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Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Eleven

by chipster33


"Are you guys ready to get rid of these pesky Dark Faeries?" Terskun asked all of the other members of the Wisdom Council. They nodded earnestly, clutching all of the Eternity Orbs that they had gathered in their paws, wings, and hands. "Good! We all know what to do, right?"

     "Terskun, you went over that in the clearing the night Amar cast a spell on them, they all know what to do!" Pishicu hissed at her brother.

     "Just checking," the Draik said with a smile.

     "Come on Terskun, let's get on with this," Fedle urged. He was looking at the cascades of shattered ice which were over the Dark Faeries, and he could obviously see what the Faeries were doing underneath. "They might get out in a minute or so, and I don't want to take that chance."

     "Right!" they all agreed.

     "Now Pishicu, just in case anything goes wrong I want you to stay hidden in the tunnel or somewhere. I don't want the Faeries to get a chance to see you," Terskun whispered to his little sister.

     Normally the Poogle would've been hesitant to do so, but she could tell by the urgency in his voice that he was just doing this for her own safety.

     "All right," she agreed.

     Then Pishicu backed up into the tunnel and watched as the Wisdom Council pets started to form a circle, and chanting mystical words that she had never heard before. Then they were surrounded by an unearthly, white glow, and the Eternity Orbs started to turn a deep purple.


     Sisle watched the pets perform the ceremony to destroy the Eternity Orbs. Sweat began to run down her pretty face for the fear of being destroyed. She then gritted her teeth, convincing herself that it wouldn't happen and yelled to the others.

     "Give this shield all that you've got! We're going to break it down and stop them! Put your full power into it!" she yelled to her fellow Faeries.

     They all nodded and started using their powers to the best effect. Amar and Sisle were creating fireballs and other things of the like and thrusting them at the shield. Kathry and Annecy, since their power was useless against it, were just ramming into the shield over and over and over. Bebaru was creating ice shards and smashing them against the horrid surface that was keeping her locked up. Gradually the shield began to weaken, but would it collapse in time?


     Pishicu was amazed at how much the five pets were glowing now; they were practically radiating with power. She took off her glasses, which were magnifying the light, and squinted desperately to see what was going on. Yessey was rising her Eternity Orb that she was carrying above her head, and then, suddenly, she brought it crashing to the ground where it shattered like a piece of thin glass.


     Sisle turned in horror as she saw Amar disappear with a horrible scream. They had already destroyed one orb, and the others would be sure to follow.


     Next Pishicu watched as Levita lifted her purple, glowing orb, then thrust it to the floor, where it shattered into a million tiny pieces, which then faded into thin air.


     Another scream rang throughout the shielded area, and Sisle peered out of the corner of her eye to see who it was. The second Dark Faerie that went was Kathry, and all Sisle could do was shake her head. There was no time to mourn now.


     Then Rucsk lifted his Eternity Orb as high as he possibly could, and the Poogle could've sworn that she saw a grin flash across his face, but then it faded, and he threw it down where it broke.


     There was a crack and Sisle realized the shield that was imprisoning her and the remaining Dark Faeries was weakening. She turned to her companions with a smile, but the smile quickly faded when she heard another scream. Sisle winced at first when she saw Annecy disappear in a puff of purple mist, but then she shrugged it off. She always found her rather obnoxious anyway, so it wasn't a terribly big deal.


     Pishicu heard a crack, and she started to turn to the shield which the Dark Faeries were under, but then she heard the sound and broken glass so she turned back to the glowing circle of the Wisdom Council. It seemed that Fedle had just destroyed another Dark Faerie Eternity Orb.


     Bebaru let out a loud scream and vanished into a purple mist. Sisle gritted her teeth as she realized that she would be next.

     "NO!" she hissed to herself. "I am not going like this!"

     Then, she summoned the most powerful spell she could think of and blasted the shield. It finally gave way, and hundreds of crystal shards fell on top of her. They pierced her burgundy wings, but she cared not. She flapped them vigorously and flew swiftly towards the pets. She would stop them if it was the last thing she ever did!


