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An Interview with General Dacon

by dark_knights_sabre


LOST DESERT - Have you ever heard of General Dacon? Everyone who has participated in the recent Lost Desert Plot probably has, though not too much is known about him besides he is a General (obviously) in the Sakhmet army, and that he’s a Shadow Tonu. Nothing much has been said of him since the end of the Plot... This is why I plan to find him and give him an interview! I bet all of his fans are wondering what happened to him... What’s that? You don’t think he has any fans?... Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. We’ll never know. Why am I going to give him an interview if I’m not sure whether he actually has any fans or not?... It’s still a good idea for an interview. That’s why.

Here’s how the interview went after I finally got it:

Me (my name is Basabre, by the way): *pant* *pant* Woo... Maybe walking to Sakhmet was a bad idea...

Tonu Guard *watching me walk up the stairs to the palace*: You there! What do you want? No one is allowed in!

Me: Could I see General Dacon? I have some questions I would like to ask him.

Tonu: You’re too late. He left on vacation a couple of days ago.

Me: And where might I find him?

Tonu: First I want to know what you are going to ask him.

Me: Just a quick interview, nothing much.

Tonu: He’s vacationing somewhere on Mystery Island. You’ll probably find him on the beach, though.


Now, I’m just going to stop for a second. I live on Mystery Island. I flew over the giant Neopian Ocean (I’m an Eyrie) and walked across the Lost Desert (Sakhmet is concerned about their enemies attacking from the sky, and they have archers in towers to make sure they aren’t stunned by an aerial attack, and I chose to walk across the blistering desert rather than to get my wings filled up with arrows) only to find out that Dacon is vacationing on Mystery Island.


Me *struck by disbelief*: Oh... Thanks.

2 hours later...

Me *gasping for breath*: *pant* *pant* I better get this... *pant* ... interview... *gasp* soon... *looks over towards the beach and sees a shadow colored lumpy form sitting in a beach chair* ... Oh... What luck. *runs over to the lump* General Dacon?

Dacon *lifts up his sunglasses, gets into a position where he can see me, and looks at me*: Yes? Do I know you?

Me: No, but I was just wondering if you mind-

Dacon *puts his sunglasses back down over his eyes and goes back to a relaxed position*: Giving you an autograph? Helping you sign up for Sakhmet’s army? Look kid, I’m on vacation. Why else do you think I’m here on Mystery Island and not in the Lost Desert?

Me *looks down at my feet*: Yeah, I was informed that you’re on vacation... But do you mind if I give you a short interview?

Dacon: Will you go get me a smoothie?

Me: Umm, okay... What kind?

Dacon: Large Salmon Sherbert.

Me: Okay... Will you let me give you an interview if I do?

Dacon *without taking his sunglasses off or even moving this time*: Sure... But hurry up.

12 minutes later...

Me *panting and completely exhausted now, but crawls over to Dacon and hands him his smoothie*: Here you go... Sir...

Dacon: Good job... But if you ever plan to join Sakhmet’s army, you need to get in better shape.

Me *pulls out a pencil and a notebook*: I’ll keep that in mind. First Question: How do you feel about Princess Nabile and Prince Jazan’s marriage?

Dacon: Well, first of all, I’m glad Jazan isn’t trying to destroy Sakhmet anymore, but I still don’t trust him, even if it really was Razul who set the curse and drove him crazy... But what if that was all an excuse? What if he turns on Sakhmet and takes over? I don’t think too many would like the outcome if that happened.

Me *writes, ‘General Dacon is super paranoid that Prince Jazan is still evil and will attempt to take over Sakhmet’*: Second Question: Why does it seem that only Tonus like you can join Sakhmet’s Army?

Dacon: Oh, we aren’t all Tonus; Tonus mostly guard the palace, Princess Amira prefers them over others. The rest of the army is mostly Elephantes, Grarrls, and even a couple Eyries. Elephantes cover most defenses, Grarrls cover most attacks, and Eyries watch the sky. There are other species that are in the army, like Lupes and Kougras, but it’s mostly composed of Tonus, Grarrls, Elephantes, and five or six Eyries. No wusses.

Me: Does that mean I can join?

Dacon: You have to do a ton of paper work, you have to prove you’ll be loyal to the army and the Royal family, and you also have to bring your own weapons, but we will provide you with one sword and some armour. You also need to get in better shape, like I said before. If we were attacked and you had to fight, you wouldn’t last two seconds in that heat.

Me: Hmmm... Never mind. Sounds a bit difficult to join. Third Question: How did you become the General of the Sakhmet Army?

Dacon *chuckles to himself*: It’s a long story, but I’ll sum it up. I’d been fighting in that army for five years. I saved King Coltzan III’s life from an assassin. Being the generous guy he was, he decided to get me promoted to General. I still miss Coltzan, and I’m rather sad that only a short while after I saved him someone betrayed him and poisoned him, and I’m sure that if I had been on duty that day I could’ve stopped the whole thing from happening.

Me: *writes most of that down*: Yes... That was a rather unfortunate day, wasn’t it?

Dacon: Uhh... Yeah... Wasn’t that exactly what I was saying?... And are you almost done? I’m growing bored of your company by the second.

Me: Of course. Fourth Question: Are you going to be in any future Lost Desert (or maybe other) plots?

Dacon *shrugs and frowns*: Heck, how am I supposed to know?...

Me: I thought maybe the Neopets Team would tell you what other plots there will be and if you’re going to be in them...

Dacon: Well I haven’t gotten any notices concerning plots I’m going to be in yet.

Me *writes down, ‘don’t expect to see Dacon in any plots anytime soon’*: Thanks, that was my last question. See ya.

And there’s an interview with General Dacon. Hope you enjoyed it, whether you are a Dacon fan or not.

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