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What's Your Uni's Personality?

by kimki_2009


Ever wonder what your Uni's personality is? If so, this is the right quiz for you!

Having trouble deciphering your Uni's personality? You've come to the right quiz then! Grab a pen and a piece of paper and let's get started!

1. You're passing by the Chocolate factory and you notice your Uni is staring at the wondrous chocolate; she/he:

A. Stares at the chocolate in the display window for a moment then continues to trot toward the Health Food shop; she/he loves their tasty and healthy apples and carrots!

B. Stops, stares intensely at the chocolate and tries to give you a hint by looking at you, then the shop, then you again. After her/his attempt to get your attention she/he continues to walk on...

C. Slips into the store and gives you a long stare hoping you'll follow along and then you will buy some tasty treats for him/her!

2. Your Uni's birthday is coming up so you ask her/him what she/he would like; he/she replies:

A. Oh, how exciting! I'd like some books and toys! Whatever you think I would like would be just as fine too!

B. Hmmm... Well, if it's not too much, could I get more furniture for my neohome? Or a Petpet paint brush for my petpet! It would look fabulous!

C. It's about time you asked! Well, I was sort of getting tired of my boring white coat... Do you think you could buy me a Mystery Island paint brush?

3. You decide to plays games with your Uni; she/he picks:

A. ACTION! Action rocks, it's mostly adventure and lots more fun than boring old puzzles!

B. Puzzles, they're fun, challenging and they keep me occupied!

C. LUCK! It may cost neopoints but my owner can cover that and we could have a chance at winning big!!!!!!! $_$

4. You decide to go to the Battledome today; your Uni:

A. Is battling in the BD and is winning most of his/her matches! WHOOT!

B. Watching other neopets' matches and occasionally trying to battle the Inflatable Balthazar.

C. Still complaining about how horrible the Battledome is and that she/he could chip a hoof!

5. You want to enter your Uni in the Beauty contest; she/he thinks:

A. Awwwww, that's so sweet of you! I'd be glad to have a trophy on my lookup!

B. YES! Now I have a chance at getting a trophy to show off to my friends! You're the best!

C. SQUEEEEE! Think of all the NP I er, I mean we can get if we win 1st!!!!!! We're gonna be rich! Best if all, I'll be FAMOUS!!!

6. Your Uni wants a petpetpet for their petpet; you say maybe and she/he replies:

A. Okay, well you think about it! I'm glad it's at least a maybe!

B. -Sigh- Well, I guess I’ll just look for something less expensive...

C. HMPH! I never get anything I want! Everyone else's petpet's have a petpetpet!!!!WHY NOT MY PETPET?!?!?!?

7. You just bought a brown paint brush for your Zafara and your Uni has been telling you she's/he's wanted a new sofa for her neohome for two weeks! Lately your Uni has been acting:

A. Cheerful. She/he knows that she'll/he'll get the sofa someday! Her/his brother looks so good now that he's brown!

B. Content. She/he feels left out and is moping around in her/his room staring at the blank spot where she/he hoped to put her/his new sofa...

C. Outraged! She/he locks herself/himself in her/his room for the rest of the day. The next day she/he tromps around your neohome and glares at her/his brother whenever he/she gets a chance and ignores everything you say to her/him...

8. It's Christmas Eve and you want to treat your Uni to a nice meal. You ask her/him what he/she would like and she/he replies:

A. Hmmmmm, hard decision, we could just buy some pizza or get a turkey dinner!

B. Well, what about some gourmet foods? I'd like to eat some of those! Then I can get started on earning a gourmet food badge!

C. How about Kelp?! It's a lovely restaurant!!!! We never go there anyway!!!! We have the neopoints!!!!! PLEASE?!?!

9. You have some extra neopoints on hand, and you're thinking of doing some sort of activity that will earn your Uni a badge or trophy of some sort; your Uni suggests:

A. Oooooh, there's so many possibilities! I love to read, and some books would do just fine; even if I don't earn a badge I'd appreciate it!!!!

B. Hmmmm, like I said, I want to start eating gourmet foods, so let's start buying them NOW!!!!

C. Ugh, I can only pick ONE activity to earn a trophy or badge in?! Why not at least two!?!?

10. Your Uni would pick which one of these beauty items?

A. Uni shampoo! It's cheap but it makes my coat gorgeous!

B. Hoof Polish! It makes my hooves look fabulous!

C. All of the above! I love ALL beauty products! They're all MINE!

11. You buy your Uni a concert ticket to their favorite band playing in the concert hall and give it to them as a surprise; his/her reaction is:

A. SQUEEEEE! I'm sooooooo excited! I can't wait to go!!! Thank you SOOOOO much! This is so great!

B. -Smiles sweetly- Aw how thoughtful! Thank you! I'll call up some of my friends to see if they can go too!

C. She/he stares at the ticket for a moment then looks up at you and gives a faint smile. "Why thanks!" he/she mumbles, then goes back to doing whatever he/she was doing...

12. You ask your Uni what color she/he would like to be painted; she/he replies:

A. White! It's cheap, simple and looks especially brilliant on us Unis!

B. A pink paint brush! It's an expensive rare colour; I would look absolutely stunning!

C. A grey paint brush! It's the latest fashion in Neopia! I would be the center of attention!!!

13. Your Uni's dream is:

A. Be the ultimate gamer! Play at least 250 games!

B. Have the most expensive paint job in all of Neopia and have a statue made of ME!

C. Be in the Neopedia recorded as the most beautiful and famous Uni in Neopia!

14. Your Uni would go to which place for vacation?

A. Anywhere except home or Terror Mountain!

B. Mystery Island! A week on the beach lounging in the sun would be a dream come true!

C. Faerieland! They have the greatest shops to buy from and we could always go to Altador since the portal is in Faerieland!

15. You're running low on Kau Kau farm milk so you ask your Uni to go fetch some from the food store; she/he:

A. Replies "Right away!" and trots out of your neohome merrily towards the food store.

B. Let’s out a long sigh and says "Sure, I have nothing to do anything anyway..." sarcastically and starts to slowly walk out the door a few minutes after.

C. Moans and replies, "Ugh, why can't my big strong brother go? I'm too weak!" *Pretends to slump over weakly in her/his chair*

16. You ask your Uni how he/she would feel if you put her/him in neoschool; she/he replies:

A. That'd be something new to try out! It'd be sort of exciting!

B. Er, I wouldn't really want to go; school isn't really my "thing" if you know what I mean...

C. ABSOLUTELY not!!!!! That would be like sending me into the Maraquan army!!! ICK!

17. You tell your Uni you're writing a quiz for the Neopian times and the quiz is titled, "What is your Uni's personality?" She/he:

A. *Starts to giggle* Tee hee, I hope it gets published!

B. *raises his/her eyebrow* Okay...

C. Er, whatever, it's a rare chance it will get in, anyway!

Mostly A's: Your Uni is an adventurous humble Uni. She/he is not afraid to try out new things and is willing to do anything to please you! All he/she asks for is your lovin' and that's what makes her/him shine!!!!!

Mostly B's: Your Uni has a bit of an attitude. She/he shows that he/she is slightly conceded and has high expectations of you, but nonetheless has a sweet disposition!

Mostly C's: Whoa, your Uni is way too spoiled, she/he wants to rule the world! She/he always expects to get what she/he wants now!!!!!! But deep inside he/she has a good heart. I advise bringing the spoiling down a notch! :3

Author's note: Ah, thank you all for reading! Enjoy! If you're reading this, it has been published in the Neopian Times!YAY!!! I love comments, feel free to neomail me with any!

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