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Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Ten

by chipster33


Pishicu and the members of the Wisdom Council arrived in Faerieland right in front of the Healing Springs. Unfortunately, they arrived in the middle of a crowd of pets, which caused quite a few shocked screams. It was still packed, even though it was nighttime, but it wasn't near as bad as what it would've been during the day.

     "Calm down everyone, please calm down! We're on the Faerie Queen's business, she summoned us here!" Pishicu screamed at all of them.

     Most of the pets started muttering to themselves uncertainly at this, and many began to give them space.

     "A quest for what?" a Faerie Nimmo inquired suspiciously.

     "She sent us to find a... a..."

     "A cave!" Rucsk cried, trying to cover up for Pishicu's stumble. "A new cave, zhat hassss jusssst appearrrred a few dayssss ago."

     "She wanted us to explore it and make sure there's nothing bad living inside it," Yessey added.

     "Because in the event that something bad was inside it, all of your lives would be in danger!" Pishicu cried, putting on the finishing touches to their lie.

     A small Kacheek ran up to them with a look of extreme urgency on his face. "Ooh! Ooh!" he exclaimed. "I know of a cave like that! It's about two miles east of Poogle Races!"

     "The whole of Faerieland thanks you," Terskun muttered hurriedly to the Kacheek. Then he turned to everyone else in his group and nudged his head, signaling for them to go.

     They hurried through the cloud city as fast as they could, knowing that at last their journey was almost over. The group got a few stares along the way, but not many since so many tourist visit Faerieland everyday that it was really no big surprise to see them.

     Finally, they stumbled upon the cave around the area the Kacheek said it would be in. It was an odd sight, the cave, for for it was made up of a weird kind of crystal.

     "Okay guys, are you ready?" Terskun asked hesitantly as he stood before it.

     They all nodded, somewhat apprehensively, and then entered the cave.


     Amar fluttered over to Sisle quickly, for she had been using a spell to watch the entrance of the cave. "They're here!" she yelled. "They just arrived. What should we do?"

     "We should head to the main chamber and allow them to gain a sense of security, and when they get into the chamber we should attack them. Oh, and if you mind Amar, you and I shall place an invisibility spell on the others with me. I do believe that invisibility magic is a tad bit more complicated, and the others won't be able to handle it, so do you mind?" Sisle inquired, though she wasn't really asking a question. She knew Amar would do it, she'd have to have lost her senses not too.

     "Of course ma'am!" Amar agreed as she curtsied.

     Then she and Sisle cast their spells, and they all backed up to the edges of the cave to avoid being bumped into.

     "And now," Sisle whispered, "we wait for the prey."


     Pishicu and the others followed Terskun as they continued onward to the cave. It was ironic, really, how cheery the cave was in comparison to how dreary their attitudes were. You could just expect happy little Cybunnies and Kacheeks to skip merrily across the very straight path while throwing flowers at any second, yet it did nothing to lift the group's spirits.

     "Why aren't they here?" Pishicu muttered to herself as she looked around. "You would think, I mean, it would make sense..."

     "I know," Yessey agreed. "I'm on edge too. But I don't see any signs of them. It's weird, though. This path is pretty much a straight slope, and the twist and turns it has are very small. It'd be hard to make a sneak attack, and you would of think that they would've shown themselves by now."

     "It doesn't mean you shouldn't be on your guard. They always attacked at the end before, to wait for us to feel the most insecure, so why should they change now?" Terskun declared, though he himself seemed a tad nervous too.

     "Of course, they didn't have that demon Sisle with them," Levita added.

     Pishicu was surprised when she heard this. Yessey was usually the more morbid of the two, but since Levita was saying it... The Poogle shivered as she realized how serious things must really be.

     "Look up ahead," Rucsk cried as he pointed a webbed finger. "I zhink I see a larrrrge rrrrroom up zhere."

     Pishicu grabbed her glasses, pressed them firmly against her eyes, and squinted. The Krawk was right, she could see something.

     "That must be the room where Fedle is! Hey, I bet I could beat you to it, Pishicu!" Yessey chirped cheerfully, confident that the journey was almost over.

     "Yessey, this is hardly time to play games, and I'm sure Pishicu's smart enough to realize that," the Kougra scolded.

     "Nu-uh!" the Poogle hissed. "I could soooo beat you!"

     "Fine! Last one's there's a rotten egg!" Then Yessey took off, furiously flapping her wings.

     Pishicu scurried after her, going as fast as her chubby legs would carry her. She heard Terskun yell at her from behind, but she paid him no mind. About halfway to the entranceway she began to catch up with the little Brown Pteri, but she was not satisfied with that. Pishicu continued to push her little legs harder, and slowly, but surely, she was passing her up.

     "No way!" Yessey cried. "I don't believe this!"

     Pishicu smiled, and continued onward. She was almost to the entrance, about ten feet away, when she saw it. Upon the ground in the cave was a section on the ground and against the wall that was frozen in ice. She froze right there and stared at it; it was most definitely Bebaru's height and length. Although the Poogle couldn't see her, she knew she was there, and probably the others too.