     Terskun was just about to raise his orb to get rid of Sisle, the last Dark Faerie, when it happened. The shield Rucsk had placed around the Dark Faeries broke, and Sisle had escaped. Pishicu quickly put her glasses back on, hoping it was a figment of her imagination, but alas, it was not. The Faerie burst through the crystal shards Yessey had collapsed on her, and with tattered wings she flew towards the Wisdom Council.

     "GUYS! WATCH OUT!" Pishicu screamed, for they seemed unaware of their surrounding. "SISLE ESCAPED!"

     She noticed that Terskun's eyes widened a bit, and he tried to break the Eternity Orb in time, but Sisle crashed into them, breaking their circle and destroying the whole ceremony. Terskun was thrown against a wall, but he still held her Eternity Orb tightly in his hand, determined not to let it go. The others had fallen to the floor with grim looks on their faces.

     "You fools, you thought you could get rid of me! Well now I shall make you pay!" the Dark Faerie screamed. Her normally pretty face had lost all its beauty, and now she just looked mad with rage. Then she lifted up her hands and yelled some words that Pishicu did not understand. Suddenly, screaming erupted in the cave. The Poogle looked to see whom it was from, and was shocked to see that it was coming from all of the Wisdom Council pets but Terskun.

     Instead she smiled, and her eyes glittered with hatred and spite. Suddenly we felt horrible, too horrible to describe. It was as if someone had brought all your fears, all your bad memories, and all the pain you had ever experienced in your whole life back to you in one instant, Terskun had told her about Sisle that night a just few days ago. Pishicu yelped in fear as she realized that Sisle was using that power now, and she was trying to convince Terskun to give her the Eternity Orb!

     Sisle fluttered over to him, a glint of evil in her eye. "You know what I want Terskun, and you know that they'll going to have to suffer until you give it to me," she hissed.

     Terskun raised his hand and pointed to her. For an instant, she looked like she froze, but then it faded. Pishicu gasped, Terskun's powers weren't working against hers!

     "Fool! You know that your measly powers have no affect on me!" she cackled. "Now hand it over!"

     Terskun winced and gave her a steely glance. For a moment he seemed like he was going to try to fight her, but then a high pitched scream from Yessey rang out through the room, and he gave in. Slowly he held out his hand where the yellow orb was resting peacefully.

     Sisle smiled and reached out her hand to grab it with a triumphant look on her face.

     "There, now let them go!" Terskun demanded.

     The Dark Faerie then started to laugh, and Pishicu saw Terskun's face go pale. "You really are a fool! How could you not predict that I wouldn't keep my word? Well now you're going to pay for that mistake!" Then Terskun joined the rest of the Wisdom Council pets in a huddled, whimpering mass.

     Pishicu couldn't stand it any more. She knew that Terskun had told her to hide, but she couldn't take this.

     "TERSKUN, NO!" she screamed. Finally she dove from her position behind the cave wall, and leapt upon Sisle.

     "You let my little brother and the rest go!" she screamed as she grabbed Sisle around the neck.

     The Faerie seemed slightly taken aback at this turn of events, but it phased her little. She murmured some magic words, and suddenly Pishicu went flying back up against the crystal walls.

     Sisle turned around to stare at her, and then her eyes lit up. "You're that Poogle who I sent out at the beginning. You're the one who has been helping them, aren't you?"

     Pishicu nodded, setting her face stern so that she didn't show that pain that her back was feeling.

     "You've caused me quite a bit of trouble young lady," Sisle said, her voice a dangerous whisper. She then started to fly over to where Pishicu was standing, a grim smile on her face.

     "Glad I had the honor too," Pishicu hissed.

     The Dark Faerie chuckled. "You have spunk, but that's not going to save you. Good-bye." Then Sisle summoned a giant ball of darkness and chucked it at Pishicu.

