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Which Flower Are You?

by purplepassiony2k


Spring is here and nothing says Spring like flowers! Oh, please don’t stop reading. This isn’t another Neogarden article, but since I usually tend to stop and smell the flowers or something like that, I was inspired by some intriguing flowers drawn to have a few unique personalities. No, I haven’t lost my mind. I think they are fabulous and that is why I chose to do to a fun article around them! So let’s begin…

What's your personality? How much do you know about yourself? I believe that the following impressive one-of-a-kind flowers can sometimes match the personality of many Neopians on a day to day basis. Personality is what makes each of us unique and different. Personality has many qualities, traits, and behaviors. It includes our feelings, our attitudes, and our quirks. Isn’t it wonderful that each of us, as time goes on, develops our own, unique individuality? Yes, each of our personalities is, above all else, the unique addition we bring to Neopets. Personality is not what a person has on the outside, but what a person is on the inside. Here are a few different personality types, along with matching floral suggestions: Which flower fits your personality?

Fun With Flowers - Which Flower Matches You?

SONG FLOWERS: (Happy Happy Joy Joy) - Those who wish to sing, always find a song. Basically put, happy people like themselves! When people feel happy, they usually feel confident, optimistic, and energetic and others find them likeable and sociable. Indeed, happy people are often rather "popular". Let's do a reality check: If you have all of the following characteristics you will most likely enjoy Song Flowers: Do you… spend little time alone, cherish friendships, build lasting relationships with everyone possible, don't care what other people think about you, and find pixel items mean very little to you? So in the end, all that really matters is your friends and family. I read somewhere once, “There is only one way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying about the things which are beyond the power of our will.” ;)

SILLY DAISY: (Hahahumor!) What’s a funny person to do? How about a joke… Why did the Meowclops run from the tree? It barked! *Giggle, giggle, snicker, laugh!* Even Neopets does a little April Fools joke to make people laugh and go HUH?? Some people in the Neopian World say silly things, and it turns out humorous; are you one of them? Do people think of you as fun, crazy, happy, and silly? You’ve been told you’re nutty and charming, even a little mischievous at times, but always a real stand up person. A little comic relief: Characteristics of being a funny person include not being afraid to be a little silly, spontaneous, or child-like, always being silly, and joking around with others and usually a cutting-edge trendsetter. Let's do a reality check: If you have all of the following characteristics you will most likely enjoy Silly Daisies. Do you say anything to be in the spotlight, have a smart aleck response for everything that happens, have the motto that humor is the best medicine, fill your life with at least one goofy thing a day or do something you normally wouldn’t do? Remember, though, being a funny person can be silly, goofy and absurd but don’t take it seriously… so let’s have some fun! Why else are we here… LOL.

KISSING STEM: (You're always willing to help others) Do you consider yourself a caring person? In what ways are you a caring person? A caring, generous person is always inspired to look beyond their own happiness, comfort and security, to the needs of other players. It is a question of actually understanding others – of feeling others’ bad luck, confusion and skillfully helping in any way that we can. Let's do a reality check: If you have all of the following characteristics you will most likely enjoy Kissing Stems: Do you listen without judgment, respect the other person's experience, try to be friendly, never be mean, cruel, or insensitive, treat people with decency and generosity, and enjoy donating to the Money Tree? Remember, caring is not just a way of feeling, it's a way of behaving!

RUDE DAFFODIL: (*Hmph*) What does it mean when someone is rude? Your initial angry reaction may be to think the person is a newbie. Are we as Neopians getting more and more rude? If you’ve ever spent time on the Neoboards you will know exactly what I’m talking about. If you have all of the following characteristics you will most likely enjoy Rude Daffodils. Do you always interrupt people, whine and complain a lot, never appreciate people's successes, talk with capitals, refer to yourself in third person, don’t stay on topic, act impatient with earning neopoints, feel irritable and annoyed a lot, beg for donations? My advice: Look for the good in people and you are a lot more likely to find it yourself.

DRABBY ROSE: (Are you feeling grey?) Feeling down? Got the blues? You're not alone. Everyone gets sad. Yes, everyone you've ever met. Some people have sad feelings just once in a while, and others may have sad feelings pretty often. When you're in a grey mood, it may feel like it will last forever, but usually feelings of sadness don't last very long - a few hours or maybe a day or so. There are lots of reasons that people feel sadness. Sadness is a feeling - it's one of the many normal human emotions, or moods, we all have. Let's do a reality check: If you have all of the following characteristics you will most likely enjoy a Drabby Rose: Are you having less energy and feeling tired all the time, feeling like things are not fun anymore, finding a change in appetite, having trouble keeping your mind on dailies, feeling lonely, having guilty feelings or sleep problems? Remember if you have sadness that simply will not go away, it is important to talk to an adult about it: a parent, relative, doctor, teacher, or a close adult friend.

While certain flowers and their colours can convey a specific message, people are generally drawn to certain flowers, colours and arrangements that tend to suit or reflect their personality. In case you’re wondering, today I am most like a Song Flower! Feel free to Neomail me yours, I always love Neofriend requests! LOL.

Till next time, thanks for reading and hope you find some inspiration to write your own story for the TNT times! -Chelle

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