     Suddenly Pishicu heard the beating of wings. At first she thought it was one of the Dark Faeries, but then she realized it was Yessey. She gasped at the thought of the Pteri flying in that room, unknowing what was waiting for her, and then having who-knows-what done to her. She had to stop her, and fast. She only hoped the Faeries hadn't seen her yet, since she was close enough to see them. She shook the awful thought out of her head and lept upon Yessey and thrust her against the wall so she was no longer in view, just in case.

     "What are you doing?!" the Pteri exclaimed, a shocked look on her face.

     "Saving your tail feathers. The Dark Faeries are in there!"


     Sisle leaned impatiently against the wall, smoothing out her red dress with a frown plastered on her face. She wondered when those nasty pets would get here, for she was getting very bored and was ready for this whole ordeal to be over with, and not to mention that she wanted to get the fear of them getting hold of her Eternity Orb and destroying her out of her mind.

     Suddenly she heard a sound outside. Her head perked up to try to look, but she could see nothing but that stupid fat Cybunny towards the ceiling from where she was waiting. However, Bebaru could see things quite well. Sisle decided to try to talk to her through her mind, but she got nothing. She tried again, but Bebaru still wouldn't respond, and it was almost as if she was...

     AMAR! she called telepathically.

     Yes ma'am? the Faerie responded in the same way.

     Summon something invisible to throw at Bebaru, she fell asleep...

     Yes ma'am! Amar responded. Then all of a sudden a pitiful whimper was heard throughout the room.

     Bebaru, answer me! Sisle commanded with her mind, now getting very agitated.

     I'm here ma'am. I'm sorry, I suppose I just started to dose. I haven't gotten as much rest as the rest of you, Bebaru replied.

     Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you twit! Tell me, do you see anything in the corridor ahead?

     There was a pause, but then Bebaru spoke again. I see nothing, she replied. Why?

     Nothing, Sisle said, and then cut off the connection with her mind. It must have been her imagination, at least she hoped it was.


     Pishicu and Yessey, now sticking to the walls, hurried back to the others to tell them their discovery. They got back in a flash, and the others seemed sort of confused.

     "What happened? Why'd you turn back?" Levita inquired. "Did you finally listen to me, Yessey?" The Kougra began to smile, showing her large, white fangs.

     The Pteri gave a short laugh and a very blunt, "No."

     "Terskun, the Faeries, you were right about them! They're in the final chamber, and I think they're all invisible. I was able to see the spot where Bebaru was standing, however, since it was covered in ice. We came back as fast as we could. Terskun, what should we do?"

     The Draik gazed at her with a look of concern. "Did they see you?" he asked, his face stern.

     "I don't believe so. They didn't show any signs of it, of course, they were invisible..."

     "I doubt zhey ssssaw herrrrr Tersssskun," Rucsk muttered. "You know zhosssse demonsss, zhey would've attacked herrrr on zhe sssspot."

     "I hope you're right, Rucsk, but I agree with you for the most part. They probably didn't see her, which makes my plan perfect. Everyone, I need your help, are you ready to give one-hundred percent?"

     Everyone nodded, their faces steely and confident.

     "Good, here's what we're going to do..."


     Sisle was getting very bored. She was sure that those stupid pets would be there by now, but no. She sighed and placed her head against the wall, almost regretting her decision of waiting for them where she was instead of just going straight out to attack them. That was when she heard the footsteps coming. She smiled, and contacted Bebaru with her mind.

     Are they here? she questioned.

     Yes, yes they are! It won't be long now, Sisle, it won't be long. We attack them as soon as they come in, right?

     The Dark Faerie was tempted to say yes, but then she though better of it. No, she commanded, this time not talking to just Bebaru with her mind, but all of her Dark Faerie minions. We shall wait until they get the last Eternity Orb, and then we'll attack.

     Just then the five pets entered the room. They looked around a bit, as if looking for the Dark Faeries they could not possibly see. Then Yessey grabbed the pudgy, strawberry Poogle with the round, black glasses in her talons and flew her up to the ceiling, where the Cybunny was creepily floating. The Poogle grabbed and shook him, and then whispered something into his ear. Then they all flew down to the ground and huddled up in a group.

     NOW! Sisle yelled telepathically to all of them. She undid all of the invisibility spells on the Dark Faeries (it was much simpler to take them off than to put them on), and she flapped her wings and flew forward. *BANG* Sisle was thrown back, and it seemed like the other Dark Faeries were too. She got up to her feet and felt what had stopped her, and found it to be like an invisible shield.

     "Rucsk!" she snarled allowed.

     Then the Pteri, who she remembered as Yessey, turned around and gave them and evil smirk while she lifted her wings and brought down tons of crystals from the cave, encasing them in their shields. And finally, what made her the most infuriated, from a small space that the blasted crystals had not managed to cover, she could see Terskun, who she remembered very well, smiling and bowing, claiming his plan.


To be continued...

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