     The Poogle was so shocked that she didn't move; she just stared at the incoming sphere of doom. It hit her smack in the chest, and drove her back into the wall, this time actually driving her into it. However, she forced herself to get up again, her back covered in dust from the last blast. She started to walk over to Sisle, determined to get the Eternity Orb back.

     Sisle stared at her in interest, surprised that she hadn't given up. "Oh well," she muttered to herself. She raised her hand again and summoned another dark sphere and threw it at Pishicu.

     This time Pishicu didn't have the strength to move out of the way in time, and was thrown up against the wall again. Her bones were aching, and she had innumerable bruises now, but once again she got to her feet and started to walk towards Sisle.

     "You just don't know when to quit, do you little Poogle?" Sisle spat, slightly annoyed now. "I've spent too much time on you, already, so let me finish this now!" The Dark Faerie then stretched out her hands and muttered the same words that she had used on the pet members of the Wisdom Council.

     Pishicu was shocked when it first happened, for she had felt nothing like it before. All of her old bruises and scars seemed to becoming back, but instead of there being searing pain just for a second then dying down a bit, the pain did not disperse. It stayed strong as ever, and it brought Pishicu too her knees. Then memories came back, but not good memories, the worst she had ever had. Like the time some pets had made fun of her glasses during the beauty contest and called her a loser; the time Chipster wouldn't believe her when she said that she had not stolen an Usuki from the Toy Shop, and grounded her for two weeks; the time when her Dragoyle, Sparkle, had mysteriously gone missing...

     The internal and external pained overwhelmed the poor Poogle, for it was like nothing she had ever experienced before, and she fell to the floor. She knew this was the end for her, she couldn't stand it any longer. This was the end, it had to be... Ten seconds later she blacked out in a shivering heap.


     Pishicu, Pishicu heard a few voices call. Pishicu... You have to get up Pishicu...

     The Poogle did not stir from her position, but just said very quietly, "No, I can't. I can't take anymore."

     Pishicu, get off your lazy butt and open your eyes-- we're trying to talk to you! a familiar voice chirped. It sounded almost like Yessey...

     The Poogle opened her eyes instantly, and found to be that she seemed to be floating in a see of darkness. She could see nothing for miles round, except for some yellow, glowing figures that resembled...

     "TERSKUN! YESSEY! FEDLE! RUSCK! LEVITA!" Pishicu cried as she ran over to hug them. "Oh, it's so good to see you--" It was then that she reached them, and ran through them. "A-are you ghosts?" she stuttered, now thoroughly scared.

     No, not exactly, Fedle muttered with a grin on his face.

     "Th-then what are you?"

     We are called Kelvas. We're apart of every being alive that has a single ounce of kindness in their hearts, though they are never aware of use being there. We do not speak out normally, we wait to be contacted, but when the body we reside in is in need, we will cry out and try to find someone who will be able to hear us and speak to us, and we will try to help them save ourselves. So rarely are we successful, for so little have that power to hear the voices of kindness, but for some reason we were able to contact you. You must save your brother and his friends, you must not let Sisle win! the glowing figure that resemble Terskun exclaimed.

     "But I told you, I can't take anymore! I won't be able to do this by myself!" Pishicu cried, tears running down her cheeks.

     You won't be by yourself, the Kelva of Levita said with a smile. Didn't you hear? We shall be with you. We'll be helping you defeat Sisle throughout the whole time. You shall have all the powers of your friends, for we have those powers as well. You can win Pishicu! you can defeat Sisle! Have faith!

     Pishicu stared at them in awe, still uncertain about what was going on and if she could do what they were asking.

     Pishicu, go now! Set free our bodies that are in pain! Linger no longer on doubt, but do what you know you must! We will be with you! the Terskun Kelva exclaimed.

     And that's when the dark place started to fade, along with the glowing figures of the Wisdom Council.

