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Eggs or Neggs?

by twiddl3d33


Are neggs more nutritious than eggs? Can eggs be as pretty as neggs? There are a lot of questions we would like to have answered now that the (n)eggiest holiday of the year is upon us! Hopefully this article can help guiding you in your decision… or confusion... starting now!


The saying goes "It's what's inside that matters," but let's face it - the first thing you see is the outside, right? This is indeed very important when it comes to what appeals to you or not, at least in the matter of eggs versus neggs! Neggs have a vast advantage here, seeing how they come in a multitude of fashions, from subtly coloured yellow or green to flamboyant exteriors such as Ferocious, Bang Bang or Vortex Neggs. They also have a whole range of special Easter Negg colours, targeting in particular this very holiday. Regular eggs really draw a bit of a blank here, even though one has to remember to mention the slightly more pretty looking Keno eggs in their purple coats with yellow dots (and the chocolate eggs... but that's a whole different story ^^). You may also not forget the fact that plain eggs may not look much but they leave virtually unlimited room for your personal creativity! Sure, a "Dancing Daisy Easter Negg" is pretty and all, but does it make you itch to create? Does it make you go searching through your drawers for those feltpen markers? I wouldn't think so! However, this judgement is about appearance, not recreational value and thus this round is in favour of the Neggs for sure.


Once you're past the outside flair, what's waiting inside? Now here we can be sure that eggs have the upper hand. After all, who can deny the nutritional value of that protein bomb that is the egg? Many muscle-building battle-crazy Neopians have been seen ingesting large amounts of RAW eggs for breakfast to buff themselves up for those many fights in the Battledome. No need for protein drinks when there's yummy eggs! The nutritional value of neggs has been debated; there's simply no definite answer to find to this question and it remains a mystery. They do look yummy, at least most of them. Then again, it's a known fact that "yummy" is usually just a substitution for "fat and sugar bomb" and even though it's tasty for sure, its nutritional value is debatable. Thus, one point for eggs on Nutrition value!

Appetite Appeal

Looks and nutrition may be valuable points to consider, but there is also the basic fact; do we WANT to eat them? Personally I must say that I rather eat Eggs on Rock or even Scotch Eggs than sink my teeth in Jhudora's Rotten Negg or… ew… Dung Negg. I mean seriously? Then again, there is a side of it too important to disregard from when it comes to appeal and again it is the neggs that have the advantage. There's the fact that some neggs in fact can bestow you with things such as strength, speed and healing skills. Now that's "appeal" to a lot of Neopia's denizens. Not to mention that neggs are a grown delicacy where as eggs... come out of the butt of chickens (or other egg-laying creatures...). Think about it, and it's not so appetizing anymore. All things considered, it looks like a draw here! One point each.


Now this is another category where the eggs bring home the bacon, hehe. ^^ After all, why claw eyes and elbow your way in the Food Shop for those rare neggs when you can just head out to the Plateau and grab free Omelette? Why save up and collect negg after negg to trade in at the Negg Faerie's Igloo when you can just conveniently pick up a Boiled Egg or why not an Egg Hot Dog at the Food shop? Which brings us to our last point…


As mentioned, eggs come in a variety of shapes. Who can deny the scrumptious diversity of Omelettes, just waiting to be picked up from the Plateau – or the Food Shop! Lately they have been sporting quite a variety of egg-based products such as Omelette with Cream Sauce, the afore mentioned Boiled Egg, Egg Hot Dog or why not a more luxurious Egg Salad and Cheese Sandwich? Yet there's no denial of the fact that there are definitely a wide variety of Neggs out there as well. Over a hundred in fact! And not only whole neggs but delicacies such as Neggy Custard Pie, Negg Cream Cookie and the abundantly tasty Scrambled Rainbow Neggs! And who could resist a Negg Sundae?! There are also the double-feature Neggs, they're both neggs and something else. Like Steak Negg! Now isn't that diverse if anything! It's a whole meal, all rolled into one. Then there's Cheese Negg and Candy Cane Negg, although my personal favourite, however, is… the Cookie Negg! Is there any better combination than cookies and neggs? However there's still no denying the diverse uses of eggs, since not only can you cook and eat them but you can also use them as part of paint (bet you didn't know that huh ;) ), you can use them for pranks (which this article in no way condones, of course ^^') and you can use the shells for soil fertilizer – not to mention paint them and use them as ornaments! With that taken into account, it seems like we have another draw!

Coolness Factor

Starting to think I'm giving the neggs the short end of the stick here? Fear not, for this is a category sure to be won by the neggs. What do Red Eye Eggs and Keno Eggs have to compete with when you have neggs like Vortex Negg, Cheese Negg (CHEESE!), Steel Negg, 00 Negg (secret agents, eat socks!), Ferocious Negg (Rawrrr!), Rock Negg (Rock On!), Pirate Negg (Yarr!), Wicked Negg (wicked! :K) and not to forget, the coolest one of them all… Cool Negg, of course!

With the last (and possibly most important?) part of our little (N)egg Odyssey won by the neggs, it's time to calculate the result. Well what do you know, a draw! It seems like you're going to have to decide on your own after all! Then again, who cares about eggs and neggs… when they both come in CHOCOLATE versions!

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