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The Misunderstoods- Are They REALLY Evil?

by shroomsrock101


Hi, I’m Shroomsy, and I’m here to preach to you about certain “evil, evil, vicious characters” of Neopia. They deserve sympathy, not hatred. They are the following characters. One is the Ghost Lupe of Mystery Island.

Right now, you are either thinking that I am crazy or that I am a villain and/or supporter of evil, evil, vicious things, and that the Ghost Lupe fits into this category. After all, he is in the Gallery of Evil, right? WRONG.

When you think about it, the Ghost Lupe isn’t so evil, actually. I mean, why is he shown in the Gallery of Evil? He is notorious for simply trying to save his bride from the vicious island natives. Now, I live on Mystery Island, and those natives are pretty scary! They worship coconuts. What kind of hero worships coconuts?

So basically, the Ghost Lupe is “evil” for attempting to save someone from being sacrificed to some huge coconut god? Where’s the evil in that? It seems to me that he was just trying to be heroic! And then, guess what the coconut-worshipping natives do? They kill them both!

In the Neopedia, it states that some historians believe that the Ghost Lupe never existed and is just an “island myth”. What kind of historians are they? They also say in both the Gallery of Evil and the Neopedia that the Ghost Lupe is vengeful. It’s so cruel of them to say that in a bad way about this guy- wouldn’t you want revenge if some natives killed you and your fiancée for absolutely no reason? Yep.

Also, people claim that his anger is directed at the citizens of Neopia. They are wrong again! Once, after my pets had been blasted by the Snowager and the Healing Spring faerie was of no help, along comes the Ghost Lupe and just breathes on us. Guess what? My pets healed completely!

Loads of people misjudge the Ghost Lupe, just like they misjudge Meepits.

Many people harbor angry feelings towards Meepits, for allegedly trying to brainwash the Neopians and take over the world. This is NOT TRUE. Meepits are kind and loving petpets who wouldn’t dream of hurting their owners.

In the battle between Meepits and Feepits, many citizens would choose the Feepits, simply because they are “cuter” (which, by the way, they aren’t. All petpets are cute). This isn’t the right way to choose battle sides! Use your brain to choose your side- it will pay off eventually.

Lots of other people dislike…oh, loads of “villains”, such as Lord Darigan. I don’t see why! Lord Darigan may have been wicked and dark as a young ruler, but he helped defeat Lord Kass in the Battle for Meridell! He is currently working really hard to rebuild his kingdom and teach his people the errors in their ways. He is…kind of nice for a “villain”.

Also despised is Kanrik. Really- he helped Hannah the Usul, who everyone (well, almost everyone) loves! Come on, he saved her life by taking her to the Snow Faerie. Someone who saves another’s life cannot be totally evil. Plus, he had been tricked by Masila, and he regrets it! Evil people don’t regret things.

Caylis the Sea-Aisha, the “evil” sister of Isca, is hated and resented by many Maraquans, along with fans and supporters of this underwater city. It wasn’t her fault that she had nightmares that came true- and she had a reason to hate the Maraquans! It was all the King’s fault for banishing her in the first place- what could she do about the nightmares? Personally, I think that the Maraquans were lucky she even helped them defeat the pirates- I wouldn’t have.

I don’t know about you other people, but in my vocabulary, a villain is a person who supports evil, who refuses to help others, and who tricks people. All the aforementioned characters do not fit in at least one of these categories, therefore deeming them…not evil. They aren’t exactly good, but they aren’t vicious, evil brutes either. It hurts their feelings to hear people think that they are vicious, evil brutes.

That’s another thing! Villains don’t have feelings. If your feelings can be hurt, then you have them, making you not a villain. Most people do not understand this, but it’s true. All of these people have a heart, enabling them to do at least a few good deeds for other Neopian citizens.

Here is a list of things that are commonly stated, but totally NOT TRUE:

1. The Ghost Lupe is an evil monster.

On the contrary, he is rather nice. You don’t see Neopians having tea with this character, now do you?

2. The Ghost Lupe doesn’t exist.

This is about the silliest thing I’ve ever heard! If he doesn’t exist, then how have I seen him? How can he have healed my pets? Seriously- the Ghost Lupe exists.

3. The Ghost Lupe hates people.

No, he does NOT! He just hates people throwing rocks through his chest, so he’s a bit of a hermit, what do you know? *glares at rock-throwing people*

4. The Meepits and the Ghost Lupe are working in a conspiracy!

Where do people get this stuff? Listen to me, NEITHER of these guys are evil, contrary to popular belief, but they are criticized nevertheless. It makes me ashamed to live in the same world as such people.