     But before they were completely gone, a few words resounded in Pishicu's head, We will be with you...


     The next thing she knew she was back on her stomach on the cold, crystal ground of the cave, the pain of Sisle's spell now gone. She really didn't feel any different, and she wasn't sure if what had happened had been a dream or not. Then a scream and a cold cackle rang out throughout the room. Pishicu lifted her head and saw that it had come from Terskun this time, and the Dark Faerie was laughing at him! She gritted her teeth and growled very deeply at Sisle, knowing she couldn't take this from her anymore. Whether or not those things she had seen in her dream were going to help her, she had to try.

     Reluctantly, she tried to get on her feet, and found it incredibly easy. Last time she tried to get up she remembered her legs aching, but now they seemed as good as new, if not better.

     Pishicu, baring her teeth with dislike, started to run over to Sisle. The sound of her feet pounding against the floor echoed throughout the room, and Sisle turned around before Pishicu could reach her.

     "You're alive? I thought I had disposed of you! Oh well... Say good-bye little Poogle!" she cried, and then tried to recast the spell that had almost done Pishicu in before.

     For a second, the Poogle was worried, then she felt something from inside her erupt. She stretched out her hands like she had seen Rusck do, and right before the spell hit her a shield appeared from no where.

     We will be with you...

     "H-how did you do that?" Sisle inquired, fear flashing in her eyes.

     Pishicu said nothing, but a sly smile flashed on her lips. She couldn't believe it! She had Rucsk's power! The figures in the void were right! But what about the others' powers; did she have them too?

     Pishicu had to find out. So then she lifted her paw and tried to concentrate. "Terskun's power, I want to use Terskun's power..." she thought to herself.

     We will be with you...

     Suddenly, it felt as if firecrackers went off on her paw, except it wasn't nearly as painful. She stared at Sisle with a grin and suddenly she saw Sisle grow rigid everywhere except her wings.

     "It worked!" Pishicu cried, thrilled at this news.

     She looked at her brother and his friends, and found that the spell had been lifted off of them slightly with this new development. They were still on the floor, but their twitching had ceased and all that could be heard from them was a small whining sound, like a Gelert pup makes when it's taken from it's mother.

      "Guys, wake up!" Pishicu demanded irritably.

     It was then that the hold she had possessed over Sisle was shattered, and the firecracker feel in Pishicu's hand ceased. The Poogle gulped, for she knew that the Dark Faerie couldn't be very happy right now.

     And indeed she wasn't. Sisle was looking at Pishicu with such intense range that if she had wanted too, she could have made Faerie Toast. Her lip was curled in a sneer as she brushed a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

     Then she formed the words, "This ends now!"

     She lifted her hands, which now looked rather claw-like instead of the delicate, dainty things they had resembled before, and summoned the strongest spell she could muster, a gigantic orb of black, and threw it at Pishicu.

     "LEVITA'S POWER!" the Poogle thought desperately as the orb headed straight for her.

     We will be with you...

     All of a sudden Pishicu was thrown into the white portal again, and ended up on the ground a few feet away from where Sisle was hovering in the air. The black orb smashed into the ground, and spread dust everywhere. It was impossible to see, so Sisle didn't know where to aim for the Poogle next. Cold sweat ran down her brow as she wondered what to do.

     "Fedle's power!" Pishicu thought to herself with a smile, knowing that she was winning this battle.

     We will be with you...

     Suddenly, Pishicu saw clearly through the dust, and her dirty glasses, and recognized Sisle fluttering nervously through the haze.

     She smiled, relishing the moment, and then triumphantly thought, "Yessey's Power!"

     We will be with you...

     Though Pishicu could not see anymore, she remembered the area where Sisle had been flying. The power that she had felt when she had been Yessey before burned in her arms, and with a gleeful smile she raised her arms and brought down many crystal shards from the top of the cave upon the evil Faerie.

