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Kayla Lovers Unite!

by ellen1117


Move over, Kauvara and Edna… there’s a new witch in town… Kayla! With her passion for chemistry you’ll never know what’s bubbling (or exploding) in her potion shop!

When ‘Kayla’ comes to mind you may not always think of a brilliant chemist. She is, however, well known for her yellow starred, wide brimmed blue hat and cloak (say that 5 times fast!)

Kayla may always be seen in the same outfit, but more importantly she has accomplished a lot. Kayla has earned her keep in the castle of the grumpy old king (King Skarl), and even has her own successful business there called Kayla’s Potion Shop.

Her greatest accomplishment is Kayla’s merchandise with everything from lunch boxes, to posters and even T-shirts! Being the kindhearted Neopian that I am, I benevolently compiled a catalogue for you to enjoy, featuring fifteen Kayla items with descriptions (and writer’s comments) for all those Kayla fans like me.

Now please join in a small cheer…


Alrighty then, back to the catalogue.

Item One

What: Kayla’s Little Pick Me Up

It is a potion found in a brown sack to accompany you on your journeys through the acres and acres of crop bearing Meridell farmland. Just like its name says, it is a little pick me up for when you just need a swig of something mighty tasty. Keep it close to you and it’ll never leave your side.

Item Two

What: Kayla’s Spell book

For witchcraft involving spell casting and potion mixing, consider cracking open this hat shaped book. It’s a fantastic read, especially while you wait for King Skarl to return from eating chicken and gammon. Not only can you tell him a joke when he returns, perhaps you can impress him with some sort of spell that’ll cheer him up.

Read at your own risk: we’re not responsible if you unexpectedly combust.

Item Three

What: Kayla Poster

Want a sweet deal? This is the most affordable Kayla item and the coolest. It’s a full length colored poster with Kayla working hard at the laboratory. Perfect for all ages, all species of Neopets and all Neohomes. You can hang it in any room and it’ll look simply marvelous. Any Kayla fan needs one or two… or twenty!

Item Four

What: Kayla’s Home Remedy

This tops all of Neopia’s medicines by far! Forget the pharmacy; Kayla’s home remedy cures diseases. Whether you have achy head, cricky neck, blurred vision or lumps, Kayla’s medicine is the way to go.

Item Five

What: Kayla’s Potion of Freezing

Brrr… it all of a sudden got a little chilly! Perhaps it’s because of Kayla’s freezing potion, which is good to use in the Battledome. This icy brew is sure to stun and freeze many challengers you may need to fight. I think it is a very ‘cool’ item… and I’m also quite punny…

Item Six

What: Kayla Notebook

All I can say is this is a must have! Kayla looks quite sophisticated on the cover. It’s just so ideal for writing down all your thoughts, ideas and of course the latest gossip around Neopia! You could even sketch King Skarl’s castle or his expression when he finds out the kitchen is out of fresh poultry…

Item Seven

What: Kayla Pen

What is a Kayla notebook without a Kayla pen? And apparently there’s a Kayla eraser too! This pen will work wonders and will allow you to jot down “I love Kayla” about a million times. The hat on the end is removable and you could even give it to your petpet to wear.

Item Eight

What: Kayla Pencil Case

You have a Kayla notebook and pen but where to store them… your Kayla pencil case! With an über chic design on the outside… same as Kayla’s hat and cloak, you cannot go to school without other Neopets’ jaws dropping. It’s so cool not even a Skeith will eat it, and that’s saying a lot.

Item Nine

What: I Love Kayla T-shirt

All right, I just get SO excited and hyper talking about this T-shirt because it is so awesome because I am a true Kayla fan and I love Kayla and and and…

Okay. *deep breath* You cannot go anywhere without this Kayla T-shirt. It comes in petpet sizes and pet sizes. Rumor has it Kayla’s coming out with matching pajamas…

Item Ten

What: Kayla’s Chemistry Set

Not only can you play dress up with a life size Kayla hat to wear, but you can also create your own potions and remedies! You get to be a chemist, just like Kayla. This set comes with test tubes, test tube rack, a Kayla hat, and a bunch of colorful vials containing flammable substances. Be careful young ones!

Item Eleven

What: Kayla Usuki Doll

Okay, I am kind of offended they’d make an Usuki as a Kayla look alike, considering Kayla is a ZAFARA! But I guess they just don’t have respect of Zafaras anymore! However, this [cute] little Usuki is great to cuddle with or perhaps blow up using your chemistry set! (hehehe)

Item Twelve

What: Kayla’s Silver Brew

An intriguing silver bottle bearing nothing but the Meridell crest…makes you want to buy some yourself and check it out. How mysterious…

Item Thirteen

What: Kayla Lunch Box

When you have a revolting lunch this fascinating lunch box is sure to make the food taste like it were made for a king (King Skarl of course!) Neopians will stop and stare as Kayla does the same… she is always watching you (so chew with your mouth closed!)

Item Fourteen

What: Kayla Bean Bag

This bean bag chair sure looks comfortable after a long hike but I don’t know how respectful it is to place your derrière on Kayla’s head! Nonetheless, it looks like the perfect seat to collapse into and just read a book (like Kayla’s Spell book.) This bean bag is so large that your petpet could get lost in it.

Item Fifteen

What: Kayla’s Super Special Potion

Well we saved the best for last! This is Kayla’s super special potion… so if Kayla says it is super special it is! Perhaps you could take a sip, we have no idea what the consequences are. However I’m sure whatever happens won't change the fact you’re Kayla’s #2 fan (I’m #1)

Hope you liked this catalogue of all of Kayla’s merchandise. You can purchase everything from the Shop Wizard (a fine fellow indeed.) He’d be glad to assist you in fitting all of your Kayla needs.

Kayla lovers of the world unite! All hail Kayla!

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