5. Meepits are out to take over the world!

Why would they? They are cute and cuddly and just want to be appreciated. If eventually they DO take over the world, they won’t like being called “evil and vicious”. Try “nice and helpful”! And maybe even, “they’re cute”?

6. Lord Darigan is tricking Meridell into a “truce”, and will betray them!

Um, what? First, what would he gain from that? Second of all, do you go around the whole world randomly accusing people of these crimes? Really, you do? You people are so heartless.

7. Caylis caused the Maraquans to have problems.

Again, what? Isca had loads of dreams that happened, and she didn’t get punished, now did she? I wonder what King Kelpbeard has to say for himself.

8. Kanrik is really, really evil.

Seriously, people have to get lives. If he was so evil, then how come he helped save Hannah’s life? Would a villain really DO that? I didn’t think so.

9. All the characters in the Gallery of Evil are EVIL!

NO, THEY ARE NOT! If they’re all so evil, then why am I writing this article?

10. Shroomsy is totally NUTS.

I am NOT totally nuts! I, unlike most, it seems, just care about the feelings of others, even so-called villains. Humph.

     To prove the innocence of these characters, I decided to interview them by holding- guess what- a tea party! A real villain would refuse, but every single one showed up! How kind; I’m touched. *cry*

Here’s some conversation:

Shroomsy: So, how does it make you guys feel when people call you “evil”?

G. Lupe: *mournful wail*

Caylis: I’m used to it. Lots of people think I’m evil, after what happened in Maraqua. *sighs*

L. Darigan: I think it is rather rude for people to say that- they’ve never invited anyone here to a tea party!

Kanrik: Yeah! What do you have to do in this world to be accepted as a good person? I mean, I saved the life of their hero, what more do you want?

Meepit Leader: Meep meep meeeeeep.

Shroomsy: I see. Well, do you see yourselves as normal, heroic citizens?

G. Lupe, Caylis, Kanrik, L. Darigan: Yeah, why not?

Meepit Leader: Meep meep!

Shroomsy: Me too! Do you think you deserve to be in the Gallery of Heroes, or at least taken out of evil?

G. Lupe: Yes, all I did was try to save someone from the natives!

Caylis: Sure! Wait, am I in the Gallery of Evil?

Kanrik: No, neither am I, but we’re still considered “antagonists”.

Caylis: How UNFAIR! My sister Isca’s not even in the Gallery of HEROES!

L. Darigan: I think they should at least change my picture. I look more evil than I really am…but that’s the point, isn’t it?

Shroomsy: I sympathize.

Meepit Leader: Meep…meep meeep meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Shroomsy: But seriously, what’s it like having tomatoes thrown at you everywhere you go?

Meepit Leader: Meeep!

Shroomsy: Ouch, huh? I always thought tomatoes were squishy!

G. Lupe: They go farther. Some people throw pebbles or smoothie cups.

Shroomsy (yelling): IN THE NAME OF sUpEr LeMoN gRaPe, WHAT AN OUTRAGE!!!

*At this point, I am so upset, I break my china teacup, and it falls all over the rug*

Shroomsy: Oh, no! My rug! My teacup!

All (hesitantly): Hey, are you okay?

Shroomsy: Oh……maybe……*sob*

*Now, oddly, the villains get down to help me clean up the mess. How sweet! They actually care about my rug! That’s better treatment than I get from my own pets! Then again, that might be because my pets don’t drink tea…*

Shroomsy: Thanks so much for coming! I know you probably have places to be now, so you’re free to go. I’ll try to help your reputations, if I can!

*The “villains” leave happily.*

There you go. I rest my case.

     Actually, I’m back to have one last rant. :D Anyway, I’d like you to know these last few things:

1. Don’t judge a villain by his (or her) cover.

2. It’s not nice to throw pebbles at people.

3. Respect everyone (that means the sUpEr LeMoN gRaPe).

4. Do NOT call me crazy.

5. Be nice to everyone, regardless of who they are!

Thanks, everyone, and this has been Shroomsy with a campaign to take over with my evil friends--I mean, a campaign to help innocent “villains”. Goodbye for now, and remember: DON’T THROW ROCKS THROUGH THE GHOST LUPE’S CHEST!

Author's Note: If you are reading this right now, it means I'm in the NT! Thanks, TNT! More info on this will be on Nira's page!

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