up from Coltzan's Shrine on random occasions, so be sure to go there every day. That is the basic way to start a great battle guild.

Collecting Guild:

This guild is great for people who want to collect stuff. You guild can be based around many different collectables such as Usuki, toys, grooming items, rare items, etc. Once you have decided on your collectable and made your guild page, you should go to the calendar and create events. Some of the events could be item trading, group shopping, and meetings. This guild really isn't very hard to start and yo will have many members very soon!

Food Guild:

Here is the ideal guild for the food lover. The whole guild revolves around food! Its whole point is to be the one to have your pet eat every food on Neopets. Of course you should encourage everyone to keep track of what their pet has eaten. Once you have made your guild page, you need to make events on a calendar. Events include trading, group shopping, the gourmet food club, etc. It's also fun to keep little weekly polls of favorite foods. If you eat enough gourmet foods, you will receive a trophy. It will definitely help your guild if people see that you have won trophies! That is about all you need to make a great food guild. Just make sure to advertise!

Quest Guild:

This is a very popular guild to make. In this guild your goal is to complete as many quests as possible. Some of the quests that you can do are given out at random events, so you will have to wait. Others you can do daily. Illusen's Glade is in Meridell and you can go there once per day and do a quest. Her quests are pretty inexpensive and only require one item. The snow faerie is on the top of Terror Mountain and can also be done once per day, but her quests are expensive and require multiple items. Other daily quests are available such as kitchen quests on Mystery Island and Brain Tree and the Esophagor in the Haunted Woods. You need to feed the Esophagor twice to get the answer to the Brain Tree quest. In your guild you should make events such as trading quest items and meetings. If you follow these instructions, your guild will be the most popular in Neopets!

If you have any questions or comments about these instructions, please feel free to neomail me at neo_princess3552. I cannot guarantee that your guild will be 100 percent successful but if you follow these instructions correctly, the results should be very good. If you have any other guild suggestions please neomail them to me!

Good Luck and happy guilding!!!

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