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The Joys of Basic Coloured Pets

by daburro


Have you ever had a basic coloured pet? I can answer that for you. Yes. Yes, you have. Don’t deny it either. Everyone in Neopia has had a basic coloured pet at least once. A lot of the time though, rich Neopians will paint their pets to look cool. But haven’t you ever wondered why sometimes rich Neopians will have four basic coloured pets? “What?! Are they cheap or something?” you ask yourself as you pass by a gigantic mansion with a plain blue Kougra staring out at you through a beautiful stained glass window. Well, most likely, this owner has discovered the wonders and joys that are basic colours! What are these joys you ask? Simple. Basic coloured pets keep your everyday life and schedule in order and intact. Don’t you believe me? Here are some common problems people face with a painted pet.

-Scenario 1: I Can't See You!-

Imagine that you have just adopted a Wocky from the pound. You decide to paint it with an invisible paint brush. Well, do you know how many problems you could have? You decide to invite your friend over to celebrate your new coloured pet and you make a feast to celebrate. Five minutes before your friend arrives, you get ready and decide to check on the dinner you set up. Horrified at what you see, you shriek. You see dishes thrown about and all the food has been eaten. Your invisible pet has ruined your dinner without you even noticing. How typical. If you had a basic coloured pet, you could have easily spotted it and prevented that from ever happening.

Do you see what I mean now about painted pets messing with your everyday life? This next scenario is just plain depressing. *sigh*

-Scenario 2: *sigh*-

*gasp* “I must have that avatar!” you say while looking at someone’s user lookup. It’s the grey avatar! You go out and buy a Grey Paint Brush from the trading post. You find your Wocky, who is still invisible from before, and take it to the Rainbow Pool. “No, no, no! I don’t want to be grey!” the poor Wocky says, struggling to get away from you. “You just painted me last week! I don’t want to change!” “Yes you do!” you say back to him. You take the paint brush and paint him. Suddenly, he’s grey! He looks at with big, sad, empty eyes, and stares at you. Then he shakes his head back and forth slowly and looks away. Look what you did! You made him so sad! When you get home, you decide to admire your new avatar. After a while, you get bored and want to play with your Wocky. He rejects you. “I just… can’t play… I just don’t see what the point is… *sigh* Nothing seems or looks fun anymore…” He stares at you again and look away and sighs deeply. You know why basic coloured pets are great? They are always so happy and full of energy if you treat them right!

-Scenario 3: Master of Kacheek Seek-

You decide to paint that new Wocky you adopted camouflage to cheer him up. After you paint him, you decide to go outside to play a little game of Kacheek Seek to bond. Well, you’re it and the Wocky goes off and hides. You search and search, but you have no luck. You can’t find your Wocky, who is hiding in a bush, blending in so nicely. You have to give up and you wind up losing the game. Can you imagine what this does to your newly adopted pet? When he sees you, he sees an owner with… bad eyesight and little confidence. What’s great about coloured pets is that they can’t cheat at Kacheek Seek and they are so easy to find!

-Scenario 4: Snow Day!-

Many months later, and after many defeats and forfeits at Kacheek Seek, you saved up enough Neopoints for a Snow Paint Brush! You decide this is what you want, loving snow. Well, you paint that Wocky yet again, Snow. You go outside to play and celebrate on a beautiful, warm, sunny day. You look at your pet, who is slowly shrinking, as if melting. After a minute, there is nothing left of your poor pet but a puddle of water. It’s off to the Neopian Hospital and then the Rainbow Pool again! Hey! None of this would have happened if your pet was a basic colour! They don’t melt in warm weather.

Still not seeing how beneficial basic colours are? Maybe this last scenario will show you.

-Scenario 5: Adorable, Sweet, and... Evil?-

You decide that what you really want now is to paint your Wocky a colour that doesn’t have to do with an avatar. You decide that you want a small and cute pet. A baby pet. So, you go to the trading post and get a Baby Paint Brush. You take your Wocky, who is still a puddle of water, to the Rainbow Pool. You paint the puddle and you suddenly have a baby Wocky! Awww… It’s adorable isn’t it? You take it home and you realize that you will have to buy entirely new furniture like playpens and you’ll need special food for it. After you rush to Neopian Furniture and check through the Shop Wizard and Marketplace, you finally have everything you need. You have just spent about 50K alone on furniture and about 10K on food for the month. On top of that, your Wocky starts to cry. You try to calm it down, but you can’t seem to find the problem. And what’s worse, the Wocky can’t even tell you. It can’t talk. Finally, after hours or crying and screaming, the Wocky falls asleep around 1:00 AM. Tired, you collapse on the floor and fall asleep. The next day, your best friend asks you to go to Mystery Island for the day with her. You reject her. Why? You have a baby pet. You have to devote all of your attention to it. You have to constantly look after it and care for it. You know… This would never have happened if you just kept your Wocky a basic colour! You don’t need special furniture or food for it. A bed and some ordinary furniture are fine along with omelettes and jelly. And you can leave them home while you go out because they can watch over themselves, unlike the ever popular baby pets.

Do you see my point? Basic colours are awesome! There are some colours like Starry, Orange, Pink and others that don’t affect your or your neopets’ lives much, but most of the time, they aren’t really popular. Listen, do you really want to burn yourself and go the Neopian Hospital every time you want to pet your fire Scorchio? And what happens when you’re at home with your pear Chia and there’s no food in the neohome?

I hope this article has made you see how wonderful basic coloured pets are. And I just want to say that basic coloured pets are awesome because everyone can have them! Rich and poor Neopians alike! Thanks for reading!

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