     Sisle screamed and brought her hands up to try to protect her for lack of a better devise. While doing this, she dropped her Eternity Orb, which rolled a little ways away. The shards fell on top of her, but they did not get rid of her, for only one thing could do that.

     "Oi vai..." Terskun muttered as he rose to his feet, rubbing his head bitterly. The other members were getting up too, all of them looking weary and woe-begone.

     "TERSKUN, CATCH!" Pishicu screamed as she chucked Sisle's Eternity Orb at the Draik.

     He immediately became alert and grasped it in his paws.

     "Everyone, Sisle won't stay down long! Hurry!" Pishicu screamed.

     They nodded their heads, and then formed the circle again. They started to chant, then to glow. Then Terskun began to raise the Eternity Orb...

     The pile of crystals that Sisle was underneath began to shake and the Dark Faerie started to emerge.

     "No you don't!" Pishicu screamed as she pounced on top of her.

     Sisle reached around to grab the Poogle, but then a crash rang throughout the room.

     "Bye," Pishicu whispered as she stared at Sisle with a glint in her eye.

     The Faerie looked up at her with horror, and then started to scream. Her features became less and less defined, and finally she disappeared into a purple mist.

     For a second the room was silent, but as soon as the second passed cheers erupted throughout the cave. The left over members of the Wisdom Council ran over to Pishicu and hugged her, ecstatic with joy.

     "What'd you do?" Yessey called over the screams of joy.

     "Who cares!" Levita yelled as she gave Fedle a kiss on the cheek. "She helped stop Sisle! If it wasn't for her, Sisle would still be here instead of us!"

     "Good point!" Yessey cried as she gave Pishicu a large hug. "Thanks!"


Ten minutes later...

     The hugging had finally ceased, and everyone was gathering their wits. Levita, preparing for making a portal to transport them all to Faerie Castle, was sitting against a sparkling wall.

     "Okay, I'm ready!" she cried, a grin on her face.

     All of the pets started to head over to her, but then Pishicu grasped Terskun's arm.

     "Terskun, we need to go back home first; Me because I belong there, you because you owe Chipster an explanation," she said sternly.

     Terskun stared at her hesitantly. "It's against the rules--" he started.

     "Me knowing about all of this is against the rules too! Oh Terskun, forget the stupid rules for once and tell Chipster what she deserves to know!"

     "She's right y'know," Fedle muttered as he nudged the Draik.

     Terskun looked exasperated at his, but finally nodded. "I owe it to Chipster," he consented.


     Terskun had flown himself and Pishicu over too Chipster's house by the time the sun rose. When they got there, he had promptly attached himself to the Spiky Bush in the front yard.

     "I'm not going. I'm not going, Pishicu!" he cried as he clung desperately to it.

     "Terskun, c'mon! It will be okay! Just come on!" Pishicu cried as she pulled her brother's tail.

     "Let go Pishicu! I'm not going!" the Draik yelled as he swished his tail and threw the Poogle off.

     "Well why not?" she hissed after she had promptly landed in the Altrabud next to the sidewalk. "You were perfectly confident when we left Faerieland!"

     "There are so many things that could go wrong! I didn't have time to ponder about them before, but during the flight... Well think about it! Chipster might tell someone about the Wisdom Council, or she might forbid me to leave for it! Fyora-- she might even make me share my position with you! I'm not going! I refuse!"

     The Poogle got up, dust the dirt off of her legs and behind, and sauntered over to her brother. She let out a long, exasperated sigh and placed her paws on her hips. "You're really something, you know that? You're the mighty Terskun, a neopet who practically helped save Neopia, and yet you're afraid of a teenage girl!"

     The Draik looked up at her, red spots glowing on his cheeks.

     "As for you're fears, first of all, what do you think Chipster will do to tell people-- write a story about the whole thing? You're off your rocker, I swear. Secondly, I'm almost one-hundred percent certain that she won't make you stay. Besides, if she does want you to stay, she's going to be in shock for the next two hours so you'll have time to leave and then some. Thirdly, she might only make you share your position if I whine about it or something, but I quite honestly have no wish to be in a position of that much responsibility. I mean, I know I'm not that smart, but I'm smart enough to know that me having a chance to decide the fate of Neopia is a bad idea. It will be find Terskun, trust me!" Pishicu cried.

