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Is Grey Really That Dull?

by twiddl3d33


Is Grey really that dull?

YES! you all scream, convinced that Grey is only for the dull and depressed, and that is why I am here, to make you see Grey in a different light…

Why Grey is not dull at all

First of all, it is simple. How many times have you not stood in front of your closet in the morning, trying to decide on what pants to wear, what sweater to pick, whether to wear a pink or green top underneath? Decisions decisions decisions. With grey, you don’t need to frown for a moment; you always know what to wear! Which only brings us to my next point; everything goes with grey! No qualms about matching and coordinating no more, grey always goes with grey.

"But it is so boring, there’s no variety!" you say. Again I will prove you wrong. You think "grey" is just grey when in fact it is all kinds of shades …. of grey. Yes I know, it does not sound like much, but you have to remember you have the whole greyscale to work with here, from white to black. There is Shadow grey, Charcoal grey, Graphite grey, Dusk grey, Granite grey, Dove grey, Dark grey, Light grey, Steel grey, Pearl grey, Silver grey ….. See, it starts to sound more appealing already, doesn’t it? I am telling you, variety is not a problem. And just look at the names! Silver, Pearl, Steel, it just screams high class, ultimate riches and style! All the cool things in Neopia come in grey colours; Sword of Skardsen, need I say more? Grey!

Boring is not necessarily bad

Besides, who says you have got to be all chipper and happy all the time? Must all things be fluffy pink rainbow sparkly all the time? We all have our moments when nothing in life seems worth anything, days when we would most of all like to just pull the covers over our heads and fall asleep again. The sun does not always shine, does it? You may be the kind who thinks that is a bad thing, but look at it this way: Would we really appreciate the good things in life, if things were not a bit boring every now and then? With a whole day dedicated to the greyer side of life, we can feel free to mope and sigh as much as we want for once, without any happy-go-lucky type bouncing past us trying to force us to cheer up when we do not want to! Grey Day gives us all some room to breathe, to sulk a bit without anyone complaining that we’re ruining the mood. How nifty is that!

Some of us even think that there should be more Grey Days. There are all kinds of people and pets in the world, right? Some of us are just a little bit more subdued than the others. We do not like to flaunt flamboyant colours or sparkling outfits; we’re a bit more withdrawn, contemplating and introspective. A Grey Day every now and then lets us feel less odd and relieves some of the peer pressure to always be bouncy and happy, something that is simply not our thing!

I have a Grey pet/friend, what do I do?

"I have a Grey friend and they never want to do anything fun; what should I do?" you ask. Now the important thing to remember is that your friend is not sad or upset because of YOU. It is simply a natural state of mind for them. They might not even be very sad, they are probably just slightly melancholic about things. There is really no need to worry about it. It might be hard for someone to understand if they're not of the same affliction, but your friend is probably quite content as he or she is; it just might not seem like it to you. There is nothing wrong with asking them to join you and your friends for whatever fun activities you have planned, but do not try to change the Grey person’s mind in general. Especially not on Grey day!

Grey pets – special points to consider

There is a common misconception that Grey pets equal sad pets. I beg to differ. As much as owners can be Grey people by heart, pets can be Grey pets by heart. Sure, they may look a bit sad at a first glance but if you look again close, you will find that there is an impish gleam in their eyes. It is like they have a secret only they know. Grey pets are also just as fond of toys, grooming and pretty things as the sparkliest Disco Aisha, so do not dare think that just because you have a Grey pet, you can neglect them and spend your days playing NeoQuest instead! No no, that would be a big mistake, big big mistake. Grey fur needs just as much care as any other, if not even more. It takes a special kind of touch to make a Grey pet shine, and it is just as important! And even though they may not show it by bouncing all around your Neohome screaming with joy, they do indeed enjoy the occasional plushie or toy to play with, so do treat them to one every now and then. When it comes to food, they eat more or less the same things as any other pet; however they do (naturally) especially enjoy the Grey foods specially made for them. They are in fact quite tasty, believe it or not! You should try a piece of Grey Pizza or perhaps a Grey Turnip, if you want to be slightly more healthy about your diet.

Oh, and I almost forgot: Remember that not only do they have a day of their own, but Grey pets also have an avatar of their own! That indeed should be proof enough that Grey pets are indeed not miserable failures but quite loyal and earnest pets that deserve to be loved and cared for! You haven’t got one yet? Go visit a friend! They might be a bit shy at first, but if you are just patient, you might find that you have made friends for life!

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