     Terskun sighed at this, knowing his sister was right. Gradually, he let go of the bush.

     "That's better! Now get on your feet before you soil yourself!"

     Terskun shook her head at her pitiful attempt at a joke, and rose to his feet. He then walked over to the door and grabbed the knocker, which he brought down hard three times.

     The two pets waited outside the house, trying to avoid leaning against the jelly walls. Then a sound of heavy feet reached their ears, and it continued to grow louder.

     "That'll be Chipster," Terskun said dryly. He seemed a little unnerved, and Pishicu had nothing to say to him this time because in all honesty, she was too.

     Suddenly the door flew open, and a brown-haired girl dressed in blue pajamas stood in the doorway and looked down at them in a shocked way. For a second there was silence, but then the girl's face broke into a smile, and she lunged upon her pets to wrap them into a gigantic hug.

     "PISHICU! TERSKUN! My babies! Oh, oh my! You're both safe! I was worried sick! You were gone much longer than your letter said you would be! I was expecting a day, max, but when it hit day two... I didn't know what to do! I'm so glad you're back!" Chipster cried as she ran up and hugged her pets, completely oblivious to all that they had done.

     "We're glad to be back too, Chipster," Pishicu said as she hugged her owner back. Terskun nodded, and hugged her too.

     "But where-- where were you guys?" the girl asked as she let them both go.

     Pishicu started to open her mouth, but Terskun interrupted her. "Pishicu," he said, "if you don't mind, I believe I owe Chipster this explanation. It does really all start with me."

     Chipster gasped and stared at her Draik. "You... you..."

     "I spoke more than five words, yes, shocking isn't it?" Terskun muttered with a sinister smile. "Now if you don't mind, can we go into the living room and discuss all this? It's going to take an awful long time, you know, and I think it will be best if you sit down. Now come on Chipster, I have a lot of explaining to do."

     The girl nodded blankly, still in shock, and followed her pet.


     In the weeks that followed, life resumed to a normal pace, well, as normal as it could've been for Pishicu's family. Chipster was still in awe over the whole thing, but she did her very best, which wasn't overly spectacular, to hide it. Terskun was popping in and out between his duties as a member of the Wisdom Council, and occasionally other members dropped by with him. They told them little of the decisions they made, but Terskun did reassure them that they had found five very well qualified Faeries to take the place of the evil ones, which relieved Pishicu greatly. However, though the Poogle should have been very relaxed, a lot of time she seemed as if she was in contemplation. When others asked her about it, she shook it off, and told them that it was nothing.

     Of course, when someone says something is "nothing" it is almost guaranteed to be "something." In fact, she was dwelling on something that her Draik brother had told her when she first found out about the Wisdom Council, which seemed like ages ago. Terskun had said that every pet has a special power, but few ever use it and even fewer can control it. Back there, when she had overcome Sisle's spell and communicated with the Wisdom Council's Kelva, she had done something special; could that have been her special power? And if it was, could she use it again? Pishicu wasn't sure, and she wasn't going to ask anyone since no one exactly knew what had happened on that fateful day and she really didn't feel like explaining it to them. But somewhere in her, somewhere deep, deep down, Pishicu knew that what she had felt that there had to be something special and unique to her, and that it was the start of extraordinary things to come. For when one extraordinary thing happens, another is almost sure to follow.

The End.

Author's Note: All events in this story are pure fiction. My pets aren't really different from any other pets with the except that they were the main characters in this story. Any pets/other things in this story with the same names as one of the other characters are pure coincidence. And as far as my knowledge go, the Wisdom Council isn't real. Hope you enjoyed my story! ~chipster33

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